Moving to the USA: housing, credit history (Get Accepted to Your Dream University Part #14)

Stephen Childs


  1. Anything for dummies always looks great cuz it gives full understanding , thanks lovely marina

  2. Be my queen and i will build a palace for ya ,,, iam now hearing this indian song ☺😊

  3. Your channel is best ever I seen.I want to Know how to go America for job.And how to get H1B visa.

  4. Marina, can you stop being so amazing?!!!! Your tips are 100% useful, thanks

  5. You can speak english very weel, but you have no russian accentt? why? for now, i find my accent not good or beautiful! 🙁

  6. Marina, you are awesome! It is great that you brought up the health insurance topic. I am a a health insurance expert in California. Would love to collaborate with you.

  7. U r awesome!how can u think of such smart different topics every day and elaborate on them??!!!wow!😊

  8. Big cities such as boston new york san francisco chicago etc studio apartments are super expensive over 25000 dollars per year including living costs

  9. Coming to usa in february silicon valley for 1 week as part of my mba elective course for entrepreneurship. Hope to meet you there

  10. Oh my God you look just like Shakira, no no you're Catherine Zeta

  11. Poor people have no right to get to the USA. They should visit other countries.

  12. Hello teacher how are you? Hello teacher excellent video in English, thanks for sharing this video you have very nice voice congratulations

  13. what's the meaning of dummy? I cannot find a good explanation from the dictionary to fit the 'dummy' in the title.

  14. Anyone think there might be product placement going on with the T-shirt? 😀

  15. Am i the only person who gets annoyed by her frequent smiles? 🤔😤😑

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  17. I want to be software engineer in USA. i'm a foreign English student. the best way is study English a lot and pass in the TOEFL test than join in a software engineer/computer science community college and get my opt and try to get hired by some company?

  18. 🔥🔥🔥
    Are there people who want to improve their SPEAKING english? Let is do it together 😉👍🏻

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  20. someone can be my friend? I need improve my English written…

  21. You are looking too cool& pretty mam thanks for your every inspirational video😊

  22. Happy to see u pretty gal💐….. When ever I feel like asking you something….. There comes your video…. LOVE you sooo much Dr Marina!❤…. From SHRUTHI

  23. Marina, it would be great if you could make some videos about references people make in their conversation that you won't understand even if you know English very well cause you need cultural context. For example, phrases from movies like 'show me the money'. Would be also great to see 20 movies you need to watch that every American watched!

  24. Marina, Have you ever been thinking ab coming to Viet Nam?

  25. Actually I had no idea what I've to do because I'm the only one kid in my family so sometime I think I can't leave my family alone here in Indonesia but I have plan for next couple of years after I graduated from my college probably I want to work for a while in my country and after that I go to America and looking for some experiences like a jobs, vacation, etc

  26. Marina, first of all thank you very much for your useful videos. Which test is preferred for an MBA program- GRE or GMAT?

  27. What a perfect video. You completely covered everything for a starter. I hope this would be a little bit earlier so it would help me to figure out all the stuff covered here. Altough I am in US for a while and I highly recommend to follow her advice.

  28. Hey marina please stop being this much cute if no I'll fall in love with you .😉😉

  29. Привет) Спасибо большое за твои влоги, мне они очень помогают в изучении английского
    Вы с Веней делали не одно видео про времена и у меня вопрос. Что если попробовать обьяснить именно русским зрителям времена на примере одного предложения? То есть написать его во всех 12 временах с подробным переводом на русский, если это возможно. Мне кажется такая аналогия очень поможет разобраться и больше никогда не путаться какое время когда использовать) буду благодарна за ответ, ты лучшая 🙂

  30. Marina, you are wonderful!! thanks for this English videos . I would like to watch your russian channel but I cannot understand nothing , greetings from Nicaragua

  31. Actually mam I hope u read it actually I am an intermediate second year student.actually, I want to prepare for my IELTS to move to Australia but I just didn't have confidence in me to attend it because I am lack in my speaking writing everything and I didn't have any experience in communication with unknown people so I think u understood my problem I need a video on it or just send me a reply mam plss

  32. Hey everyone!
    I guess, the best way to improve English is to practice and have conversation with someone. Isn't it?
    Talk to me @skype. My skype id is shubhamptw. Hope to see you there.

  33. Hello Maam …Thank u so much..your thinking power is very good ….Your sessions always help in my study …love from India

  34. Я не знаю английский ну тебя очень хочу понимать на нем,ты очень мотивируешь спасибо тебе учу медленно

  35. Thanks so much for taking a time and do all this videos for us.

  36. Good evening, Marina, your lessons are awesome and superb, but, can you write what a song do you use at origin of video?) TVM

  37. First of all i need your whatsapp number
    Can you give me your whatsapp number ?

  38. Marina I’m new to your channel and let me tell you that your videos are amazing thanks for your help I’m a Spanish speaker learning English and for me is easy to understand everything in your videos because your accent is so cool and easy to understand greetings from Texas.

  39. Hi, Marina I hope once you’ll make video how to find first job in the US 🙂

  40. Hey mam can pls tell at 2:40 you use word ridiculous , what does that 🅷🅴🆈 🅼🅰🅼 🅲🅰🅽 🅿🅻🆂 🆃🅴🅻🅻 🅰🆃 2:40 🆈🅾🆄 🆄🆂🅴 🆆🅾🆁🅳 🆁🅸🅳🅸🅲🆄🅻🅾🆄🆂 , 🆆🅷🅰🆃 🅳🅾🅴🆂 🆃🅷🅰🆃 🅼🅴🅰🅽

  41. Best channel eveer pleasee more videoos abt moving out to the U.S love from moroccoo 🇲🇦

  42. She is actually amazing Inspiration❤The only Truely You tuber to help out people ❤

  43. Thank you so much Marina you're amazing …thanks a lot for your help…i want to ask about something …I'm from Algeria ..i'm first year student of electronics and electrical engineering ..i study in english …our institute is the only one in algeria that teaches in english because all other institutes and universities teaches in french…do you think that i can be accepted because i have this advantage plus my academic work and projects in my first year …tofel and other diplomas…do you think i have a chance ?? because sometimes i back off and say i will never be accepted ..

  44. Marina you are a bautyful, you vidio is the best. I m Timor leste country. Thanks

  45. Marina please can you explain about the paper documents which we have to do to get there

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