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  1. Well this video explained why dingo's character named sips (sips=chips)

  2. A Drow who worships Pelor…what is this blasphemy lol

  3. After the second time the cat dies I suddenly roll a 20 on investigation! Cats have nine lives! They have to kill it nine times!

  4. I listened to this while creating a character for a session I have coming up.

  5. I've never actually listened to a game of D&D before, not like this, and after listening to the first ten minutes, I'm drawn in. I love this.

  6. You know… I would have discreetly gotten rid of the necklace when it was given too me…

  7. Now that the zodic has a new member in the form of a wiggler you guys need to do another one of these.

  8. Mrs. Broadbottom… hmmm do I perchance…

    hear a Robots reference?!?!?


  10. K Im trying to caption this.

  11. My pencil got really short after all the fanart I have drawn in my school books and sketch book

  12. GUYS! I can’t believe when you search up D&D podcast YOUR ABOVE CRITICAL ROLE! The entirety of season 1! Well Done!!

  13. maybe you guys should do a podcast with each other that's recorded live and maybe has cameras that shows you guys

  14. I remember one character of mine who has the weirdest fuckin backstory ever so basically one day he got reallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy drunk and went out and did some crazy shit and learned a bunch of skills and that’s how he became a jack of all trades but he doesn’t know it because he has a huge ass hangover so pretty much every time he does something he discovers he has an ability he didn’t even know he had so he just basically has the minimum skills of every class but he doesn’t even know it he’s also a human named jack because he’s a jack of all trades

  15. I love the drow is a cleric of a SUN GOD lmao, reminds me of one of my players who played a drow paladin of Lathander in Faerun, ah such memories luv you guys keep it up- signed 20yr veteran player

  16. Also my first cleric “Altar Boy” (nickname) was a Pelor cleric

  17. I swear i can hear Abserd ever time Puffin goes into an inspirational speech

  18. Any chance I can get the name of this one shot? Or a pdf of the DM guide/module

  19. I really want to play D&D with you! But I have no way of doing so😭

  20. "I'm assuming you must be my sacrifices this year?"

    jazz music stops

  21. Finally hears Felix voice, during the trinity play, need MOAR of the group dnd.

  22. I love how I can instantly tell whose character is whose just by looking at their designs.

  23. Why did no one say dead ringer spy from tf2 when the cat came back?

  24. I like broad bottoms and I cannot lie. You other mages can't deny, when a she elf walks in with a corseted waist and a broad thing in your face you get sprung.

  25. The music was great. Gives a great vibe for the moment. Especially right as they got shrunk. Just gives it that feeling of a jester and a chase going on. Almost like a cartoon. Its great.

  26. The mayor tasted dreadful, thank you for that.

    (If you need me you know what to do.)

  27. Cowgirl Drow, old mossy man and flamboyant wizard wage war against a feline

  28. Cat: that sounds like a lot of hassle.
    Me: but what if we help you kill this town?

  29. My little brother was listening and he's just like "they're going to cat jail. Which is for people who kills cats".

  30. "she got tired of all their shenannagins and all their…. You know… Murdering each other all the time."
    Yeah but….. Why? She must not have ever worked at fast food. That's it.

  31. “You can seriously make a party of purely priests, call it the A-Men, and bust down [DONT KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT… TEA MAT] ‘s door demanding her lunch money.” -JoCat

  32. I was thinking this would be animated it should eventually be animated.

  33. me, as soon as I hear "it rises up from its shadow": they're gonna have to kill the shadow with light aren't they

  34. Wow, That was great. I've never done one, but hope to some day do a d&d game


    That was just pretty cool. Lol

    With understanding of the story and how things are, even though I wasn't playing it, It seemed fun, and definitely laughed at points. XD

    You all did great and the DM did a very fine job also. Interesting story, and i love the nature that you all carried throught the game, where it had the story and seriousness at some points, but mostly had fun and sometimes were a little silly.

  35. Felix introduces Mrs. Largebottom.

    Zee in character voice: "What Race is she?"

    Felix: "She's a human."

    Zee in the background still in character: "Damn"

    That had me going for a bit.

  36. no way as a DM would i ever let a dnd character have that annoying southern accent, there is no south in dnd

  37. I made a 6th level porcupine monk with the way of shadows and open hand and 6th level half-orc cleric, I throw the porcupine with super strength given to me by my deity, I would hit the character and shadow step back in the half-orcs hand and repeat, I also use the tracking mark to find the porcupine just in case

  38. Me and my friend have created our own little version of d&d like game but based on the series [the elder scroll] and our game has been going for almost a year

  39. LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL

  40. 1 it a cat 2 the cat is….. 3you kill a cat the hell 4hes back 5the cat is evil 6 cat evil ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun 7 I'm sad 8 not the buuut

  41. Currently at 17:42 currently believing that something is wrong with the grandmother, the child, or both. Probably dopples.

  42. I like broadbottoms and i can not deceive you other clerics wont believe when a wench walks in with an itty bitty waist and a large mug for your face you get stunned, wana pull up tough cause you notice that bottom is broad, Deep in the bondice she is wearing im enthralled and I cant stop staring, oh baby I wana get with ya and sculpt your figure, My bard tried to warn me but that Broadbottoms got me so horny

  43. This is a comment your welcome you can stop reading now are you done??? Do you want something?? I’m a little worried for you…….you know what I don’t care…….do you like reading or something……no? Ok

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