New Zealand Space Agency

Karanga [a call out, summons] Haere mai [welcome to all] Think of space like America was, in the 1800s,
where there was one giant steam train that traversed the country, if you think about
what a different country it is when the ability to actually move goods and build infrastructure
actually started to occur, and that’s kind of where we’re at with space right now,
once you have the ability to create that infrastructure there’s going to be incredible, incredible
things happen. Rocket Lab is a transport provider and it’s
the equipment that’s going into space is where a lot of the future is. It’s just
a continual stream of development and we’re sitting right in the middle of that right
now, and it’s a really exciting place to be. What can’t satellites be used for
is almost more the question at the moment. The fact that you can put a science sensor
in something like a CubeSat is kind of game changing and it’s going to be really interesting
to see how that intersects with the more traditional approaches, but it will. That launch capacity
has come into reality, it’s like we can do some really nice high end science with
this, it’s not just CubeSats, there’s more to it than that. I’ve built satellite ground stations in
Antarctica and out in the middle of the Pacific, but this is my all-time favourite and it’s
growing here all the time. Over here we’ve got SpaceX, Planet, Spire, over the back of
me we’ve got Spaceflight; they are all the big names in the SmallSat world. We’ve
got more on the books but I can’t tell you about them right at the moment. We might specifically launch one of our ozonesondes
at night to coincide with a sunset observation, from an instrument that’s mounted on the (International)
Space Station. There’s current missions from NASA, from ESA, from JAXA, that are using Lauder (atmospheric
research station) data on a daily basis I think New Zealand is unique, it’s a great geographical
location, very sparse population, it’s the ingenuity of the people, now the issue is
– how big are your ideas? Here at the New Zealand Space Agency, we work
very fast to lay the foundations for a successful space economy; we’re now seeking productive
and innovative partnerships with global players in government, in business, and in the science
community to work alongside us. If you’re thinking New Space, think New Zealand.

Stephen Childs

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