National Savings Day – The Holidays

So what is today National Ice Cream Day? Ha. Don’t be silly Aunt Helene National Ice Cream Day is the third Sunday in July. ha I don’t know how or why you would expect me to know that. I have a problem with National holidays not you. Fair enough So then why are we eating ice cream? It’s not actually ice cream. Is it National FroYo Day? No that’s February sixth. So then why are we eating it then? it’s delicious isn’t it It is, and… And what? Well, what day is it what are we celebrating what are we doing? That’s actually Vegan ice cream. AHH! Will How could you do that to ice cream? What is this… National scare the wits out of your Aunt and ruin her day Day? No, it’s National Savings Day What’s your point? I got that ice cream, For free. Okay no that is not ice cream. You’re lying and your parents did not bring you up to be a liar

Stephen Childs

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