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this is one of the most dangerous
neighborhoods in Los Angeles what used to be called South Central LA is still
gang Central LA nearby LAPD officers arrived for roll call their job on this
Friday night fight crime and above all stay alive alright roll call working
here can take a toll on these cops so they’re getting a little relief tonight
so roll call training tonight we’re gonna have dr. Schneider talk to us
about wellness in a made in LA moment the officers from the hardscrabble
southeast division are asked to meditate and I want you just to start to focus on
your breath so why would one of the biggest police departments in North
America do this and as you do that I want you to take inventory of what is
going on with you right now are you tired are you in pain are you
distracted the lesson perhaps is it’s better to meditate then to more half a continent away the Ontario
Provincial Police Force has been mourning for months I would like to
begin with an opening statement about the recent deaths of our three members
to suicide last summer the OPP lost three officers in three weeks all to
suicide we deal with the best and the worst of humanity and it can take its
toll on the well-being of our members the suicides begged the question is the
OPP failing to protect its own like all other police departments the OPP keeps
meticulous crime statistics but there’s one stat that haunts the force in the
past 30 years more OPP officers have died by suicide than in the line of duty
we want to know why and that led us to the case of Joshua de
Bock the third of three to die that tragic month his story and the questions
it raises have never been told publicly until now after weeks of conversations
with the Fifth Estate Josh’s wife lawn de Bock was ready to talk I wanted to
get the facts first before I go public the more she learns about Josh’s death
the more she wants answers do you hold the OPP responsible for your husband’s
death do I hold the OPP responsible I want the OPP to be accountable for their
part in his death last summer josh was promoted from frontline officer to the
forensic ID unit his second day on the job he was called to two separate
suicides and an autopsy Lon says he wasn’t properly prepared for
the transition he was stressed and couldn’t sleep
so he wasn’t in a position he felt comfortable of asking oh no because in
this culture you don’t ask for help I think it’s uncomfortable for many of
them to speak about any concerns they have about mental health because it’s
just a suck it up culture and continue on so lon took Josh to their family
doctor and got sleeping pills prescribed she then took their daughter to a
playdate then came back home to check on him when I walked in I called his name
and I didn’t hear him or anything I didn’t get a response then I was like oh
he’s probably out in the back working on the garden cuz he likes to do that in
for his headphones with music so I didn’t see him outside and then I got
worried and then I went upstairs to open his door and he wasn’t there and so then
I thought maybe he went to the basement so when I went to to go into the
basement I saw a light in the garage and then I didn’t I wasn’t expecting I was
it to work on the front lines as a cop is
to live on a razor-thin margin between life and death there are few jobs more
stressful where what you face every day follows you home every night Robin Moore
was an OPP officer for more than 30 years I’ve seen a lot of suicides
throughout the years a lot of death a kid drowning was terrible lady jumping
from a bridge onto the highway and getting run over by a tractor-trailer where I could actually see her body
parts like her I’ll never forget it her eyeballs laying there right there on the
highway a car accident where cyclists went through my cruiser windshield for
four months and months and months I had nightmares about that I could see his
face gone through my windshield I could hear him yelling hope for help
Robin was prepared to deal with the horror but he wasn’t prepared for the
trauma inflicted on him by his own colleagues
he says his problem started in 2015 when he turned in his boss for interfering
with a criminal investigation I was doing the right thing this was a
criminal case that was going on I knew the interference and the obstruction
that was going on and I had to do something about it
so I wasn’t about to compromise myself and my reputation but his reputation
came under fire after that he says he was targeted by complaints from his
colleagues 11 in all some serious some almost surreal including one over this
selfie he sent to his sister what she posted it on Facebook
and I was in 2012 and then he put this complaint in over four years later in
2016 about me being inappropriate on Facebook
and do you think that this is well part of payback for sure for sure over four
years Moore says he was isolated harassed his career was deal way how
would you describe yourself today the result of all this what is left on you I
I thought of ending it all what do you mean killing myself so I
picked a spot and it’s kind of sensitive to talk about I picked a spot out and a
thoroughly there’s a bridge out there and I had some old waits downstairs and
I was gonna tie them to me to keep me down and I was gonna jump off the bridge
into the water I was out there with my dog who probably saved my life because I
looked at him and I couldn’t do it Moore says he was already suffering from
job-related PTSD he took sick leave and survived there was freedom or harassment
it would have continued and I honestly believed it when it got worse I think
