National Kentucky Day – The Holidays

Well we’re here! Where? Home man. You homeless, again Will? And living on Randall’s Island? Not home for me, home for you man. You smell- you smell the air here? You’re doing crystal meth again aren’t you? No do you know what National Holiday it is today? uh, no not off the top of my head. It’s National Kentucky Day! So wait you brought me to uh? You brought me to Randall’s Island. uh huh. horse race track because it’s National Kentucky Day Why? The Kentucky Derby You would compare The kentucky derby one of the most elegant beautiful beautiful events and traditions in our country to Randall’s Island Thursday race track? Get outta here! Get outta here! You vile horrible man! I was just You were just what? What? What? Just trying man And you failed [Music]

Stephen Childs

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