Petzl RopeTrip 2016 [USA] Rope access competition – Official video

The goal of coming to the Petzl RopeTrip
is to meet people, to learn new techniques,
and to share our experience. I’m back at the event
to meet new people and I really like the organizing team. I like the event format,
and I like to travel and visit new places. This type of building allows us
to be very close to the Tyrolean traverse. We observe all the different techniques,
and watch the teams all day long to share the info in our home country,
to improve our ability, and to raise the level of safety
for everyone. The feeling of being in a place
where few people can go.

Stephen Childs


  1. PETZL is the best, but your products here in my country BRAZIL is to much expensive. Very climbers no have conditions to buy equipaments from pettzl here, because this my country no is good!

  2. This is so cool. I never knew there was an entire sport like this outside of rock climbing. Thats awesome!

  3. Супер!!!)А в Казахстан к нам, хотите?будем рады вам!!!)

  4. This is an amazing video! Gave me chills, GREAT JOB PETZL and thank you for all your amazing products!

  5. that looks so fun! just got my sprat 1 a week ago and this video is super inspirational to get out there on the ropes..

  6. Is this an annual event? I do Rope Access work in Florida and would love to drive out and participate!

  7. those skills
    I want to learn
    this is the cool factor
    go where few can come

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  9. I feel like I would have an advantage for the water bucket challenge over the real rope access technicians haha.

  10. I am the new pending patent holder of one of the newest mechanical devices for single line rope attachment

  11. Utilização Freio 8 – Rapel

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