they push people to that point of suicide I really do Gary Pooler was valedictorian of his
police training class his dream to be a cop why the OPP I thought and I still
think that they’re the best police service in Ontario
he says his enthusiasm worked against him from the get-go well I was actually
told by a lot of the members there when I arrived there to slow down you’re
making the rest of us look bad by doing what
arresting too many people basically I actually it’s in my notebook I actually
have advised by sergeant so-and-so to stop charging so many people and other
sergeants you’re only working like this because you want to get ahead I know all
about you like it was an accusation like you’re not supposed to do that
pular says his personnel files had been doctored to make him look bad so we
filed a human rights complaint it changed everything the culture is and I
was told flat out you were gonna ruin your career by doing this do not do this
by complaining to the Human Rights Commission oh absolutely
why would that ruin your career because you’re labeled a troublemaker and you’re
not playing by the club rules his complaint was settled and eventually he
was moved to a specialized unit his new boss asked fellow officers to follow him
to try to get dirt on him he was a marked man it’s not something I’m making
up or some paranoid thought it’s all documented
it’s it’s ten files it’s documented that it happened documented that the guys
were asked to do surveillance on me because it does sound like a paranoid
delusion that everybody’s out to get me exactly but it happened and this is the
Pooler file he was called into a meeting and shown the file he says it was pure
intimidation they transferred him out once again I mean the whole the whole
thing was thin is thin and was never even acted on but it got the RIA it got
the result that they wanted Gary went on sick leave
he says he was struggling with job-related PTSD so take the everyday
stress of frontline policing and add workplace bullying harassment and
intimidation to the mix and imagine the toll it takes we wanted to know just how
common this is in the OPP Lara sigurðsson is a therapist who treats
first responders including many OPP officers we’re hearing stories from the
officers who’ve shared them with us about bullying and harassment from their
colleagues mm-hmm what are you hearing that that’s a that’s a consistent thing
that I hear a lack of support and unfortunately when people do come
forward not only are they not supported but there are obstacles put in the way
so if somebody actually brings some complaint forward sometimes they are
then targeted in her experience OPP officers who turn to a therapist for
help are often exiled by their own I have people who are so disenchanted with
the organization of people who who feel like they have no one they feel like
they are abandoned they they have isolated themselves in their home they
have been off for long periods of time and nobody has contacted them their
sergeant has not reached out to them the colleagues have not reached out
to them nobody has crickets for these people lawn debauch says beyond a few
official phone calls she’s been hearing crickets from the OPP since her
husband’s death do you feel still like you’re still part of the OPP family do
you believe in that concept absolutely not why not because I have questions
about n concerns about circumstances around my husband’s death that I’ve been
asking since September and I have gotten no answers yet she wants to know what
happened at work to push Josh to his death so she can answer questions from
their five-year-old daughter my Linh the family pictures okay on here’s Josh she
goes in and out of her understanding about her dog her dad died and sometimes
that night she cries for him it’s hard to comfort her mm-hmm but they they had
a very close relation and so that makes me even question more why would he leave
her me unless he thought there was no other option
I don’t ever question the fact that he died because of family relations or
issues with that i 100% believe he died because of his work and because of how
he was treated there and neglected yeah coming up the blistering report that
urged the OPP to make suicide prevention a priority and the man who says it was
all but ignored how do you explain that lack of leadership the fish rots from
the head down they were sons husbands and fathers Detective Inspector Paul
horn aged fifty sergeant Silva hootchie aged 37 and constable Josh de Bock aged
38 three suicides in three weeks last summer all from one police force the OPP lawn de baak has been fighting for six
months since her husband’s death to get a meeting with the OPP I want to know
what they did to help support my husband’s mental health and his
transition to a job that is high pressure and that required a very
specialized skill set that he was not trained for today she’s finally getting
that meeting I’m worried because I feel that that there is a culture of
intimidation and I feel that they will probably try to intimidate me Robin Moore says that culture of
intimidation kept him from coming forward about his PTSD once again back
to the culture the OPP if you show any type of weakness
you’re not tough you’re not they lose respect for you they’ll shove you off
into a corner somewhere so it’s a career killer if you suggest you may be you may
be suffering PTSD that’s a definite way of putting at a career killer Gary
cooler says PTSD helped kill his career he was diagnosed in 2008 the OPP later
moved him to this outpost and assigned him photocopying duties he remembers
