Natl. Changgeuk Company of Korea presents “Sopyeonje” during chuseok holidays 추석때 볼만한 공연, 창극 서편제

With most of the nation now on vacation for
the Chuseok holiday,… you may want to fill up part of your day taking in a performance. The National Changgeuk Company of Korea has
put a new spin on one of the nation’s most popular films… by using one of Korea’s oldest
singing traditions. Our cultural correspondent Park Ji-won explains. The Korean film “Sopyeonje” broke box office
records when it was released in 1993,… and remains one of the most popular Korean movies
of all time. This enticing story,… about a family’s life-long
journey toward artistic perfection,… has been reborn as a changgeuk ,… a performance
genre that modernized the Korean singing tradition of pansori. As the story itself is about the lives of
pansori singers,… changgeuk was a natural choice to re-tell the story of pansori singer
Yu-bong and his daughter Song-hwa. After Yu-bong sees potential in his daughter’s
singing voice,… he blinds her… so that she can focus all her energy on attaining
the perfect sound. He believes internalizing the emotion of sorrow
and pain, known in Korean as han ,… is necessary to becoming a true artist. “The character of Yu-bong requires many detailed
expressions from inside. It was extremely difficult to act with the mind of a father
who decides to blind his own daughter.” Three singers of different ages play the character
of Song-hwa. “Just as we get old and mature,… our singing
become mature and ripens as well. Three different actresses of different ages will play the
Song-hwa character,… and audiences will see that Song-hwa sounds more mature as she
grows older.” The National Changgeuk Company of Korea presents
the two-hour performance every day through this Saturday,… at the Haeoreum Hall at
the National Theater of Korea. Park Ji-won, Arirang News.

Stephen Childs

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