Never Giving Up On The Most Troubled Students

miss de la my escape no you call about j-1 fine he called the ball that you’ve been head listen I’m here will you my name is Arielle I’m 11 and I like the dodgeball and I like Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse every time I get just a color they always will pick a purple and I like pink apart now would you more you don’t will picture it want to pick you one yeah I’m gonna Mickey Mouse give me a brother and sister I’m the master at covering we don’t ask anybody honey the best way I can staff but I don’t win I’m patient other like you you can’t carry both from just walk up to the staff and say which one look the best but don’t tell me was why you drew that watch this mr. Johnson yes which one look better got this one it looks the better yeah this one yes well that’s one Mandy Minnie you big Mickey yes I’m still going watch and somebody’s been picked a girl I like Minnie Mouse ah yes mm-hm everything I get draw for the same when I give me and somebody I get up and then I try to walk out the classroom don’t get are you that’s tough come on ready go you found that stop stop stop stop doing it stop stop pitchman nope ah yeah it’ll be miss Williams at first I don’t start just cursing I did him let me go thought they’d be holding me you’d be making me mad I don’t like them touching me you bitch you so I’m trying to get her ready to process so that we can talk about what she’s angry about said I’m spinning so but we really just want you to be able to talk about what’s happening and kind of meld shut the up girl bitch I gotta go to my social worker because I’d be mad then when I calm down they’d be taking me then Hugh me asking me what happened I’ll never talk could they want to know too much and all like talking about everything good then they might want the wrong thing you not end up till now then I’ll be right up in the hospital so do you want to come over the corner yeah well it’s that do you think it’ll help of lease at up together with your teacher no I’m TED talk I killed her and she say anything to me I’m with you man if she says I’ll tell me I’m a punch-up so maybe we could just try to work on the relationship cause that’s I think the big part right there my legs ain’t no long change I’m gonna be cursing out to hit the pic on a grande Jess house guys why don’t we check in where you um come from the bus tomorrow just to see how you living at home and then I’m Michael Theriot and notch our business what happened oh really yes long top okay so we can check the end see how you know I went now gonna answer no I want we’re looking for a tree we noticed there erielle house that have a Christmas tree and a mother doesn’t have a job so we try to see if we can find a tree to just brighten up every else Christmas all right so what’d you think when she seen that sweet you know dollar bubble gum that’s nice done she doesn’t really went through a lot he diagnosed our ADHD and bipolar disorder at one point ten when I didn’t give her the medication they um found out that I want to give me a tour and they called the children Family Service okay they say you know that’s neglect right I’m I know I didn’t I so now the school have to give him some what they don’t trust me give it to her oh did you do some time nine Oakland case is not like just the petty drug out there selling drugs just to survive get something for my kids they got a mess hey my hand on the move you do like like this wow Lucy is it my hand on the move Oh daddy is I feel or not I just I’m just finding out about this one she came in house and told me just show us work often then he was rather okay right thank you their ring right there we still get it says my mama for somebody we get that ring in the necklace tell me about her my first he gone yeah yeah before stealing my daughter and three other girls three euros jumped on the lady and beat her up beat her up she can’t wait to come home and not being able people she all know cuz people somebody big hub right here she got a by Marco huh to get to fight in jail mm-hmm she don’t really talk that cuz you know when we know Abed right upon her that’s for the ball these are 49 cents a pound that’s the deal for anybody for anybody raisins won’t be with the fruit alder this is out to Stan’s pocket strictly staff donate it so they money is important to me right now I think us good 110 dollars my job at Montefiore is universal I’m an assistant basketball coach football coach baseball coach I teach sewing tests a culinary class the cinema you’re like me cinnamons real strong that’s enough okay they need somebody to care where they came from the care was not there we will go to the house take them home bring them back go to the house get them go get their parents come on man certainly not school do that some of the criticisms been it’s really expensive and these kids are gonna end up in jail or the hospital anyway what do you say when people say stuff like that and what you gonna do pay now or pay later as they say you don’t let us train these kids you won’t spend much more money on them in jail all right that’s the bottom line you know ain’t nothing nothing else to say I see they don’t know I’ll be ready to take this collar out their tour now and then we don’t let them come back for more if they won’t anymore take the table take the column it’s better than the pie I’m telling you I’m telling you poor charlie excuse me I wish that we had more to give but they all had a full plate so that’s it why you care so much about these kids somebody got you I don’t know long the Lord let me yeah when he stopped me I’m through all right but until there they get everything I got ever since I love my nigga seemed like God lost my mind let’s go ain’t talking about no money homeboy don’t waste my time my young boys toast and now homeboy don’t close them doing all these goddamn drugs ain’t like I love my man I love my man my my my my my young boy stroked and now homeboy don’t close the laughs a man I love my man I didn’t love my man nothing lost my mind

Stephen Childs


  1. In the final episode of Last Chance High, Montefiore staff reach out to the family of Iriel to help brighten their holidays, while back at school the young student's violent outbursts continue to challenge her counselors.
    WATCH NEXT: How Broken The College Admissions Process Is – http://bit.ly/2JIUKko

  2. Season 2??? Where it at.
    2 years later.
    Still no season 2?????

  3. You hit somebody the wrong way in dodgeball and you gonna get the hands

  4. 4:20 you can tell by the way she’s cursing she’s learned that behavior. I hope she’s doing better now ://

  5. Shes not wrong. The government got there nose deeeep into everyones life now. A mistake in these days are taken with no remorse and people are punished with no remorse

  6. Much rather pay the cost now and possibly save a kid from a life of trauma and tourture that can come from jails in this day in age along with massive fines and debt. but idk its a rough call…. lol

  7. Wow 2014 is the school down or is it still open bc we need more vids out.

  8. Don't act like wild animals and actually come to school to learn then teachers and society won't give up on you.

  9. They shot a second season. This was a follow up in 2017 and the school was closed. What’s sad is, most of these children have mental issues or emotional issues from abuse. I didn’t know this when I started watching. It would have been much cheaper to keep the school open as most of these children will end up in the jail system or psychiatric wards.

