Our Time at Holiday World part 1 | Coasting Thunder | S01 Part 7

Our Time at Holiday World it was like this yesterday we’re going
to holiday world holiday world should be an amazing part who’s just planning to
have a lot of fun make sure you follow us on instagram at
coasting thunder and also on YouTube at coasting thunder as well I love these
little towns they’re so cool this place reminds me of Utah for some reason like
I guess this may be the house is kind of similar they have the nice grass here –
not that nasty Bermuda grass we have Oh all day world you can see it over there the spark is
split up between an irregular amusement park of coasters and then an awesome
really awesome waterpark I’ve only been once this is my third
visit here you think and our fourth note fourth this is my fourth visit here and
I won’t have a crime here in October so that’s never open I’d be so stoked if I drink soda dude
but I just don’t drink soda because it’s free you get soda anywhere in the park
they got these oases and you just go up to it and get whatever you want to drink
anytime any amount that is like probably a top-five for me
it’s the first time I’ve ever written it but okay because one it’s a launch
coaster so you get that like rush like when you just take off you know it’s
like being in a race car something better and then immediately you get like
these awesome inversions and stuff but they’re so smooth
that I mean it’s like it’s like just butter the whole time but you’re also
doing these extreme geez dude I love that ride man ah all of the above
you had to have loved that dude you had to have loved it
come on man come on Danny come on Danny I’ll put it this way I couldn’t get to
the bathroom fast are you sure you did it make you sick no I didn’t make me
sick okay well no no it scared me it scared you I was fine I never liked to
go to the bathroom then we did the ride and then I had a bath but did you like
it though yeah I was gonna hit everything space leave space they don’t
you you don’t like the tight quarters when you’re going through the bar and
stuff oh man
where are you what happened Josh Josh where is it
where’d it go where is she where’s pilgrims plunge
you see this big loop right here that’s the Thunderbird we just wrote it a few
minutes ago and then we’re talking to our park ambassador and he tells us that
just over there is Eastern time and where we’re standing right now is
Central Time that’s so crazy it’s like you’re going so fast on it that you
travel through time Danny it’s amazing it’s what’s amazing
it’s such a bug come on guys all right well I’m gonna
cut City Museum that was yeah

Stephen Childs


  1. At 2:01 Kent pronounces 'oasis' enunciating it's plural form. Tip of the cap to you sir.

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