seeing an email where his colleagues mocked fellow officers struggling with
mental or physical injuries damaged goods was one of the one best things
they call us and so they you know that kind of thing
hockey helmet wearing you know rulers psychologist Lara sigurðsson says her
patients have told her there’s an unwritten rule in the opp if you say the
four-letter words you’ll be out of a job PTSD yes that’s the four-letter word you
will be out of a job you will be put into the broken toy club the rubber Gun
Club they have all these terms about it so that you know when you get back
you’ll be organizing paper clips they say what was your reaction in the summer
when you you heard of three OPP officers who took their own lives all in one
month devastating devastating but not surprised
why weren’t you surprised because there’s nowhere for these folks to go
but for the officers that you’ve seen who are dealing with all this they
consider the OPP to be their family yes what kind of family turns its back on a
family member in crisis and in need mm-hmm a broken one but it’s a lot to manage when you’re
dealing with the everyday trauma of police work the OPP recently created a
wellness unit with a series of mental health support programs but with 9,000
people it’s tough to keep track of everyone tough but not impossible as
we’re about to see one of the biggest police forces in North America has made
suicide prevention a priority so we’ve come to Los Angeles to see what the LAPD
is doing to help keep its officers alive tell me how many officers are there in
the LAPD there are about 10,000 officers right now and how many suicides did you
have last year zero Wow yeah Denise Jablonski K is second in command
at the LAPD’s Behavioral Sciences Services Unit the longest-running unit
of its kind in North America 50 years and Counting
she’s one of 16 psychologists on staff the OPP by contrast has none and then
lastly I want you to set an intention for your shift today
deploy and ice our psychologists out into the field and assigning them to the
divisions was one of the smartest things that we did because before that we were
the psychologists here in the office waiting for people to come to our party
and they weren’t coming so we went out and we said here we are and you can talk
to us when you leave here today how do you want to feel psychologists are sent
out to roll calls and ride alongs with frontline cops to build comfort and
trust nobody would have thought I was suicidal I was a good cop a cops cop I
was a team player and all LAPD officers are shown this blunt in house suicide
prevention video can you guess which officer I am you can’t tap-dance around suicide I
mean it is what is so we do say the word and we’re not ashamed to say the word
could the LAPD’s strategies have helped save lives at the OPP if the brass had
known about them before well they did but my investigation shows they are
failing and the results are frankly tragic back in 2012
Ontario’s Ombudsman issued a scathing report about the OPP and how the force
fails to help officers struggling with PTSD Andre Marin urged the OPP to learn from
the LAPD but he says his report was largely ignored
we spoon-fed them everything we spoon fed them I mean sent a couple of
officers to visit le LAPD’s people and look for yourself and bring the model in
the OPP basically they give themselves a slap on the back and said we were doing
so well after I’ve made 34 recommendations based on evidence of how
poorly they were handling mental health issues it’s like if they were in la-la
land one of Moran’s key recommendations the OPP needs a suicide prevention
program well that was seven years ago and the OPP still doesn’t have one and
in that time the Fifth Estate has learned 12 active and retired OPP
officers have died by suicide the OPP at the time and I don’t believe it’s
changed much we’re living in the dark ages
and I’m saying I don’t believe they’ve changed much because officers on a
weekly basis contact me londa box meeting with a senior OPP
officer last seven hours did she learn whether her husband got any mental
health support in the days before his suicide and was he pressured to keep
quiet about his mounting job stress at the ident unit well she still doesn’t
know he still didn’t provide really any answers and and he just he he pretty
much brought in examples of his own experience but he can speak specific – I
did the Tulsa burg ain’t unit and that’s what I would like information on what
was done there and he agreed that it’s something that needs to be looked into
it can be a long and lonely job taking on the OPP Gary Pooler spent years
fighting against harassment in the OPP filing six human rights cases 1999
settled in my favor 2,000 settled in my favor 2001 settled
2003 settled 2007 breach of this settlement 2014 and settled damages paid
so that’s so they now seem like hollow victories he’s still on sick leave
coping with his PTSD Robin Moore just retired from the OPP he marked the
occasion by burning his uniform and the painful memories that went with it I no longer have any OPP paraphernalia
around it’s all gone it’s an organization that I’m not proud of the
harassment the bullying the reprisals LAN says the OPP failed her and her
family she wonders why the OPP didn’t establish a suicide prevention program
when they were urged to seven years ago just after her husband joined the force
I think if they didn’t establish one they there a message that they’re
sending to their members is that they don’t believe it’s an important an
important thing to pursue and that it wasn’t necessary but I feel the
underlying implication is that they’re sending the message that they don’t care
