My last hitchhike in USA | Haryanavi ‘Dhaba’ | Driving License: US vs India

This is World’s largest truck stop This place can accommodate 1000 trucks at a time lets go and check the facilities This is huge Never saw so many restaurants at one Truck stop Its 10 am Although I am in a new time zone so actually its 11 am This is Indiana state I just took shower at that truck stop Going back to the highway towards Springfield He is going to deliver the goods there After that, I will start searching for a new ride I have to reach New York This is an Indian restaurant It always feels good to see Indian food outside of India This is Tiffin restaurant Sorry I didn’t get your name Thats my father’s name 🙂 He is from Karnal, Haryana I met a few more people from Karnal on this trip I always feel glad to meet Indians in a foreign country Although its not been a long time, but we are doing good here in America US is the epitome of India-Pakistan brotherhood We celebrate our festivals togeather I have a lot of friends from Pakistan Situation in India is different The situation created on the border… created by media… is very different from the actual one Irony is that even we do not want to think different from what we are shown or made to think by the media Its different in USA Everyone lives together. Be it a Bangladeshi, Chinese, Pakistani, etc… A common man has nothing to do with such politics The political agenda… media… is same in India and Pakistan This is what the Pakistanis think about their country If we start thinking in a different manner, we will come to understand the whole game of ‘hate politics’ I say I travel differently… likewise we need to think differently The world is not exactly what we are daily shown in the mainstream media! It is way different and positive! People like Mr Kamal and Mr Lakhbir make me feel positive about the world These people are the example of how we have evolved ourselves after struggles and rigorous efforts how we have coexisted together! This is what ‘Indianism’ is! Let me tell you…
Bollywood is a something which link all of us also the cricket … sports but again, there is a lot of politics in Bollywood! That should be avoided in films We should not spread hate through our films If you are somewhere attached with Bollywood then please think about this Although there are a lot of good films too For eg…Salman khan’s “Tiger Zinda hai” Indian and Pakistani soldiers fight together for a cause That was a great message It gave me goosebumps, when I saw Indian and Pakistan’s flag unfurl at the same time So lets begin with us If we change ourselves our films will change Our politicians will change Country will change USA got independence in 1776 It took decades to reach the USA at this stage We can also do that We have to start… by doing little by little it will happen for sure Thanks a lot for your time In 2015, we lost a life in every 4 minutes in road accidents in India According to a report by WHO… The main reasons for road accidental deaths in India are: Overspeeding, Driving under influence, Overloading, driving without seat belt/helmet Our main roads and highways are not access controlled Whereas USA has a lot more automobiles than India still they have fewer road accidents than India why! People like Mr Lakhbir, who are driving on these roads for 22 years, can tell us better A lot of people in India die due to overspeeding. How about USA? US Police is very strict They issue you a ticket, cancel your driving license… DMV is Department of motor vehicle in USA, like RTO in India The test to get the driving license is very tough They ask around 100 question in the test You get only 3 chance to get qualified in a test If you don’t qualify, you have to pay the fees again and follow the procedure from the beginning After passing the test you have to undergo training Because of the tough procedure only the deserving people get the driving license in USA This is why most of the drivers in USA are aware about the traffic rules What will happen if you cross the speed limit? While issuing the first driving license you are given 4 points As you commit the first offence you will get the first ticket After repeated offenses, If you are given 4 tickets… your license is blocked it is actually put on hold you have to give the test again to get back the license The driving License in US is valid only for 5 years If you have never been issued a ticket, then you’ll get the license delivered at your home automatically Tell me something about Medical test To get a commercial driving license you need to undergo a special medical test You can approach any qualified doctor for this purpose If everything is ok, you will get the driving license for 2 years if you don’t undergo the medical test, you license is put on hold after the 2nd year hold means, you might be having the license, but it will be considered invalid so medical test after every 2 years is mandatory Another reason of accidents in India is Overloading Previously in India they used to allow to carry 9 tonne of load in a truck but now this limit may be much higher than this due to much advanced trucks in India as well How much load people used to carry in a 9 tonne truck? 20 tonnes in a 9-tonne truck!! Oh my god!! this is why their tires burst, roads are damaged, engines are seized… despite such damages, why do they do overload? Truck drivers in India have to bribe officials from Police & Transport department So to recover the loss due to this they often overload They won’t earn handsome if they follow the load limits they have to afford running costs like fuel, maintenance, etc… so they overload to make more money Now you know why they do overloading! Yes.. yes I am talking about India Mr Lakhbir wants to make it clear that he was talking about India, not USA! Wow! this container is so clean ! Before loading the container the truck is inspected thoroughly If they find even a little dirt in the truck, they will refuse to load their goods Cleanliness matters a lot Its food This container is so clean from inside Today I was carrying lettuce in my truck So how do the American system ensure that vehicles are not overloaded? I saw poles on the highways They are electronic weigh scales They can measure the load inside the running vehicle First time I saw this system in Thailand I was hitchhiking towards Chiang Mai, the northern part of Thailand The driver took the truck in the extreme corner lane but didn’t stop when asked, he said that it was an electronic weigh scale. Does not require to stop the truck to measure the load This is a device which is a part of this system Whenever the electronic weigh scale sense that a vehicle is overloaded… This device starts beeping with a red flasher then you have to take your truck to the nearest weigh scale office… which are located at regular distances on the highways They are administered directly by the government They will check your vehicle again You will be allowed if they dont find any problem but if it is overloaded, then you will have to take the extra load out of your truck you can not move further without removing the extra load then and there you have to arrange a separate vehicle to carry the extra load This is how we can use the technology to ensure the vehicles running on our highways are not overloaded After overspeeding and overloading, drunken driving is the biggest reason of road accidents in India how do they ensure this in USA? Whoever is caught drunk while driving…his/her license is confiscated on the spot. yesterday he told me an interesting thing about how the drunk drivers are caught in USA How can the common citizen contribute to this cause? Though this is the job of the police, still how can the citizens help in catching the drunk drivers In USA, they have a system for this Anyone who finds a suspicious activity on the road can inform the police how do they inform the police? they call 911 this is a fantastic system in this country one number for all kind of emergencies so you can call 911 and inform them about the suspicious vehicle and its location 911 will inform the concerned areas police this is how the concerned vehicle will be caught what is the Penalty for drunken driving ? first time, License is cancelled for 1 year with a fine of 3000 USD also have to undergo special classes if you are issued 3 tickets for drunken driving then your commercial license is impounded for the lifetime the crime rate comes down when there is a fear of heavy penalties in everyone’s mind this is not a regular travel video but I am sharing an important experience while travelling This is what I learnt from him on this trip Something unexpected happened again He is Mr Vikram Where are you from Punjab? Let me get my bags from the other truck He belongs to Taran Taran, near Amritsar in Punjab He will drop me in Philadelphia, which is closer to New York from there I can get a bus ticket to New York in just 5 USD he is probably going to reach Philadelphia today itself Now I am almost there… New York 🙂 Let me take out the bags He is going to say thanks on my behalf You please take rest now We will meet again Call me after you reach there Sure Thanks a lot Mr Lakhbir convey my thanks to Mr Preet Singh also Welcome to New York

