National day holiday – day 1 (Restaurant and dinner at home)(Mainland China Guangzhou)

I am back home in Guangzhou Canton now. And here is around where I live. My home. Right now it’s national holiday. They have a holiday around a week but I only
have three days so I may enjoy this three days. And here is an area for travelers. Beijing road cultural traveling area. But when I was in secondary school or years
ago, me and my friends used to go shopping and it was just commercial area. And for shopping and it’s really flourishing
in some way. Now I am in a western restaurant. Tai ping guan western restaurant. And this is the first western restaurant in
Canton. Historical description. Strongly recommend this restaurant because
it’s really tasty really good. I would come here every time I come back. There is a great difference between western
culture and Chinese. It’s much more quiet in restaurant in western
one maybe, generally. It’s really noisy. I just can’t help to record this. It’s home made dinner. Wow I haven’t been able to eat this for a
long period of time. And I feel like

Stephen Childs

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