No-Line Watercoloring – Mama Elephant Holiday 2019 Stamps

– [Kristina] Hi everyone, Kristina here, welcome to another Make
a Card Monday video. Today I’m going to be using
some brand new products from Mama Elephant, in
fact today’s post and video are part of a blog hop celebrating Mama Elephant’s anniversary. I’m gonna be using the
Fuzzy Hugs stamp set as well as the coordinating dies. And I love the images in this stamp set, they’re so cute and cuddly, knocking it outta the park
once again, Mama Elephant. And I’m also going to be
using another cover die, this is the winter forest cover die. And I love these birch
trees that it cuts out and then gives you like a little
sloping hill to work with. I think it’s really, really pretty. So I’m going to be using
some watercolor paper today. This is Fabriano Artistico Extra White. And I’m going to remove it from the block by running a bone folder around the edge. That’s going to help me
get it off the block here. Later in the video you’ll
see me do some painting by keeping the paper on the block, which is totally an option. But in this case, I’m
only going to be using a corner of this piece here, and I’m gonna use it to stamp
two of the little animals. I’m using the bunnies here. I’m using some Inkon3 Fadeout ink, because I’m going to do
some no-line coloring. And I actually ended
up inking it up twice, and stamping it twice,
because the first stamping’s a little bit too pale for me. I wasn’t able to make out the lines. So I thought just double stamping that would give me a little
bit more to work with. So you can see how faint
and pale the lines are. Super super nice for
no-line watercoloring. I’m going to be using
some Distress Inks today. This is my little tray of
Distress Ink mini cubes. This tray is from Stamp-n-Storage, I had a few people ask about it. I will have it linked down
in the supply section today if you wanna check that out. So I’m doing to be using a
palette from Art Impressions to kind of smoosh my ink pads down onto, and then I’m going to
be painting the scene with a number two round
Escoda Prado brush. I’m just gonna do some full strength ink at the outer edge, and then
pull it in with a clean brush. I’m gonna speed up the
painting process here, and turn on some music, and I’ll catch you after the painting’s finished. (“Listed Thoughts” by Ziv Moran) (“Dream the World” by John Isaac) (“Whisper in a Dream” by SLPSTRM) I hope you enjoyed
seeing all that painting. These two bunnies are so precious. I just wanna cuddle ’em, I
wanna give ’em a big hug. So I used the coordinating
die for this image, and I just used some washi
tape to hold that die in place, while I ran it through my Gemini
Junior Die Cutting Machine. This is going to cut out
the images, or the image, with just a little bit of a white border around the outside edge. It’ll be perfect for popping this image up on the front of my card. So like I mentioned before, I am gonna do some watercoloring where I keep the watercolor
paper on the block. I’m using two different
colors of Distress Ink. I’m using Stormy Sky and Victorian Velvet. And I’m wetting down my watercolor paper before I start actual painting, to make sure it’s nice and wet. And then I’m going to tip up the watercolor paper a little
bit, while I add some color. I want this to be very,
very pale background. I want the colors to be very, very soft, and I’m using a larger round brush. I think this is a size 10 round brush, just to make sure I have streaks of color going across this background. This is going to be behind
the trees on my final card. And so this is going to be a
nice kind of faded sky look. So after I had all of that on there, I dabbed off a little bit off the bottom. And then I used my heat tool
to speed up the drying process. You could definitely just let it air dry. So I trimmed that down
to an A2 size card front, and then I created a card out of some Neenah Solar
White 110 pound cardstock. I used a Xyron Extreme Adhesive Runner to add adhesive to the back
of my watercolor panel. And then directly onto the card front. That adhesive is super, super strong, so if your watercolor
paper is warping at all, it will help it flatten out. I then diecut that cover die, and just out of some white cardstock, and I put a bunch of
foam strips on the back. The Darice thin foam
strips are the perfect size to go behind all of these
little, itty-bitty trees. I did break them up a little bit, and only used small
sections of each foam strip. So I place that over
the front of this card, and then I put some foam
adhesive behind the bunnies. But I also stamped a greeting. This is one of the greetings
from the stamp set. I stamped it on some vellum, and then using a Xyron
Create-A-Sticker Machine, I actually adhered the vellum
to another piece of vellum to make it a little bit more opaque. And then I cut it into a banner shape, and ran it through that Xyron
Create-A-Sticker Machine one more time to put
adhesive all on the back. And then I cut it out, and
made it the perfect size to nestle in next to this tree. I put some foam adhesive
behind the bunnies, and then pressed the bunnies down onto the front of the card. And that’s going to
finish the card for today. This was such a joy to work with. That stamp set is adorable, and I really love how it turned out. These were just a few of the products in Mama Elephant’s latest release. If you wanna see every single
product they’ve come out with, make sure you click over to their shop, or over to Simon Says Stamp.
(gentle music) You can check out all of
their new stamps and dies. Such a fun release, so
many holiday products that I can’t wait to use in my
upcoming holiday card series. On screen I’ve got three more examples using Mama Elephant stamps. Some are gonna have some no-line coloring involved on it too. I hope you’ll check those out. Thank you so much for
watching today’s video, and don’t forget to hit
that thumbs up button, so that I know you liked the video. Thanks for watching, and I’ll
catch you guys very soon.

Stephen Childs


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