National’s Holiday (4th of July) at the Nation’s Capital (Washington DC)!

Today is July 4th 2019 and I am heading to Washington DC to celebrate the Nation’s Independence Day at the Nation’s Capitol I was so tired last night I took
like a nap and then I like slept at 1 AM because I took a nap and now…I
am not sure if I am going the right way oh it’s right here! Oh so close. How convenient is that. So, I just found
my gate. It’s a lot closer to the security that I thought it was and so
far seems like nobody’s here nobody’s at the counter either so I think I’m gonna
go and just grab my iPad maybe do some interview prep and I’ll talk to you guys
later byeeee! okay I really should stop doing this “bye” “hi” thing because I feel like that’s the only thing I say when I am on camera But yeah we will try to think
of more more things to say interesting things to say let me know if you like
feeling these talking blurbs are kind of boring and maybe I’ll just do a lot of
montages so I’m riding United our Basic
Economy I was thinking of taking the bus but I decide to take a plane I splurged a little but Iook I have so much leg room I just got off the plane
and now I’m just walking through the terminal or to the terminal pretty
excited this is first time in this part of the US I just feel like in the last couple
years I just have so many different opportunities
to just travel and be in new places and have new experiences so I hope I just
enjoy like documenting it a little bit so that when I do go back to it it just
like brings up memories of the different things that I have been able to do so So I’m on the bus right now to go from this airport that starts with a D (Dulles) to DC I’m going to be going the George Washington University area It should be exciting! This is it! I’m in DC! George Washington University campus See the hospital over there. People are going? We’re crossing the street now Oh there’s Whole Foods there’s a lot of restaurants by this
metro station seems like some good ones and then
there’s like Whole Foods over there which is really nice thing it’s must be nice
to have like a grocery store or place you can get food so easily accessible on
campus I’m gonna meet up with my friends for
lunch I am super hungry my stomach was hurting
this morning so I didn’t really eat much and now I’m like
I need food to operate Wohoo! Public Transportation just like a beautiful garden just walking through Look at those dragonflies Now we are in this rock tunnel I like that entrance
that’s gorgeous We just sat down in the National Mall
I’m here with Camila it’s raining outside and there’s all these people
like sitting out to claim spots to watch the fireworks yeah it’s just funny cuz
like you just see like this host of like umbrellas, omnious sky yeah we just had
some & pizza Sun is slowly starting to set sky slowly
starting to dim for the show that awaits house, a bunny, a dog, panting, dog house chewing, a lightbulb, idea cue sad music more sad music good morning today is July 5th it’s a
Friday and I’m here in a friend’s place for the summer and I just had a super
nice sleep last night her roommate was so nice that she let me sleep on her bed
in these amazing sheets and pillow and I like slept so much better than I do
back home. We slept in which was super nice because I feel like I haven’t been able
to sleep that much lately and we just had some breakfast some wonderful peanut
butter and jelly sandwich yes and we are going to head out soon it’s supposed to
rain all afternoon today and tomorrow but the weather should be okay in the
morning so we’re just trying to get a little more of like the walking and
outside views done in the morning right now I am if you can see it’s like I’m
right by GW or by George Washington University. This is George Washington University, GW Wow beautiful morning Hi, we’re going to the Constitution Gardens now Rustling Leaves to water to woah? what is that? the Washington Monument this looks so cool Make FUNFACES I’m mostly excited for this lemonade It looks so refreshing in this hot, humid weather Oh! So good! There’s the White House! [Jazz Music Plays] I’m walking on Sunshine! Jazz on the part just ended at the national
sculpture park and so we’re just walking to ice cream now there’s so many free
events in DC but there’s also so many people Good morning today is my last day here in DC. I’m now at the airport ready to head back home it was a wonderful trip and I
hope you enjoyed following me along if you like this video give a like
subscribe and comment below but have a little geeky moment here but
okay ready ready ready it’s the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services!

Stephen Childs

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