  10. She likes so much minie mouse you need some lotion on them ashy ass hands

  11. Her mother is a low life trying to play innocent. I've met plenty of people like her.

  12. People complaining about spending money on these kids who actually have potential. While at the same time will fork out money for severely autistic or those with microcephaly or any other disorder which renders a person completely useless

  13. People have to remember it’s a physiologic issue. Some people just come out into the world wired differently. People will always need help. A slight deviation doesn’t make someone less than a regular human being with issues they need help sorting out. I hope these kids found peace

  14. i would NOT waste my time. can spend my time on somebody who actually wants to learn something.

  15. Umm..someone needs to investigate her home life…something is wrong, terribly wrong…

  16. I remember the game of dodge ball I couldn't play but I'd watch the other kids would play dodge ball and there were some great dodge ball players

  17. The girl is or has been abused, she is in withdrawal about what happened to her. it is truly sad, she already gave all the evidence we need to know so that we may make a conclusion about what happened to this young lady.

  18. Vice should do a documentary on the parents so others can see the real reason these kids are “troubled”. More than likely It’s the reason these kids are acting this way, I’ve seen it happen. I think in this time of society it should be a privilege to have kids rather than just have them so they can benefit off the welfare system.

  19. These people are doing God's work. It's beautiful to see that the staff at the school really care. That's what they need.

  20. I think everything she says she hears from someone else. Like " I'm gon' punch her" or "I'm gon' kill her." Obviously she's being coached or abused cause she even said she'd end up in the hospital

  21. Stop blaming the environment and blame the parents . A lot of this is the result of bad parenting, child abuse and/or child neglect. I also believe a lot of these kids mothers used drugs or alcohol while pregnant.

  22. "My name is Iriel, I'm 11, I like dodgeball, hello kitty and gang bangin with my homies running guns and drugs cross the border." damn she gangsta

  23. maybe she got angry because more people voted for the teachers Mickey Mouse picture instead of her Minnie Mouse picture……the whole idea of not always winning is a hard pill to swallow for a troubled kid like her i guess….heh..

  24. So….they forcibly drug your kids??? They diagnose you with a nonsense disease "ADHD" and then if you don't give them psychotropic medicine or amphetamines you are charged with neglect as a parent and they take your kids away. That's something I'm going to have to look into big time!!!

  25. ik most of these kids are troubled but you can tell she is a bit more special in her dialect and her general mannerisms

  26. I've been suspended a lot and deadass the in school suspension teacher for the district is a crackhead named Mr williams

  27. The work at this school by these great ppl is humbling I have such respect and hope programs like this grow.

  28. UPDATE:

    Keontay: https://www.facebook.com/keontay.hightie.77 (Seems to be a daddy right now. Keontay is gang banging big time. He's seen several friends get killed and another is paralyzed from a gunshot to the neck.)

    Cortez: https://www.rapsheets.org/illinois/chicago-jail/SHIELDS_CORTEZ/17535904 (Cortez and Keontay both dropped out of school, both have been shot on several occasions, and are in deep with gang wars. Cortez was getting death threats from a rival gang. It got to a point where he and his family moved to Battle Creek, MI to live with some friends for a time to avoid the danger. They've since moved back to Chicago.)

    Crystal: https://www.instagram.com/hiizmain (Seems to be living a 'normal' life.)

    Iriel: https://www.facebook.com/Ladyloblock (I believe this is her, not sure tho.)

    Melvin: A little after 5 p.m. on September 5th, 14-year-old Melvin James Jr. was shot in the leg and abdomen a few blocks from his home in South Chicago. He was taken to a nearby children's hospital, where he died at 2 a.m. on September 6th. Melvin was a former student of the now-shuttered Moses Montefiore Academy, a school for high-risk youth on Chicago's West Side. According to the Chicago Sun-Times' Homicide Watch, police said the shooting was gang-related. Melvin's family said he had never been in any gang, and that local gang members had been harassing him.



  30. There is nothing wrong with this little girl she just has a different outlook on life that's all and no I would not give her medication things will workout

  31. That's the stupid question why does he care about these children these children are the future

  32. That lil girl would kill all them lil boy's 👀 where is her father teachers need to get paid more 🤔

  33. I strongly suspect many, if not all, these kids are paying for the sins of their mothers doing drugs while pregnant. They were disadvantaged/handicapped even before birth.

  34. Just put them in prison, what a waste of resources. Spend the money on Pre AP classes advanced math, physics etc.

  35. Wtf just how casually she says this to the teachers is disturbing I go to high school and this happens but at least when they say it they are mad about something the way she says it so casually is scary

  36. these staff are working their asses off and should be commended and helped out more its obvious the poorer areas need more investment to . they do above and beyond for these kids great show.

  37. How does a kid become troubled? One of those nature or nurture questions?

  38. https://www.hireexfelon.com/records/illinois/SHIELDS_CORTEZ/Y28461 Cortez doing time 🤦🏽‍♂️

  39. This little girl head is so messed up she don’t know what she talking about and sometimes is going in that house of her’s that’s why she won’t speak about it

  40. It's obvious that something happened to Iriel at home . Domestic Violence or molestation.

  41. Am I the only one that noticed she said kello kitty and also I’m not bulling her or any thing she probably is going threw something at home because she said she might tell them the wrong thing and she might end up in the hospital so I pray she gets better

  42. They need to make another series cause I’m mad they didn’t make anymore videos😩

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