Next 7-10 days to be critical period for containing coronavirus outbreak: Gov’t

now South Korea has now 15 confirmed
cases and the government announced that the country is heading into a critical
period for containing the corona virus outbreak for more on this we connect to
our young man who’s on the line for us young what do we know so far hygiene the
Health Ministry said this morning that the next seven to ten days will be the
most critical and challenging in terms of containing the outbreak the
government says it was able to detect the patients at an early stage of the
infection and as kept the virus from spreading into the local community
however it did say the situation will become more alarming as the virus is
spreading fast across China and we did see some signs of that yesterday on
Sunday South Korea confirmed three more cases bring the total number to 15 and
that makes it the country with the fifth highest number of infections
along with hong kong which also has 15 cases exactly two weeks ago on january
20th there was only one case in South Korea so what do we know about the
patients so far and those who they might have come into contact with well
according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the 13th
case is a 28 year old South Korean man he was among the South Korean nationals
evacuated from the city of whoo-hah the epicenter of the outbreak through a
charter flights last Friday the 14th case is a 40 year old Chinese woman and
she’s the wife of the 12 patient a 49 year old Chinese man who tested positive
on Saturday and the 15 cases the 43 year old Korean man who came back from Wuhan
on January 20th currently the health authorities are investigating the
locations and people that were exposed to the confirmed patients and it’s
reported that a lot of people had come into contact with the 12 patient who
visited locations in Seoul gyeonggi-do province and the city of Kunming
Encounter province and a movie theater that he visited the in the city of Putin
has been temporarily closed

Stephen Childs


  1. I'm sure south Korea is not the 5th highest. There are countries like Vietnam that have pathetically lousy hospital and don't report real numbers.

  2. what scientists predict for coronavirus R0 4, every 6-7 days the virus jumps in number with each infected people go on to infect 4 people. If Korea doesn’t contain it, 15 will turn into 75 cases next week , 375 cases week after and 1,875 cases the third week. This is what we are seeing in China. Its numbers are in the 8th or 9th week and a lot more than reported

  3. 2020 is gonna be a bumby ride with everything happening worldwide. Keep safe and stay humble.

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