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What happened? Nobody has come to play holi; I had called all my friends They may be on their way We have come, Happy Holi Patlu brother. Heyyy it is holi, don’t feel bad it is holi!!! You have called us to play holi, what arrangement you have done? Don’t worry, everything is planned well, you will remember it always! Friends, brothers, sisters, ladies and gentlemen, I have organized a holi function, You will get food,drinks,ice cream,tea,snacks,cold drinks and there will be a music DJ also, everything will be free, come and enjoy Let us play holy at John’s house. We will get only samosas at Motu’s place, John has arranged for many things, even music has been arranged, isn’t it friends Yes of course, when John has arranged everything free, then we have to give him an opportunity to become good person Oh, my god, stop, stop It is impossible John to become a good person, impossible, just impossible, he is acting Come on, let us go to John’s house, I think it will be more fun there Oh god my uniform, nobody will put colors on me, I am on duty, I have to change my uniform now Since you are going to change, then why not play nicely Happy Holi Happy Holi Hey Motu, why is it so silence here, why are you all looking so sad? Big brother, I had called you to play holi here, But John has arranged a music DJ, sweets, ice cream, tea and snacks, and attracted everybody towards him. Boohhh our holi celebration has ruined Oh lord so many things John has arranged, let me also go and play holi with John and come Stay here or else don’t ever talk to us Hey, looking at this, people will definitely come here to play holi with us. This is a rain color machine; my machine will pour colored water and balloons from the sky What? Did you mean, this machine will pour colors and balloons from the sky, how is possible, show us Motu, what have you done, heyyyy Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Who are you both? What are you doing here? We both, we are both This is we, I am both, I mean this is Motu and I am Patlu, no no I am Patlu, and he is Motu Oh sorry, he means, he is Motu, and I am Patlu, and we have come to wish you happy holi, isn’t it Motu Yes, yes, we have come to wish you happy holi Cloud, thunder, lightning, water Look, first time somebody has come to play holi with us, this is Motu Patlu, play holi with them yay!! Hey its holi, today is holi, don’t feel bad What is this happening, we throw colors on holi and not lightningggggg But we have only this to throw Heyy mummyyy pappaaaa uncleeee uncleeee Heyyy my uniform has spoiled again; mummmyyy how can be on duty Ha ha ha happy holi, it is a festival of holi Motu Patlu, today is not a Diwali festival, why are you playing with the crackers? today is a holi, let us play with colors Happy holi Motu Patlu Brother boxer happy holi we are going to spray colors from the sky, and even balloons will be sprayed from the sky, don’t go anywhere, be here and watch You think I am a fool, that anything you say I will believe you, go to the sky first and check if there is any color Chingam sir help!!!!! Oh god!!!! where are you taking me Motu uncle is come, Patlu uncle is come, lets us play holi They have come with a friend; you can play with him too Heyyyyy it is holi, its holy, it is the festival of holi oh god help what is happening, aaahhh ohhhhhh heyyyy don’t burn my uniform, I am on duty. Stop stop in the name of law heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Heyyy Motu, why are you after my machine, if it breaks then there won’t be any color coming from the sky It is all because of your machine that we went up and got burnt twice, they hit with a lightning and says don’t feel bad it is holi today, this is not a good machine, Everything is useless, only lightning comes from the sky and not colors Oh lord, what is happening? I don’t know, Motu had hit with a stick on this machine, and so it is spoiled I think Dr Jhatka, look colors are pouring from the sky, big brother you are genius This has happened because of you, Motu, it is due to your stick Come, lets us call everybody Look at our party we have colors pouring out from the sky, sweets, samosas and balloons are also pouring from the sky Let us all play holi together Wow, come let us go, we haven’t seen such a beautiful thing Stop stop, some peoples pocket is left Ooppps That means you were robbing from everybody’s pocket He will never learn, hit him Motu, John is not fit to play holy with people here, send to up in the sky to play holi More people have come to play heyyy it holy, let us play holy heyyyyyyy Help help!!!! what kind of holi is this? Somebody tell us Wow boss wow, what a poetry Forget the poetry and keep running

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