MSU Community telling us about their most memorable Holiday present! – Mustangs Minutes 3, Vol. 3

I’m still coming up with something. Awe! Ask Addy right here. Addy might know. Alright! Favorite gift in the holidays ever? My favorite gift I’ve ever like received? Ever! Oh definitely like my wagon! Cause like it can take groceries and stuff. Like I don’t have to be like the Hulk and
have all in at one sitting and it has two cup holders. Like if I have a drink. It’s awesome! So is this like a red little wagon? So it’s like one of those things, like for baseball. Have you seen those like from Academy? You can get them where it extends the
arm and then it has like four wheels and it holds up to like 150 pounds. So I put all my groceries and whatever your
moving at and it’s got two cup holders. So I can like have my drinks there. And it folds up. It folds up in my car. And you walk, oh it’s in your car? But you walk to a grocery store with this. No you can like, whenever you have your groceries
cart come out. Whenever you’re like going to like your dorm or
where ever your at in your house. Put all your groceries in there instead of
trying to like put all of them on your arm and stuff, just roll comfortably. “loud laughter” I’ve got one. My Super Nintendo. Super Nintendo? Way back in the day. It’s set up, umm, it set up my gaming. It set up kind of my life style. How I thought. Still a gamer today. That’s what happened to him. And I actually, I still, you know what. I used my gaming experience in work and in
school because it teaches you a lot of critically thinking skills. Well, I remember the most memorable gift I
got. I was probably eight or nine years old. And mom and dad bought me, we called them
track-suits back then. But, it was a red track-suit. Had the white stripe. Went down the arm and all the way down this
leg. I was so excited to get it and they had bought
us some firecrackers. So I had both pockets full of firecrackers. Oh, no! Went out in the street and that’s back when
they didn’t care how little you were. So I lit one. Went back to throw it. But, when I did, the spark fell down into the pocket. That pocket just went off and here I am jumping
around, trying to get rid of them and luckily they all blew out the pocket. So anyway my new track suit with the pocket
blown out. “Laughter” We’re you able to wear it again? No. “Laughter” Say Jeff got me some diamond earrings a couple
of years ago. So those were pretty special. That’s good enough. Diamonds are always good. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That’s good. What about you? Probably my favorite one was my Precious Moments. I collect Precious Moments. Oh good. So I have several that I’ve gotten for Christmas
through the years and they all have special meaning and I can tell you exactly where each
one came from and what the meanings are. So you have a collection? I have a collection of Precious Moments. Absolutely. Anything to declare? Oh, yes. Well, I have two. I have a…my favorite was a red rocking horse
I got and as soon the wrapping came off. I was on it all day. And then my other was a pair of red roller
skates. Cause red was it. It was all red all the time. So I wore those roller skates for years. I guess that’s it. Rocking horse and roller skates. Rockin-roll! So thank’s for tuning in to our holiday version
of Mustangs Minutes. You are my favorite gift now. Thank you for all you do for Midwestern State
and I wish you the happiest of holidays.

Stephen Childs

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