– Are you ready? – Um hmm. Let’s do this. – We are heading out and we
are going on a road trip. (perky music) Everybody’s running around, we’re trying to get our bags packed. Well, Kayla, she is just
messing with her hair right now, but I think she’s ready. Are you ready, Shawn? – I am so ready that I’m
already halfway there. In my mind. – [Kayla] In your mind. – [Connie] So Shawn’s helping us round up the last of our electronics. And loading up the car. I guess the bags, we got
a bunch of bags over here. I wanted to have a bag for
each day but we got close. I’ve got six bags right here,
I think, or maybe seven. Let’s see, I got one, two,
three, four, five, six. – [Shawn] And seven’s over here. – [Connie] Oh. And then, oh no, is there seven? – [Shawn] (Mumble) eight. – [Connie] Oh, and eight? One in the bathroom, we’re
still loading up the bathroom. – [Shawn] Nine. – [Connie] (Gasp). Well, one’s a carry-on,
that doesn’t count. So we’re so excited, I can’t wait, we’re heading out right now. It’s gonna be about a six hour drive. And we’re probably gonna make
some pit stops along the way and we are gonna take you guys
with us like we always do. You have shoes? Or did they all get packed? – They’re over there by the couch. – [Connie] And there’s good old Tyler. We gotta brush your hair. You know what else we gotta do? – What? – [Connie] When we get
to the hotel tonight we gotta cut your hair. – Nooooo. – [Connie] ‘Cause I forgot. – [Kayla] (Mumble). – [Connie] I forgot. I gotta bring scissors. And we gotta cut- – [Shawn] And (mumble)
I need a haircut, too. Maybe we’ll just go get it cut. – [Connie] And Shawn needs
to get his hair cut, too. I don’t know. It might be a hotel fiasco. – [Shawn] We might just
have to find a Super Cuts. – I don’t wanna sit at a Super Cuts. I can cut way faster than Super Cuts. – [Shawn] OK. – You guys have seen me do it. It takes me like a minute to just cut hair. – [Kayla] Mommy, do you like my messy bun? – [Connie] Messy bun, cute. So cute. – Yes. Usually I don’t do it like this. – [Connie] I should just start
styling my hair that way, too, and then I don’t have
to worry about curling it. – I just wrapped my ponytail around and then I put another
ponytail in the top. – [Connie] But I don’t
have a cute fact like you. Yay! Alright you guys, what do
you think of these glasses? – [Kayla] Pretty scary. – I think they look cool. The kids are saying, mmmmm, not so much. – That is very summer vacation-ish. – I think so. It might be good sunglasses-by-the-pool
kind of sunglasses. – [Shawn] Maybe. – [Kayla] Ayyyy. – [Connie] I’m getting that ayyyy. Okay you guys, comment below. – [Shawn] They don’t know. – What do you think? Should I be wearing these? – [Tyler] (Mumble) for kids. (gentle music) – We just made it to Pet Paradise so we gotta drop the pups off. And then we will be back on the road. You guys excited? – [Kayla] Bye! – [Connie] Bye! OK, we’re saying goodbye to the pups. – [Tyler] Bye, honey. – [Staff] Do they like to be held? – [Connie] Yep. – [Staff] OK. – [Connie] This one’s gonna prefer it. He’s gonna keep trying. – [Staff] Look, I’ve got
two awesome arms here! Alright. We’ll put this one here. – [Connie] Bye, Harley! – I’m gonna get this one here. – [Connie] Bye, Hershey! – Bye! – OK, so Shawn and I have
actually stopped into Best Buy to pick up an additional
camera for our trip. And it is so busy in here, we are waiting for help and there’s nothing else we can
do right now but be patient. So hopefully, fingers crossed,
we’ll be out of here shortly and back on the road ’cause
we gotta head to Miami. The kids and I decided
to just hang in the car while Shawn’s still in Best Buy. Hopefully it won’t be much longer, but we really did wanna
get one extra camera just in case something happens. You never know. And right now. – I’m painting. – [Connie] Kayla’s playing something. What are you doing? – It’s like a weird drawing app
and I’m making abstract art. – [Connie] Abstract art. So Kayla’s doing something artsy. And Tyler? What are you working on? – Uh, Clash Royale. – So as you can see everybody’s
pretty cozy right now. We’re just chillin’ and hopefully we’ll be back on the road here in just a minute. – [Tyler] Chillin’ like Bob Dylan. – Chillin’ like Bob Dylan. – [Kayla] I see the penguin (mumble). – We just pit stopped in Target and Kayla’s getting
distracted left and right. We’re just trying to find some Zycam because it is that time of year and everywhere we go people are coughing and we’re getting scared ’cause we don’t wanna
get sick on our trip. So we are heading towards the pharmacy. We’re just gonna pick that
up and maybe some vitamin C. And what else? – I’m tired. – And according to Kayla,
maybe a bathing suit, but I don’t think so. – Yes! Yes, yes, yes. – See, Shawn and Tyler are here, too. And if they have anything to
do with it, they’re gonna say, no way, Jose, we’re not gonna
do bathing suit shopping. – We are not going bathing
suit shopping, say yay. – [Kayla] Yes. – [Tyler] No. – [Kayla] Yes, yes. (perky music) – We just made a pit stop
at the Texas Roadhouse. And the food here looks amazing. I’m excited to go back inside. – [Kayla] Yes. – We just kind of looked
