Orlando Holiday August 2019 – ARRIVING IN ORLANDO! Floridays Resort Room Tour – Day ONE!

Right, have a nice time Cheers and don’t forget, take plenty of photos loads of space! See ya later! Give it a wave that’s got all your clothes in it mate We got ice cream (free from Virgin Atlantic) *nonsense* How are you feeling Harry? Have you got growing pains? Are you tired? Woah… we’re off Harry! You’re doing well still being awake this late Hey what time is it? here or at home? at home at home it will be 10 to 10 at night argh it’s raining! is it almost midnight?! No, 10 to 10. Another two hours and it will sort-of be midnight, yeah. and we got up at like, what? 4.30 in the morning? What time is it now in Florida? 10 to 5 OK, so we have arrived Oh my goodness, the queue to get through customs was RIDICULOUS. I’ve never experienced anything like that We’ve just come to get our car and we ordered a ‘full sized’ car. This Dodge – Grand Caravan is enormous! absolutely enormous What do you think? This is amazing. It is massive isn’t it!? Yeah! You don’t have to pull it. oh, what do you do? We ordered our car from ‘Alamo’ and you leave through a toll-type exit So once you’ve chosen your car, you then need to tell them which one you’ve taken

Stephen Childs

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