Polyamorous Mum Convinces Husband To Get A Second Wife

DEANNA RIVAS: We are in a relationship and we are gonna do this till death do us part.
I see Melissa as my wife and I see Emanuel as my husband and I’m their wife. MELISSA JAMES: All right, let’s cook. DEANNA RIVAS: Perfect. COMM: Husband and wife Manny and DeAnna live happily with their two children and their girlfriend
Melissa. DEANNA RIVAS: High five with our meat hands. DEANNA RIVAS: She is very fluffy and bubbly and very girly. I thought she was super attractive.
I thought she was so hot. The blonde hair, young and she just blew my socks off. MANNY RIVAS: I would definitely say I’m the luckiest guy in the world. DEANNA RIVAS: Are you ready to play? Don’t pick daddy’s colour. What colour?
MANNY RIVAS: What colour? MELISSA JAMES: What colour is it?
VENEZA RIVAS: Red. DEANNA RIVAS: She just fits in. It just works for us. You know, the kids took immediately
to her, calling her mom MJ. They would tell you I have momma MJ and momma and they love
it. I mean they thrive more now that they have two moms. DEANNA RIVAS: Turn around to momma. VENEZA RIVAS: I don’t want to mess them
up. DEANNA RIVAS: All right, I did a couple of layers
on them, they are dark enough. VENEZA RIVAS: Hey mommy, can you please move
my bangs out of my eye. DEANNA RIVAS: Sure. There you go, perfect.
Because you got wet fingernails, you don’t want to do that. MANNY RIVAS: We try to be real open with our kids, let them know what’s going on. We
don’t want to really hide anything from them. VENEZA RIVAS: I have two mommies and one dad. It’s twice the love. Your nails are so pretty.
And I love them. DEANNA RIVAS: They’re ours together.
MELISSA JAMES: They’re ours together. DEANNA RIVAS: As far as the kids facing discrimination at school, we already educate our daughter
in knowing that she doesn’t really need to talk about having two moms. Because we
already know that she would be bullied about it and unfortunately in the world that we
grew up in and that we live in now, our children have to say that she has one mommy and she
has an aunt that’s very close to her mommy. And it’s basically, you know, for us it’s
two mommies, but for everybody else we have to kind of dim it down and let them know or
try to keep it a secret that we are really not together. MELISSA JAMES: I love having you as my daughter. I love you. MELISSA JAMES: I personally don’t want to have a kid. I feel like the two that we have
is enough. They are mine, I didn’t have them, but they are mine and I love them, they
call me mom. MANNY RIVAS: Come on moms, we are ready. KID: Yeah. COMM: The trio’s unusual arrangement started just under two years ago. MANNY RIVAS: The decision to start the relationship, to open the relationship was DeAnna’s. At
first when she wanted to do it, I wasn’t really keen on it. So, when she first asked
me, I said no, we are not doing that, our relationship is good, I’m happy, you are
happy, that could just destroy things. DEANNA RIVAS: So I went through a stage where I was very depressed, I wouldn’t get out
of bed, I was very sad and I was, Manny was not able to help me in that area, he’s
very manly. He is not very in touch with his emotions. He just didn’t know how to comfort
me. You know, like a women would, like a mother or a sister or something like that. So, I
always felt that we had room in our relationship for someone else, because I felt like I had
something missing. MANNY RIVAS: Couple of years pass after that, she asked me again. Finally that’s when I was like, “You know, we’ll give it a shot, let’s give it a shot.” DEANNA RIVAS: When we found Melissa, it was just, it clicked. She was so amazing,
it’s what we wanted. It all fell in place. MANNY RIVAS: Yeah, proposed to my wife right
down there at the end of the pier. The thought never even crossed my mind of being with another
woman. Let alone having two wives. DEANNA RIVAS: I couldn’t go back to monogamy, not that I don’t love you and all, but I
did need her. She’s my twin flame and I wouldn’t be the same woman without her,
and I don’t think you would be the same man without her. Watching them fall in love
too was just like an amazing sight. MELISSA JAMES: Okay. MANNY RIVAS: Yeah. DEANNA RIVAS: We all share a king size bed. Actually it’s very interesting. We have
opened our relationship, our marriage and our bedroom. We do everything. MELISSA JAMES: It helps having children because it kind of alleviates. Somebody needs to be
watching the kids, while the other two can have fun. COMM: But they admit that jealousy can creep in. DEANNA RIVAS: One of the only bad things about our polyamorous relationship is the jealousy,
and I think it’s just because we are jealous of each other. Not in a bad way, but I’m
envious of you because you are so young and beautiful and never had babies.
MELISSA JAMES: And I’m envious of you because you are a mom, and you are beautiful and you
got it going on, you are older. I love you. DEANNA RIVAS: Our families completely, probably hate us all, just because we are different.
People don’t think that you can be in a polyamorous relationship and actually genuinely
love each other. And unfortunately for our family members that don’t want to open up
and don’t really care to understand our relationship, they don’t understand that
we do love each other, that we don’t take advantage of one another and that we do help
each other. And if they don’t be part of lives, they are missing out. COMM: Now the trio are fully committed and plan to spend the rest of their lives together. MELISSA JAMES: We were on a date one night and it was just, we were getting to know each
other and everything, kind of, we are in this for seriousness, we love you and they took
me to this bridge that looked over a river walk from my hometown. And, it was very romantic
and it came out of nowhere, they are like we love you and we want to spend the rest
of our lives with you, like a normal proposal and everything. They both pulled out this
ring and they asked if I would be with them for rest of my life and I said yes. COMM: Although the marriage won’t be legally recognised, the trio want to make a lasting
promise to each other. DEANNA RIVAS: We’ll change our last name, we’ll have a ceremony, whatever it takes
to make her a Rivas, and then we are going to go from there because this is our life.
It’s ok to have two loves, it’s ok to love two people. They are completely different
in every aspect. I have to have both of them to be happy. You got to find what makes you
happy and stick to it.

Stephen Childs

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