enough about their officers to be proactive and set up a suicide
prevention program that’s what I think so what does the OPP think coming up we
put our questions to the acting commissioner of the OPP and the head of
its wellness unit one of the big issues for Furlan debauch was making sure that
her husband got adequate mental health support I can’t speak on an individual
file to see where that was but six months after his suicide is isn’t this a
critical question to answer absolutely all I’m asking is you don’t
have that that answer for me no you don’t know we’ve come to the
headquarters of the OPP armed with questions and concerns surrounding the
recent suicides is the OPP doing enough to protect its own the force recently
established a wellness unit at its core 23 peer support officers there’s a new
mental health training program with check-ins for officers every six months
should more be done to help prevent more suicides that’s what I put – acting
commissioner Gary Couture and the head of the wellness unit Robin McCarran with
Joshua two-box wife Lon Lon was very concerned she had a lot of questions
that she wanted to put to the OPP about the circumstances in the weeks leading
up to her husband Joshua’s suicide I want to know what they did to help
support my husband’s mental health did he get that support I can’t speak on an
individual file to see where that was it’s it’s so tragic and it’s so
difficult and our Critical Incident Stress peer support members are
available 24/7 across the province for six months after his suicide is isn’t
this a critical question to answer absolutely and it’s part of that review
process where they’re looking at each of those files but what all of our members
know about all I’m asking is you don’t have that that answer for me no you
don’t know the three suicides in three weeks last August doesn’t this highlight
some of the problems that now become apparent in your own organization talk
about the three every circumstance was individual is different where some
work-related not I can’t even tell you that
it’s a moment it’s a circumstantial visual it shouldn’t be able to know that
you could be able to tell us by by doing sort of an autopsy on those suicides to
make sure that that’s part of prevention which is what we’re doing now we’ve
spoken with officers who who said that they’ve had issues here with bullying
with intimidation with harassment damaged goods was one of the one best
things they call us and so they you know that kind of thing hockey helmet wearing
you know rulers I think they push people to that point
of suicide I really do is this a problem that is existing within your
organization you’ve got to deal with workplace bullying harassment
intimidation I’m gonna police officers or in addition for 33 years and very
confident in that that we don’t have a culture of bullying intimidation I
believe we have instances do we need to work more to prevent those absolutely
and deal with those what are we overall I really do not believe so in 2012 one
of the recommendations that came from the ombudsman was that the OPP
established a suicide prevention program mm-hmm is 2019 do you have a suicide
prevention program yeah so a suicide prevention program is not a program that
we have within all of our Critical Incident Stress peer support members are
trained in suicide prevention they provide that direct one-on-one
support so we can do that marked but in it requires more than that that’s that’s
simply not one piece is not simply the solution I think it’s the solution I’m
going it’s part of it I very mentally tell you that we have
had the conversation more in the last six seven eight years should have had it
more before fair enough but do you believe or do you concede the fact that
the trauma that is involved in this job can push your members to the point of
suicide I’m not a psychiatrist mark I could tell
you that the the pressures of this job the stressors enhance the impacts on
people that’s I believe again I think if you go to the healthcare profession they
will tell you there’s no connection they can’t determine the connection
between the work and pts they can only speak as a police officer who’s
experienced it for 33 years is it causing suicide is it causing PTSD
that’s not something I can tell you and I agree with you it is impacting it can
be difficult but do I believe it creates that that extent no I don’t example of
the LAPD fifty-year-old program that they have they were dealing with mental
health of their officers they have 16 on staff in-house psychologists that seems
to me like a sound idea has anyone from your office gone down to the LAPD to see
how they do things down there what we’re talking about it now
which is you know there’s we’ve done so much in the last few years what I’m
telling you is it it needs to continue and there are other things we need to
look at I’ve heard about the LA structure and it’s it’s wonderful the
challenges that we do deal with they’re somewhat different we spoke to one of
the psychologists that deals with primarily well first responders and
primarily OPP officers I asked what kind of family would turn their back on a
family member at a time of crisis and she said a broken family she believes
that you are right now a broken family mark without most respect I disagree
with you know I look at any other workplace there are some that left and
an unfortunate circumstance that’s on us but are we broken family absolutely not
I feel very strongly about that we understand this is a sensitive
subject if you or anyone you know needs help here are some numbers you can call

