National Girlfriend Day – The Holidays

What are you doing? Panicking! Why? because you can know what day it is? Monday? No it’s National Girlfriend Day oh, that a thing? yeah I don’t know either apparently it is Erica told me Erica? Uh yeah my girlfriend erica Wait you have a- hold on wait um Why you freaking out? Because it’s National Girlfriend Day and I am so unprepared Then just don’t celebrate it. If she really freaks out like that do you really want her as girlfriend anyway? No, but it’s a National Holiday. I cannot, no- scratch that I will not disobey A National Holiday Will, there’s a holiday everyday. A National One Yeah most aren’t regionalized Well bring it on Holidays Alright So it says here it’s also National Respect Your Parents Day today Well fuck So you gonna get her flowers? My mother… Yes. Erica… no

Stephen Childs

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