in there, peeked in. They said there’s not really a wait so… – We’re gonna get our grub on. – Let’s get some food. – [Kayla] Go eat! Let’s get some food. – Tyler’s busy tying his shoes so you guys haven’t seen him yet. – Hey, there he is. How was that show-typing
experience, buddy? – Great. – Awesome. – [Kayla] Mommy, mommy you gotta get, you gotta (mumble) like this, right? – [Shawn] Is that how you do it? – Trying to get ’em. Everybody’s so excited. (perky music) – [Connie] (Mumble)? – It’s really good. – So we haven’t even ordered yet and we’re in love with the
buns that they brought us. This is so funny because
I don’t normally eat this but they’re so good. And then they come with, they came with this butter that they put cinnamon and sugar in. It tastes just like cinnamon toast. And it’s so yummy. – We don’t even need to order dinner now. – Yeah, I’m full. – Yeah, let’s go. – Let’s just eat this and go. – [Tyler] You guys, guys, did you guys hear about the
fight between 19 and 20? 21. – [Connie] Haha. – [Shawn] Hahaha. – [Connie] Did you hear
why six got scared? – Seven, eight, nine. – [Connie] ‘Cause seven eight nine? (perky music) We made it. We are in Miami. So excited. We’re just about three
minutes away from the hotel. And then we’re gonna go
inside and check it out. – Maybe give you a little room
tour or something like that. – [Connie] Room tour! – My butt hurts from sitting. – [Connie] Yes, everybody’s
got ouchy booty. – [Kayla] Yes. – [Connie] You ready to get out? – Yes. (Mumble) should be free. – We’re ready, we’re ready. We gotta get out of this car. So we were just talking about
what should be do tomorrow? And I was suggesting that
the boys do water sports while Kayla and I go shopping. – But I want to go to banana boat. – But Kayla wants to
do, what kind of boat? – Banana. – [Tyler] Banana. – It’s the banana. – Banana boat? – It’s a banana boat. – But not jet pack. – No jet pack. No. – No? No jet pack? – No. I do not want to break my neck. – That sounds kind of- – Thank you I no- – Adventurous. – I no break my neck, thank you. I keep my neck. It’s pretty. – [Tyler] I don’t want my neck anymore. – OK so- – It keeps me alive. – If we do banana boat
then we go shopping? – Sure. Or a speed boat. Or whatever. I like speedboat, too. Whatever. – [Tyler] But you won’t go- – I think what we’re gonna do tomorrow- – I want to ride a banana boat. – So right now, if you’re wondering, we’re just sitting in the car- – What if I did that thing
where we do the speedboat and then there’s the tube in the back and then you ride in the
tube and you go wheee! – I don’t know. We’re just hanging out in the car waiting for valet to come bring us a cart so that we can put our
luggage from the back and the kids are going crazy ’cause they’re tired of being in the car. So, Kayla is upside down. Upside down in the car right now. She crazy. And Tyler, he’s, of course, just playing on his phone, like normal. When you go on a road trip. – I can’t do this any more. – [Connie] You can’t leave me. You can’t leave. Up, here comes daddy. – Yes, we’re free. – [Connie] We’re free. Yay. We made it to the room and
it is shockingly small. We’re like in the center
of downtown Miami, right? – Pretty much, yeah. – So I think it’s a location thing, so I was thinking we were
getting something fancy, yeah. It’s got a great view. – [Shawn] Yeah, we got an awesome view. – [Kayla] Yeah. – [Connie] Wow. It’s not focusing, you guys. There’s a car that just drove by that had a bunch of
Christmas lights on it. And then if you look down that way the buildings have lights on them. – [Shawn] And they’re dancing. – [Connie] Yeah, can you see that? It’s pretty cool. And then there’s just
all this stuff around us. (perky music) – I’m literally almost touching both walls by standing in the room. I’m pretty close, watch, all I have to do is this and then this. And I’m touching both walls. Not very big. This way’s a little longer but not- – [Connie] Yeah, a teeny little bathroom. – [Tyler] Well tomorrow we’re gonna get- – [Connie] Little baby bathroom with a sink and a, you know, toilet. – We don’t know for sure
but tomorrow’s place should be a lot better, so. Fingers crossed. – Yeah, this is a pit stop you guys, so we haven’t told you really anything except for that we were
heading in this direction. So you guys are just gonna have to wait. – It’s gonna be awesome. – You gotta wait. – At least from what I hear. So we’ll see. – Yeah, it should be fun so we don’t have all the details right now and we’ll find out more tomorrow. – You’ll have to check out tomorrow’s vlog to see if it’s cool or not. – Where do we end up? – Where do we go? – Where are we going? – [Shawn] I don’t know. – [Tyler] Water sports. – [Connie] Kayla-boo. – [Kayla] What? – [Connie] Now say good night to the BFFs. – [Kayla] OK. – So we got a little bit
of the view behind us. Whooo. – Yay. – We made it, we’re in Miami, so. – Miami. – Next stop? Who knows but… (crosstalk) We’ll take you with us. – We could literally be going anywhere. – Shhhh. – We might go to anywhere. – Or we might just stay here for a week. Who knows. – So we hope you guys enjoyed this video. Like, subscribe, share this video with your friends and family. Until next time. – Bye! (perky music)

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