Pathways Program for Students & Recent Graduates to Federal Careers

[Music] Megan: The student program really helped me
get on a path where I knew what I wanted to do with my career. Noe: So, Reclamation has had a really positive
impact on my career goals so far. Laken: By starting with Reclamation’s student
program I was able to land a career in the field that I love doing what love. Narrator: Searching for your career path is
not always a walk in the park. If you are attending school or a recent graduate
you may find this discovery to be quite a challenge, but it’s not at the Bureau of
Reclamation. Through Reclamation’s Pathways Program you
can discover your career by finding amazing and at times unconventional opportunities. Most of all, you will be an important part
of our mission managing water, power, and natural resources. The Pathways Program provides students or
recent graduates an opportunity to explore Reclamation careers. Stuart: Reclamation has had a very positive
impact on my career goals. As a student I’ve got to work with multiple
professionals across many different professions and it’s given me an opportunity to see which
profession I would grow and prosper in. Laken: I studied civil engineering; I’ve worked
on various projects related to dam safety, flood inundation studies, construction of
office buildings, storage reservoirs as well as habitat creation for endangered species. Narrator: The Pathways Program at Reclamation
offers paid work experience that can include: flexible work schedules; paid holidays, vacation
and sick time; mentoring & formal training; and conversion to a permanent position. Jeff: The student program at Reclamation allowed
me to; at an awesome pace assimilate myself into federal service. Noe: The positive impact that Reclamation
has, it’s been pretty tremendous so far. It’s provided me a path for my PhD dissertation. The research that I am working on, in my own
personal time ties in with some the Reclamation goals. Narrator: Besides these awesome benefits,
the Pathways Program helps you explore and pursue a great career path for your future. Megan: I would definitely recommend the student
program. It’s a wonderful way to figure out what you
want to do with your career and which direction you want to go. It’s just an excellent opportunity for anyone
that gets the chance. Hazel: I would most definitely recommend the
student program and the reason being is because opportunity fields everywhere, when one door
closes another one opens. There are tons of people willing to help you
out. It’s great, everyone is so much fun. Narrator: Learn more about Reclamation, on
our website – www.usbr.gov or through our social media channels.

Stephen Childs

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