Oklahoma Digital Marketing Agency presents the “5 mistakes businesses make on social media”

Oklahoma Digital Marketing Agency Oklahoma digital marketing agency, Creation internet services, is bringing to you Digital marketing tips. Hi. My name is Matthew Zupan, and I’m goint to be presenting to you the “Five Mistakes That Most Businesses Make When it comes to social media.” Now the reason I’m doing this is, you know, a lot of the times I see on social media. I see companies they go Oh, we’re gonna show you how to do this We’re going to show you how to do that And all they’re really doing is trying to show you how they can sell you on the package or whatever it is But I am going to bring to you some real live tips that are going to help, hopefully explain a few things. Get you started, just in a small way to understand a little bit about this complicated world of social media. So, let’s get started As I said, we’re “Creation Internet Services. You can reach us at: CreationIS.com That’s CreationIS.com, or you can call us directly at 405-818-0182. Now, the “five mistakes most business owners make when it comes to social media.” Starting with step 5 Number 5 is: They’re in it for the wrong reasons. You know, I’ve asked a lot of business owners. Why are you on social media? You know when I’m talking to them about what we can do possibly to help their social media performance. And they go; “well, Because that’s where all the people are. And I go “yes, But why – Are you on social media?” “Well, because I want to be where all the people are,” and Keep following up with that question. I call it the why questions. Why, do you want to be there? “Well, so I can get my brand out.” “Why do you want to get your brand out?” Then keep asking yourself the why? Why do you want to get your brand out? “Well, because I want people to see who we are. And so We can sell more products.” Now, We’re getting somewhere. Okay, because if you don’t know your why then being on social media isn’t gonna do you a bit of good? Okay, so the bottom line is, when people, when businesses are on social media, it’s because they want to make more money. They want to increase their revenues. They want to drive more traffic to their website. And that’s what we do at CreationIS. So – on to number four. Number four, is: They Don’t do Anything with it. A lot of businesses that I’ve talked to, they put up a social media site; maybe it’s LinkedIn, Maybe it’s Facebook, or Twitter, or something like that. They post once a month. I just did a social media audit for a company that posted like one post every two months. That’s that’s not doing anything with it. It’s like buying a bunch of a thousand business cards and Then only giving out one business card every two months You know you meet somebody No, you can’t do anything with social media Just being on social media doesn’t mean you’re on social media. You’re not doing anything with it You’re basically still not there. You’re invisible. Because if nobody can see you and nobody knows you’re there You’re not gonna get more customers. You’re not gonna drive any traffic and you’re certainly not gonna make any more revenue. So, you got to do something with it. You have to actively be involved in your social media Now, on to number three. Number three is: The Don’t Post Enough, or They Don’t Post the Right Content. Okay, so The other thing that I see on a constant basis with a lot of businesses – now social media is about social stuff. So if you’re on social media for your own personal stuff and you’re posting personal Posts and articles and you’re talking with your friends and all of that stuff That’s one thing, but if you’re trying to be a business and you’ve got a business page Then you shouldn’t be posting your personal stuff on that business page. If you’re trying to build your brand, you need to be posting stuff relevant to your business, Relevant to your brand. So that’s a one about posting the right content. And the other half of that is: they’re not posting enough. Like I said in in in step four if you’re posting once, Twice a month, even once a week. It’s not enough on social media, Now, Facebook? Really, you should be posting every day. Doesn’t have to be more than once a day, but you should be posting at least once a day a little something. And in my next video, I’m gonna be talking a little bit more about Facebook and how To get those posts, because I get asked a lot of questions from some businesses. They go Well, you know, I’m a plumber. I don’t know what to post about. Well, there’s lots of ways to find things that you can post about to add value and that’s the other big thing in step number Three. Step three is huge. It’s about adding value, posting enough and, posting the right content. content that is; like I said; relevant to your customer, but it’s it’s also Valuable to them, not just relevant It’s valuable. Okay, so that could be on Pinterest, if you’re an interior designer or you do even if you do flooring custom flooring stuff like that anything that you can take pictures of – Start taking pictures. Get some Pinterest stuff going on. Twitter, you know, you can post multiple Pictures on Pinterest a day not too many to three that’s good. You don’t want to overdo it. Twitter though, you can tweet 4, 5, 6, 10, 12 times a day. Because you know, the average lifespan of a tweet is about 2 and a half minutes. ok, if it lasts that long so you can be like Rapid-firing tweets. I mean just Look what it does for Donald Trump. He rapid-fire stuff out there and That’s great. But as long as you’re keeping your tweets relevant to your business and Try to add value to someone else’s, Then you’re gonna be doing better than most businesses out there. Seriously, at least 90% of the businesses out there Don’t do these things. Now, down to number 2 of the 5 mistakes most business owners make when it comes to social media. They carry out on one-way conversation. They are only trying to sell you something. So, the only time you do see a post and there’s a there’s a couple restaurants here in town that I follow just because I would like to see how often they’re posting and I’m constantly analyzing Websites, even if I’m not working for them. I’m looking at businesses and going. Oh, what are they doing? Ok, what are they doing? Good, what are they doing? well And what could they be improving on. And I’m always thinking about how I can utilize that information To help my clients. So this particular restaurant, they post regularly – every other day at least one post They post on Facebook they post on Instagram. So they’ve got pictures of things going up all the time; but, They’re boring posts and they’re always trying to sell me something So the