Planning the Perfect Holiday by Chan’s World

Well, for an enjoyable holiday, it is very important to choose the right tour package. The type of package that is suitable for the senior. Because nowadays, for seniors
right, they don’t believe in going tours that are very lengthy. They want to spend more time in each city to spend more time to immerse into the culture, the city sights itself. So it is very important for them to look at the itinerary before they decide which package is suitable for them. It is also very important that the seniors should consider their health condition also when they choose a package tour. For example, are they suitable to go to a country that is very cold, are they suitable to go to a country that has a very high altitude or they should also look at the tour package that they signed up, will there be some activity that is very strenuous on them. So it is very important they they should also pose some questiobs to the travel agent or to the tour consultant
when they book a tour, for example if they happen to have a spouse who are handicapped or wheelchair-bound, these are the questions that they shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask because it is very important and very critical information for the tour agent and the tour consultant. Some countries are not what we call handicapped friendly and there are countries who are also what we call handicapped friendly. So the tour consultant or the travel agent will be at their best to give them the proper advice to tell them, say that “oh, this itinerary you choose is actually suitable for handicapped friendly seniors.”

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