Organize, Clean, and Manage Your Agency’s Data Using Intergraph InSight

At the core of Insight is this data warehouse, right? And so the data warehouse, the main function of the data warehouse is to organize the information. It’s also to detect bad data, flag bad data, because sometimes there’s some bad entry. Once we collect the data, we transform it into business friendly terms, we then organize it into subject areas, making the data very easily accessible by our end users. So analysts, they ultimately, they’re just trying to just answer questions and then convey those results to their stakeholders. What we do with InSight is we provide their subject area data models. So they don’t have to go searching through a universe or a data warehouse. We give them what they need. The information is organized. The measures are there. All of the fields are there for them to get, not only a result, but an accurate result that reflects the real, true underlying insights buried within the data. So that’s what we’re trying to do. That’s what we do with the InSight data warehouse. Organize, semantically enhance, and then also check for errors and bad data and then present it as subject area focused data models. So, that the end user can very quickly tap into that data and build their reports.

Stephen Childs

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