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  1. People may call me anti national, I don't care. I love my country most but I have to admit that USA is USA. The rest of the world is one side and USA is another side. You may say they steal oil, there is no gun control, their president is a shit. Scandinavian countries may have more safety, Gulf countries may have more average income, Japan may have better technological knowledge, Germany may produce better automobiles but all together US is the best. It belongs to another league. You can feel the air of liberty, the essence of ultimate freedom. U can openly criticise national policies but no one would call u anti national or threaten u to go to Pakistan. Students marched against their own country for Vietnam war and people welcomed them warm heartedly. People feel proud of their first amendment that ensures their right of freedom of speech. America is truly the land of opportunities. Now, u can call me anti national if u are offended. Jai Hind 🙂

  2. अरे यार हमारे ढाबोंको ट्रक स्टाॅप घोषित कर देना चाहिये ।

  3. Varun this vlogs is one of your best . It brings lot of positive energy during the midst of chaos in our country today.
    Nowadays Lot of hatred , seeking political mileage for every issue, branding everyone as anti-national for saying positively ie taking a different approach. And then here you are taking a message of love & hope.Take care!

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  7. USA is the best country and you can see the Glory of wisdom of God of Bible in the invention over there as Bible is true living word of God and when you use Living word of Lord Jesus Christ, it will produce powerful things.Been India for some time and need to say its way behind and can never match up to our country because of the high corruption, orthodox, narrow minded and inferior mentality of people. Also the infrastructure is absurd and roads are dirty like Garbage. I never want to go back to India.

  8. I just love watching your video, way you explain each and very important things to be know is the best and your Hindi is clear. some time we get jealous about US, but really, only country where people from different continent live in Harmony. Love USA from India..

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