National Coloring Book Day – The Holidays

It’s National Night Out so are you spending the night out with your “girlfriend” Erica Uh no uh We broke up broke up? yep. Erica was fake wasn’t shit? ah yeah, yeah she was. well today I’m gonna teach you about crayons What? What crayons mean… To us all, all over the world. there’s, so many different crayons everywhere! There are crayons in China, crayons in Malaysia They’re crayons on desert islands You can get crayon where ever you want it! You gotta be smart about your crayon you know? I mean you know if we look at you know. What? If we look it up, you right you got you got your typical White crayon okay and then you got your typical black crayon. hmm okay and then you got The Green Crayon and maybe you’re gonna go Green this time You know, you just go In what regard do I go? Well that my friend that is the gray area We don’t know where you’re gonna go. We don’t know what you’re gonna do we don’t care. If you’re gonna fuck a black crayon or- I mean color I mean color with a black crayon or a white crayon or whatever crayon. What? All we really care about is that you’re coloring and now I don’t even know where my coloring book where there’s a coloring book right here. There it is! I’m sorry it’s just been a long day I saw it earlier but I thought it was a childs I’m just gonna say okay? Your nephew would like this You’re gonna feel so much better Take the crayon When I use a coloring book? Take the crayon and color. No! Will take the crayon and color! Will F. Young Take the crayon and color in the book. I’m not coloring Alex it’s not gonna happen. It is National Coloring Book Day Will color in the goddamn book It’s National Coloring Book Day Huh? Yeah And you’re just telling me right now? yeah Well you’re A fucking dick okay? What can I say I’ve been sorry you need to apologize to me you’re only now. It’s like eight o’clock. I got you to color in the book. You should come on man. You should be thinking Hate this, but it’s a National holiday so therapeutic therapeutic pick another, not for me

Stephen Childs

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