Our Morning Routine on Vacation!

(soft music) (alarm buzzer rings) (soft music) (gasps) Oh gosh! They’re gonna close breakfast in five minutes. Gotta go. Three minutes. Ronald. Wake up. Wake up, Ronald. Wake up! Wake up! What? Look at the clock! (screams) (energetic guitar music) I have pretty much nothing, in my luggage. Same. What am I gonna do? I don’t know. I think I got a cute outfit. (soft music) Nah. Ronald, are you ready yet? Almost! Hurry up we have to go! Okay let’s go. Shoes. Okay let’s go Wait, wait, wait, we should bring our phones. Good idea. Go! (footsteps pounding) Where do we go, which way? This way! (footsteps pounding) Ronald, let’s act like normal people now. Hi, how many persons? (crowd chattering) Thank you. Ron we made it, we were almost late. Yeah! This is so good. I love this breakfast. That’s so much jam, perfect. Oh I’m so full. I’m gonna take a nap. I dibs computer. Of course you do. (birds chirping) Ooh finally, the bed! (thumps) (gasps) Computer time! I guess I’m gonna go online. (soft music) Hey guys, what you doing all day? Nothing. What do you mean nothing, you’re playing games. We just started. Did you have breakfast? Yeahh. Did you go to the swimming pool? No. Okay so let’s go to the beach, chop chop chop. In a minute. Nah. Alright, fine, we’re going to the beach. Kay, fine. (car engine roaring) (waves crashing) (giggling) (muffled water) (waves crashing) (shouting, laughing) Ahhh! (laughter) We need a (mumbles) It’s breaking still! I’m gonna work on- (screaming) (shells clinking) The beach was so much fun today Ronald I know right? Now let’s go to the market and get some fruit. And coconuts. I’m so excited, I want some fruitsies. Thank you. Mm, delicious. I can’t wait to play some more Fortnite. I can’t wait to eat something, I’m so hungry. And I finished my coconut. I just started. Mmm How do you feel now? Awesome. We got some dragon fruit, Ronald. Fork? This is so good, I love dragon fruit. I feel like I’m eating a watermelon though. (singing) So guys, this is our morning routine when we go on vacation! We go to the beach, we eat fruits, we play video games. And we have fun. Mhm. And we eat fruits. Sometimes. Just sometimes though. Sometimes. So guys, we hope you like this video (together) if you did, smash that like button and we’ll see you all next time. Good-bye! (upbeat guitar music)

Stephen Childs

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