only time they’re really posting is when they’re trying to sell me something. Oh, we’ve got this special going on, or this special going on, or this special. They’re not carrying on a conversation. They’re not They’re not interacting with anybody and yeah they have like 10,000 followers, but every time they post they only get like 1 or 2 likes. Oh, that’s a pretty picture. Oh, it makes me all warm and fuzzy, but you know what? It doesn’t compel me to want to go into that restaurant. Not in the slightest. So that’s what we mean by carrying on a conversation and You know, that’s what social media is about. It’s about building a relationship and that’s where we’re going next with the number one reason why the number one mistake that most business owners make is: The Don’t Interact with their Followers.” They’re not carrying on a conversation Like I said in number two, they’re trying to sell you something. So here I just use Twitter, you know boom boom. Boom Yeah, you can tweet. I’m trying to sell this. I’m trying to sell that I’m not trying to sell that but I’m not listening to anybody and the interactive part when you start to interact on social media Find other people to follow. Interact with them ask them questions about their business. See if there’s anything you can do comment on their Posts find other businesses that could be complimentary to yours, and interact with them. You know, let’s say you’re a Landscaper, or a realtor, you know, well, who else can you be interacting with? Well people who are interior designers, people who do staging for homes that are getting ready to be sold. Interact with them and start saying hey, wow. I really like what you do. Oh, that’s that’s gorgeous, Wow. How long did it take you to do that. Get to know them. And the other part of interacting, and I see this 95 percent of the time with businesses that I do social media audits for is, that they do not respond when someone does post a comment on their post. So let’s say I post this out and someone puts a comment and says hey wow I really liked that video that you know those five little steps They just kind of clicked with me, you know, especially that number three or that number one I didn’t I never really thought that I wasn’t interacting with somebody. But you know I started doing that and I started realizing that wow, they were pretty Helpful about that and then the other people will start sharing that information. When you start talking back, That’s the kind of relationship that you’re trying to build on social media You’re not just trying to sell somebody you’re trying to build relationships, and you’re trying to give them value. It’s only when you can do that Someone comments and says hey that’s a great picture Wow, you know I just ate there last week or and at that restaurant and and I had the pork Dinner or whatever it was and it was just fabulous. Well, you better have somebody responding within 24 hours to that comment and going Hey glad you could come in um, you know Here’s this and this and this you don’t even have to try and tell them something like try and tell them to share you should Be doing that in your post. Share this. Like this. Tell your friends. okay, and here’s final little tip last little this was freebie won’t even charge you extra for it. That’s the other thing that I see the most of like let’s use Facebook as an example You write a post a little post, you know a couple hundred words and that’s it. Oh here I’m doing this today and all I’m doing this today. Well, what do you want people to do? You wanted to like it. You want them to comment. Because the more people to comment, the more people would like it, the more your post gets boosted up in its ratings, the more it Gets boosted up in its ratings, and more people will eventually see it, because you want them to share it. And the only way to get those three things to happen more often than it happening; if you got 10,000 followers and Only one person, two people are liking the post and nobody’s commenting, you might as well not be seen. Okay, cuz they’re not really paying attention. At the end of everything you write, Ask them, tell them what you want them to do. And now hey, thanks for coming to my post. What I’d like you to do is like this post, leave a comment, because if you like this post tell me what else you’d like to see, and Make sure you share it with at least three of your friends. okay, that’s how you’re gonna really start to build some momentum and get some traction and once you start building those relationships and getting More and more followers and and then when you’re posting now, yeah You can throw in a sales post or an ad or something like that and people are gonna start to respond to that. But otherwise You know nobody’s going to see you and One of my things that I always say is “if you’re not seen on the Internet you might as well not be on the Internet” so like I said my name is Mathew Zupan and I am The digital marketing director for Creation Internet Services. And we would love to Sit down chat with you have a cup of coffee and see what we can do. If you think you’re having trouble with your social media, if you don’t have someone doing your social media, If you have someone doing your social media, and you would like to consult with someone and say hey Can we do it better? Is there any possible way that we could be doing what we’re doing better? I’d be glad to sit down and talk with you. We do free social media audits so when you call our number 405-818-0182, ask about our free social media audits and We’ll be able to sit down with you and see if there’s anything that we can do and we’ll be straight up. Okay, we’ll be straight up with you. Oh, yeah, you’re doing great or You know, here’s an area that could use improvement. But once again, We are the Oklahoma digital marketing agency – Creation Internet Services. My name is Mathew Zupan, and I look forward to hearing from you. Visit us at CreationIS.com, or give us a call: 405-818-0182, and don’t forget at the end of this video: like this post, Leave me a comment, what you liked about it and what you might not have liked about it or ask me questions. You know if there’s something I can help you with ask the question that be glad to answer it. Right there and then share it with at least five of your friends. Alright, you have a great day until next time.

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  1. Love the echoing theme, "adding value" to your clients. My big takeaway was the "conversational" piece. It makes sense and I've heard this before…BEING SOCIAL on social media seems like a no brainer, but it's something I've missed. Thank you!

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