National Handbag Day – The Holidays

What I said wasn’t racist but I did make this I call the woman- It wasn’t racist? I said she had almond eyes I meant it in like a pretty way Because like almonds are great, it’s a healthy fat It is, it is. Omega 3 Yeah fatty acids Do you have a handbag? No You didn’t bring a handbag? Do you have a handbag? No But it’s National Handbag Day I mean I thought you’d bring the handbag I mean the whole reason were here is cause its- You didn’t bring a handbag to National Handbag Day? No I just- I brought a bag and my hand is on it. When you text me you said “Yeah I got the bag nigga” and I was like You’re not suppose to say that. Then you were like well I got the bag okay

Stephen Childs

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