On Vets Day, Hannity Spends Twice As Much Time on War on Christmas

speaking of people who are still
interviewing Sarah Palin as if she’s a serious person Louis is Sean Hannity now as you know Louis people like Sean
Hannity and Republicans and right-wingers day support the troops and there is no
better day to support the troops then on Veterans Day however as Media
Matters reports on Veterans Day on his Monday show Sean
Hannity devoted twice as much time to the war on
Christmas vis-a-vis Sarah Palin commentary then he did it to honoring our veterans on Veterans Day this is just
unbelievable Sean Hannity hosted Sarah Palin a political joke an embarrassment as an
expert on the war on Christmas and Sarah Palin’s new book about the war on Christmas and talk to
her for twice as long as he talked about the actual wars that
might be relevant to discuss on Veterans Day but Lewis
these guys support the troops don’t you dare say that they don’t I think whatever one of
the ways they think they’re supporting the troops is by not talking about wars
at all yeah seems to be a trend that’s been
going on for quite a few years but you have to you have to realize David each on
Hannity and Sarah Palin are are veterans of the war on your so
they’ve been fighting this war for a very long time and I and i guess its the
same thing twice as much time on Veterans Day
devoted to the non-existent war against a religious federal holiday
which arguably violates the Establishment
Clause of the Constitution a day to celebrate the day that a man was born into a woman who never
had sex with anyone subsequently dying and coming back to
life even though the actual month and a up his birth are not really known Louis that’s a hard at the hard-hitting
story on a day that that is a holiday for
actual veterans I there I don’t know what to say about
it it’s it’s a story that continues to by
to pick up steam yeah i i don’t know the war on
Christianity at the War on Christmas in in a country where almost everyone is
Christian and you get Christmas of and there are no
other religions that have any other federal holidays that that that they get quite a war out
there I’m glad is being fought hard by Fox News

Stephen Childs


  1. The "war on christimas" has always been an annual subject on fox news. Their shit always gets old

  2. Wish Burl Ives was still alive.
    I'd love to hear his version of the holiday classic, "The War On Christmas."

  3. According to astronomy, the star Jesus was supposedly born under was not shown in the sky in December, but more around June and July at the time he was born.

  4. If I put a Christmas Tree up in the midst of this war can I claim veteran status as a Christmas War Vet?

  5. When will these religious nutjobs realize that Christianity is just another form of Sun Worship? Do they seriously not realize that the whole Xmas story is based on the movement of the Sun throughout the Zodiacal signs? Just another Pagan holiday that was stolen and reworded in order to enslave another group of idiots.

  6. The entire story of jesus is plagiarized from several other, prior religions in antiquity. It all fiction!

  7. If these people engaged in a war against poverty in the same way that they have been claiming that this war on Christmas exist, that would be really living up to the ideals of Christmas in Christianity, instead they're complaining about the alleged suppression of religious symbols and icons.

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  9. Love how David calls Palin out everytime he has the unfortunate task of mentioning her 😛

  10. There is no fucking War on Christmas.  Well…only in a right-winger's mind.  Nevermind the fact that Christmas started as A PAGAN HOLIDAY.  

  11. "War on Christmas" = "Everyone MUST follow MY religion in the exact same way I follow MY religion!"
    So much for freedom.

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  13. Honestly calling it the "war" on christmas should be considered soooo offensive to veterans because it belittles what they actually went through.

  14. He's right. There is a war on Christmas.

    The anti-Christmas forces have just captured Santa. They have also taken control of several pro-Christmas positions after hiding IED's in some stockings. One of them killed Prancer.

  15. Xmas hasn't been religious since the 50s when coca cola franchised it.
    Today it's all about lights, presents, and Santa.
    That holiday is been sold.

  16. I bet Sarah can see Santa from her house! Too bad for her he knows who is naughty and nice! Seriously, 1st week on Nov and Xmas decorations already up in many stores. Christmas is nothing but material anyway. Those who call themselves holy are the first to deny food and health care to those in need and practice intolerance. Take away gift giving and see how many celebrate. We base the success of Xmas on retail sales. You want a holy Xmas, volunteer in a shelter, hospital or nursing home. That would be a Christian thing to do!

  17. Please America stop calling your rightwing Conservative's. Eisenhower was a conservative but most of today's GOP and its supporters are a weird mix of Evangelical Christian Fundamentalist's, racist's, bigot's and Fascist's.

  18. Hannity will burn in hell along with all the other "Christians" who celebrate the satanic holiday known as Christmas.

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