Stephen Childs


  1. Where to get help:

    Canada Suicide Prevention Service: 1-833-456-4566 (Phone) | 45645 (Text) | www.crisisservicescanada.ca (Chat)

    In Quebec: Association québécoise de prévention du suicide: 1-866-APPELLE (1-866-277-3553)

    Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868 (Phone), Live Chat counselling at www.kidshelpphone.ca

    Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention: Find a 24-hour crisis centre https://suicideprevention.ca/need-help/


    If you're worried someone you know may be at risk of suicide, you should talk to them about it, says the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention.

    Here are some warning signs: Suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, purposelessness, anxiety, feeling trapped, hopelessness and helplessness, withdrawal, anger, recklessness and mood changes.

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  43. Dead cops make great cops ….. we need a lot of great cops …. kill yourselfs

  44. This idiot police chief is denying that the problem exist. Hes trying to avoid liability….SMH

  45. The justice system is the most corrupt system in Canada. It is a farce. Police are a waste of tax payers money.

  46. The last two officers were doing a Mexican hat dance around the issues.

  47. The guy with the long hair looks just like Russell Crowe. These guys are heroes for trying to clean up a dirty police force, we need more brave officers like this and probably an internal watchdog force.

  48. the opp is beyond corrupt in every possible way, its no wonder the good cops are killing themselves when the ones in charge are corrupt and can ruin there entire lives or harm there families

  49. For a civil service job that is of such a great importance, mental and physical health should be held at utmost importance. Once you let the health of these officers go, you put the community that they are supposed to protect at risk. Not to mention those around them, including their colleagues and their families. Shame to these superiors and co-workers that thought the mental health of another colleague was a joke. I hope their nightmares are of these men and their final days!

  50. good they do nothing but harass working people lets hope more turn their weapons on them selves

  51. To these wannabe tough guys in the OPP……speak to Special Operators from the S.A.S; Seals & GSG9 about PTSD and great importance of having access to psychiatric/mental health services…..

  52. Lol, nobody gives a sh about real PTSD… keep creating your videos. PTSD is real… alcohol cures pain

  53. Cops kill themselves, in my opinion is proof that a guilty conscience will get to even the most evil. A good start

  54. they RAISE the question, not beg
    you guys should know better

  55. Look at how happy he looks in those photos plus that nice house… Yeah…no… He didn't kill himself how hard did he hit the Cyclist..what is up with Ontario Canada all together not too long ago there was no mention of killings in Canada

  56. A career killer turns to broken toys and rubber gun club…
    Generally deployments are easy but leaving anything is not, in any relationships… in the army, the police calture and other toy soldiers who find themselves in position of burning their uniforms throwing their badges against the walls of silence and facing a pushed towards the edges of death.
    It's a deliberate tactics to turn an honest person into damaged goods

  57. Is there any officera or corrections officer who wan t talk to me.

  58. Good cops can't survive in a corrupt system. Most cops or rather 99 per cent of them are corrupt and they don't care about public safety is all a lie in this profession only corrupt cops get the better end of the stick.

  59. The head commissioner says he’s not a psychologist who can say whether police work leads to eventual suicide, yet when the interviewer quotes a psychologist on that direct issue, the officer responds “I disagree.” Shameful

  60. In Mexico/US/Canada the worst criminals are the blue cult gang.
    Anyone who BRINGS an Asian nasty destructive termite in deserves to Commit suicide.
    Want a cheap filth Asian termite go live to her/His country.
    Feeling sorry for a cop is the same as petting a rattle snake and helping it won't bite you.

