Play the Free ‘Happy Holidays Resort’ 🎄 Game w/ PAW Patrol, Shimmer & Shine, & More | Nick Jr. Games

Nick Junior’s Junior Gamer. Hi, I’m Junior Gamer Zoe. Today I’m playing the new
Nick Junior Happy Holidays Resort game. OK, there’s so much cool stuff to do! First, let’s climb a mountain with Everest I gotta get as many pup treats as I can! Watch out for the snowballs,
they’ll slow you down. Uh-oh, oof! Yep, kinda like that. Yes, I got 19 pup treats! OK, now let’s give this snowman
a makeover with Sunny and Skye. Add some eyes. I’m on it! A carrot nose. [laughing] Antlers, of course. Ta-da!
He’s looking good. OK, now let’s try Blaze and Rubble’s
Holiday Light Toss. I gotta get lights in all the trees
and toss them… Now!
Yes, nailed it! – Bulls eye!
– Don’t forget to collect snowflakes. Alright, time to check out Shimmer and Shine’s
Gingerbread Genie Palace. I get to decorate it anyway I want. Add a door… Some windows… Oh, I love gum drops! I like it! And it looks like Chase does, too. That was awesome! I’m signing off for now, see you later! Play Nick Junior’s
Happy Holidays Resort game at nickjunior.com
and in the Nick Junior app.

Stephen Childs


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