Occupy Wall Street – One Year Later

daily finalists and supplies for in new
york city and here we are one year later gene
myers and tom line this is not to buy wall street
participant a freelance journalist contributor to transcend dot org j meyerson dot com also the
website is most recent dot org j welcome back to the program type and paperwork for a man thanks for
joining us to lists of the from what you’re seeing what your
reporting are you for smaller you near citizen our share and i’ve been there all day
and i have to tell you i’m a little bit broken up right now because i just
watched my very very close friend johnny apple or belief in your program snatched off but i thought doing nothing
objectionable rolling down in the middle of the city
with a needed back handcuffed in front of the paddy wagon print hero offense
while he was journalists on-the-job and but let me tell you this confrontation
there today though uh… that repressed the memory lol it says the federal holidays staten
island well-prepared twitter backpacker berman
coca soul uh… but this this is certainly i mean
you know the first amendment guarantees a right to peaceably assemble and and
petitioner governor for redress of grievances if what you guys are doing as a phony i
categorically and sure that that napoleon will not get into an apartment
that you are the only safeguard that we have a good parenting according to thomas jefferson the last
email phones that the the author of the declaration of independence soul uh… what was your friend doing the
cause of police destroy him on the ground stickers to good news back but
handcuffs on a myth rowena patty way simply standing on the file our
commander in the market static happening in doing that on internet i’m definitely fit tactic all that it’s
actually quite an exuberant and beautiful day there’d been tons of
people the cali park with full again and frightening there was music and everyone
was jubilant and hunting friends that they
hadn’t seen in forever and they were excellent action that marches
on unchanged then on uh… wells fargo enunciated bank and i
mean uh… on goldman sachs independently
quite a wonderful day except for the fact that everytime we
have a march the police rather than maintaining order and safety in that
city of new york at their charges goons onto the sidewalk simply too yanked people out into the military who
are doing nothing wrong who were not industry and program down in a row some
often quite brutally and when it it apparently random i suspect that that
is to uh… sent a chilling effect in for the rest of the margin dash defend
and otherwise then sometime if you don’t targeted indicate that the defection primary than
it is an apple and he’s already named point definitely against them if it is
called rodrigo verses we pay for anybody or
look that up at home so uh… at j it do you think that this is an aide to
the fact that uh… it that jeannie diamond and his anc gave over four million dollars to
the police association the uh… that the private
association says there was a the insurable association sicily new york
city police department and occupy wall street uh… to the spa knowledge is
given them nothing it can be answered it doesn’t hurt that
back to grow up to date is not funding the police on the banks
are but in a potentially that state of the political economy all
over the new york though all of the girls are a lot of united states where essentially the functions of
government art captured by the end shift of capital and
do the bidding of the interest of capital more then the interest of the
people uh… especially when that the main uh… and happiness against the people that the reason that
everyone is tough for everyone in did yet strap and uh… having a difficult time finding
work and a lot of people are starting a lot of
people are in prison the reason all of this is happening because there are
right profiteer that the very top scooping up
all of the money that the private residence mate and that pollution helps to create and that the exploitation of workers in
union busting create potential power dynamic wear well is immune to just uh… and controlled all of the functions of the state and benefit from everybody misery in
struggle that can be the only people who are
trying to fix the situation folks like occupy wall street and the
union that everybody was making noise in the street and that is every read them for the ruling classes declare police
uh… department on that and wrapped up by the way war-weary you see the act by more than going from
here uh… well i think that um… the army but moving and have had a
assorted one year of termination and uh… i think we’re still at engineering
incubation period frank the puppet who had a wonderful p_-three theory about
how you can expect any large winds from
uh… movement that’s been organizing for less than a decade and i think that
or an outbound with a look through history i think that what’s happening right now
that’s quite exciting uh… and i wrote about this in my most recently that just
came out today and truth that a both on the look it up if that uh… depart activist are uh… adopting
different projects in different campaigns in
starting different organizations in trying to organize students are trying to organize undone
employees are trying to organize uh… houston in minority communities better
but that by uh… terrible police violently
brutality so people are going out and do different
projects and up part of what today access to the
catalyst for everyone to come together and organized with each other and tryin
foster solidarity with one another so i think that that the value of celebrating anniversaries like we’ve
done today first remain strong in the street from
keeping morale up and suddenly allowing the different people who are tackling
these different challenges of the liberal corporate capitalism and
allowing them to organize together it’s a really what i think the key thing for
to look at going forward is to keep an eye on the different um… project an organization that
affiliations of networks they’re going to emerge from that
because whatever meaningful social movement is over the
next ten to twenty year all of the leaders in parts of the dent or will
have perjured debated in an occupation somewhere of across the the our great country and i i thought i think that that’s
really where where the focus from now on it not so much on and i think officially calling itself
occupy wall street’s but all of the different excellent project that
occupiers are adopting so he is the act the actor who is still a
horizontal there are there are no leaders well i i would think that if the matter
with that were all these right theater his computer coleman where there’s a
humor for pictures and everybody feels empowered the about three feet not
sometimes elitist takes the form of skin people in the parking sometime form of
irritating needing sunitha seeing dot that you are listening to the
compliment program calling six six nine eight seven to you d_j_s the census data argentinian
meyerson dot com jay thanks for being with us thank you thought will do that

Stephen Childs


  1. That happens when you reelect a Corporatist-Totalitarian Mayor for an illegal 3rd term.I thought NY had term limits & the people are way to stupid to give a 3rd term to a Multi-Billionaire douchebag.Now you know where his priorities are not with the middle class or poor but with his real people the elite.

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