New bridges for Buchan Cave reserve, Victoria – Operation Bushfire Assist

We’re at the Buchan Caves and we’ve been
building a medium girder bridge to allow the park to get back to full operation. So the previous bridge was affected by the fire all the planks off the top of
the bridge were burnt out and disappeared and there was only a few
beams remaining holding the bridge together. It’s a modular bridge so the
pieces just slot together and pins and bolts hold it all together. For all of us in Fiji it’s the first time we’re doing it and it just
like building a Lego so we have to assemble everything together and form up
a bridge. Working with the PNGDF and the Fiji guys it’s excellent they’ve all got great attitudes
and they all work hard. Yes I’m proud to contribute to getting the
community back to normal It’s great to be embraced by the local
community and it’s great to see them get back on their feet.

Stephen Childs

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  1. awesome effort now hathaway can go thataway, such great cooperation between the ADF and other counties Military does so well for the future stay safe and thanks heaps

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