  61. This repulses me. If anyone truly understands what law enforcement endures, its fellow uniforms. How could they turn their backs on each other…….

  62. This is so true. I considered suicide never ever had any help as there was no one on my side except my wife. ruined my career.

  63. They should know far more; facts, figures, time spans, science, etc. not his 'opinion' or 'experience'?! What kind of answer is that to an epidemic?!

  64. Poor widow wife, she will need lots of counseling now. Yes, mental health has to be addressed and talked about daily on the workplace as well. I lost a daughter age 19.. almost 5 yrs ago. Just sold her car the other day.. it doesn't get easier but life goes on. I blog


  65. In that line of work, you can't risk looking weak.
    Suggesting you might be suffering from anything, especially a mental illness, risks your entire career.
    These people need a path to assistance that allows them total privacy and all the support they need.

  66. Acting commissioner and wellness lady are useless and full of bs. No answers but lots of "should" bla bla it just shows they don't care in the end.

  67. So sad people in these roles need genuine support from psychologists in addition to more compassion from employers, we all know for this together these organisations it is just a lot of talk and no action.

  68. The unions were supposed to be there to help people and instead they help protect the bad guys. Thank you to the good officers who put their careers on the line to do what’s right. These are not suicides , let’s call them what they are a gang style intimidation murder.

  69. 🥶It’s sad that now other males aren’t even safe around insecure self centered abusive men.Women have been raising red flags and awareness about women and children being consistently abused harassed by countless awful men all over the world all the time. This unchecked abusive behavior committed by mostly men is negatively affecting all genders in all walks of life.

    🥶It’s seems as though the suicides aren’t necessarily from the actual policing duties & the trauma call encounters, it’s actually rooting from being overlooked, not taken seriously, bullied harassed degraded and shunned by their male colleagues on the job. Whatever the reasons, No one should be treated in such cruel disrespectful manner.

    🥶Men cant even stomach being around horrible men anymore, so much so that they are taking their own lives to be relieved of such cruelty and mental pain created by those kind of guys🤦🏽‍♀️. That’s probably one of the reasons why many men are choosing to transform into women, being bullied, degraded and harassed out of your own gender is more than enough cause for concern and to see that more men are growing up to be disgustingly selfish egotistical evil beings😞

  70. When a job causes that many problems in your life it is safe to say the job is not worth it.

  71. The hand gestures of the uniformed woman speaking at the end of this video show some anxiety, appears to be lying about something with left hand over right hand. The uniformed man has red ears and reddened face like he is also lying.

  72. Look at the head of the wellness unit…looks like a nun 😬 stark contrast to the lapd’s head who’s a p s y c h o l o g i s t

  73. This needs to stop. And I hope and pray for all the officers that are being bullied and mistreated by their co workers. Thank you for your service and please look after yourselves.

  74. Clean the OPP house ❗️❗️❗️❗️ now ❗️ cut they job ❗️

  75. Good human beings do not usually make it among those criminals with badges.
    Those criminals do that to their own.Think what they do to the public.

  76. Forall those in the comments below saying how bad cops are wouldn't dare call them when in need correct? Such hippocrates. When things are at their worst in your life you call on these same people to assist you, just keep that in mind. Yes there are power trippers, but for the most part these are regular humans that see the worst life has to offer, you too would be a bit jaded.

  77. Does anyone know what the rates are of OPP suicides, or police suicides in general, compared to the general population? If the rates are significantly higher then yes, it's a police force problem, but it's possible its just part of the overall population problem when it comes to rising rates of suicide. Not to say the force can't take actions but people do commit suicides in all careers. Just wondering if it's that much different.

  78. My heart goes out to these OPP officers and their families. They put their lives on the line, solve crimes to help us and their own OPP officers kick them when their down!! They are worse than the criminals they chase!! We need to stand up for the good cops and pass laws that protects their health needs.
    Thank you for protecting us. My thoughts and prayers are with all the upstanding OPP officers in their time of need!!!

  79. That’s what I like to see. Shoot yourselves, not the public or their pets.

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