Pra Inglês Ver EP1 #1 Feriados / Gringos Public Holidays

Welcome to Pra Inglês Ver! The channel where Gringos talk about
life here in Brazil. In Portuguese. I am Luan, from Vidigal,
Rio de Janeiro. I am Chris, I am from France. I am Jorge from Vila da Penha. I am Penny, or Pernelope, from Denmark. I am Guilherme, I am
fromRio de Janeiro. I’m Sally, From the United States. I am Camilla, and I
am originally from São Paulo. I am Steven, I am a gringo from Rio. I am Ricardo, from Rio. How many public holidays are there in Brazil? I do not know, but I think there’s a lot here. Because I remember one of the children
one of the children.. From the mothers,
the Fathers too Everyone has a holiday… Yes I think so… Mothers, have a holiday, children… When is it gonna be my holiday? Droga! Speak Portuguese! How many Man? There must be twenty a year therefore… There’s much more Dude, what is this? 29/5000 Look, I,ve already counted this. and there’s the difference between municipal and state holidays
e & federal. that’s true. There are those of the whole country, where the whole country does not work. yeah And there are the municipal ones. And there’s the strikes too, right? So if you add it all up, I think it gives …
I think it gives you … Half the year. Is it… Thirty? I have no idea. Thirty a month? There are … It depends, it depends on the state. Oh, is there a state that has 30 a month? I think there are plenty. It must be about forty, like this … It has federal, state and municipal. Exactly It depends, in Rio de Janeiro … The answer for me is I don’t know… Forty? I think almost … But those holidays are in all places, right? But in Denmark it’s not a “holiday”. It’s more just … “Mother’s Day”. No, but it’s because it’s colder there, right? ok. We don’t need it…
But I don’t know… QueTiroFoiEsse? Come on Sally. How many? I do not know how many there are. It’s different here.
I do not think there is much less than 20. No, there’s more. Like, a holiday where
nobody works So, how many in toal? 23 23? No, there’s more. There is a lot more…
You are traveling. Man, there’s about twenty. It’s always up. How many days does the … Thirty! How many days are there in the year? 356 So I guess
there are only 300. No,sto p. No, stop. Stop talking bad
about Brazil, Pô. it’s… 22. 22? with carnaval
or without carnaval? Carnaval is holiday? It depends, the Tuesday is. Guys, because if you stop to think, June, July and August nothing happens
nothing in the Bible
que pudesse para o país, entendeu? No one died,
didn’t have Corpus Christi, didn’t have any crap.
There is nothing of any saint. In three months, understand? So…
Two of our … That’s a real problem.
We have to change that. The Bible had to see that. Because there is nothing in June, July and August.
Nothing, nothing! Good observation. you see? Have to think about it. does it count as one or four? I think it counts as one. All right, then forty. No, forty no. 40 is a lot. For me. 40 for me. Forty is a quarter of the …
It’s a third of the year. There is holiday at home too..
I do this. No, I’m talking bad, like I’m just saying… There are 25 holidays. Per week? Per year, Pô.
There are 25 holidays. Only this. So that’s it, guys..
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Stephen Childs


  1. 02:50 – ai ai típico brasileiro: pode brincar (obs: falar mal) sobre nós gringos (Vocês não comemoram suas mães porque lá é frio) mas brincar sobre o Brasil ter 300 feriados e olha o quão incomodado o cara fica. Coitado do complexo vira-lata.
    We say in English: You can dish it out, but you can't take it.

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