Stephen Childs


  1. It would be so hard to commentate this. I understand how Overwatch works, but It’d just be so hard to be constantly talking and paying attention.

  2. Who else panicked after the thumbnail and thought USA and Canada had already played each other. Then scrolled through the video only to realise the match isn't there, and it's being played tomorrow!

  3. Pretty ridiculous that I cant watch because the times are screwed up and only lets me watch a specific 15 minutes. Mine was fine yesterday, but I saw a bunch of complaints about the same issue

  4. I'm loving all the different hero comps we're seeing. When you're seeing Mei, Sombra, Doomfist, Symmetra, and even Torbjorn in high level play, then you know that this is better than the OWL.

  5. "That was genius play from USA there!"
    What, a Bastion behind Orisa shield? That's Bronze player tactics lmfao.
    "He didn't even have to move the mouse"
    … yeah that's every Bastion main ever bro.

  6. Wtf?! I thought Dreamkasper would earn his spot on team USA after his performance in the OWL

  7. 34:10 Switzerland vs Austria
    2:24:30 Brazil vs USA
    3:42:30 Norway vs Canada
    5:00:35 Switzerland vs USA
    6:16:45 Brazil vs Austria

  8. some nasty reverb from commentators voice bouncing off the walls, need sound dampening on walls or diff mic for sure its hard to listen too

  9. To the man of memes, I caught the gesture lmao nice one. They can remove our placards, but they can't remove our digits….. Yet.

  10. The disrespect from USA to Switzerland is disgusting. I'm ashamed to have them represent the US

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