Most Expensive House I Ever Lived in USA! $500,000 (₹3.5 Cr)

hey guys today I want to share that I am
living in the most expensive house of my life Muslim is house it cost around five
hundred thousand dollars and the daily rent the mother B Airbnb s so the daily
rent of this house is four hundred dollars per day that is equivalent or
even more than my monthly apartment will and in downtown Atlanta October as you
say I live in in a living room that’s my apartment so this is like a renters
house so we got it on Airbnb four hundred dollars per day can we
imagine Vinnie Giada and this house is owned by an actor named Karl so he was
featured in TV series of it happening or TV series they hear the name is Walking
Dead so who’s Walking Dead series man he was an actor and the first thing before
entering the house you will see is a graveyard so that’s the graveyard maja
peak soldier kid authority so the significance of this graveyard is that
the soldier is protecting the house from any harm or danger so this this makes
this house even more important than it is actually is so now let’s walk in side
the house so the moment you entered the house you
will see Said’s true so hi sage how can you be in the video ok can you come down ok two thousand
years later so this is the same through and hi sage so this is like a bunk bed
so one bed is here and one that is all the way up and that’s pretty cool
so thank you so much sage oh you can open the book bed oh wow so there’s a
drawer so you can store something and make it double bed or something like
that oh that’s pretty cool and that’s the own mirror for clothes etc so next
thing along the way is laundry area so Gabi included that this was
complementary in the rent so what lovely Tony for Complementary so this is washer
that’s dryer and that’s the place to hang some clothes etc and this is
laundry bag so now let’s move on further and on this side this is rest room and
this is master bedroom moving on after the laundry area we have bathroom so
this is bathroom number one and this is the shower place and the next thing you
will see is master bedroom which is right here let me turn on the lights so
this is pretty cool Wow the wallpaper and paint is amazing and
then the fan is also amazing and then this is dressing table actually study
table and here you have outlets outlets and below moving on we have more outlets
place to keep tops etc and then here is the bathroom
so master bathroom so here I think this is coating Anadarko projector no sorry
this bathroom wrong I’m so sorry so this is master bathing area bathing tub
dressing area and this is also cool and then our drawers that this is amazing
and here also okay and this is the place to put clothes some made ours they made
let me turn on the lights for the coffee Berta
Thanks yep so this is dressing 83 amp is Room with Clothes all over. Here as well Nani is praying. Hello Grandmother Usually the room is messy. Nani cleaned it just for the video Nani cleaned it just for the video. I am sorry Nani. an EQ 30 and outlets on both sides my
macbook pro charger this is the place to put clothes. Nani is asking me not to show this area. But I’ll show you anyway guys don’t rock it out up there I had a
nanny packing gotta Bob City and he came from California so this is pretty cool
as well now let’s move on to just room that is upstairs so hi des so this is picture of Carl and
this is a place to sit some mess so this is also soft welcome bed so you can make
it convert into a double bed so two people can sleep here this is air
purifier his laptop outlets and place to put coats so now let’s move on and this
is a this is other room attached to it oh yeah so there’s no bathroom but this
other room so now then we switch could be killed sick then we can play even ps4
but we don’t have that with them cause Vinnie a technically pellet ah
so now let’s prove here I’m not sure what is here I think this is also a
place to keep clothes maybe there’s a light here I’m sorry so
for this is your happy let’s move on yep so moving on another picture from
Walking Dead and yeah so that’s just reminded me we forgot about one spot so
that is another room actually so this is the place where you can put we can we
even hide during high dancing with lips to pinch of I hate time coffee comma
here Jigga this is gonna be pretty useful
let’s close this I’m sorry let’s close this so bye – thank you so much
mm-hmm after Josh room we have another bathroom on the way so this is bathroom
without bathtub yep exactly and some drawers also in the bathroom
there is one special thing is that you will see characters from the movie
Walking Dead displayed in the bathroom itself wow this is Carl and another
character from the we’re getting the other Carl that’s pretty cool so moving
on we have dining table and that’s my laptop and that’s also Carl’s wallpaper
or you know keygen there profollica cutaway car I think
statue statue here Carl statue and this is a private space I think that
they’re life-sized statue of perfect and this is a private space I think this is
apparently but they haven’t they don’t allow us to enter there because I think
they have some things kept inside and this is kitchen so Carl crimes rinds
perfect so this is kitchen so this stove is pretty powerful and this is just like
the one we have in India but supper but only difference is that lighter gives
your ethnic worth either and moving on in the kitchen we have shelves so this
is like a pretty common kitchen Co difference near normal kitchen and
bananas and then also we have dishwasher here this is like brand-new dishwasher
I think coffee more than I this and trash can boxes so this is something
that I posted on Instagram this con set up Quincy remember as I go so now moving
on we have refrigerator on the side hold on sorry so this is pretty cool
refrigerator you have food Bernadine initially and this is freezer
and some well Mira’s above the fridge and below as well and after the kitchen
we have play area so this is another video game foosball table another video
game over there and that I called pictures I think his photographs on a
frame and here also this is called but the funny thing is he called kita throw
here in Walking Dead series in season 8 but he’s actually a live in real life
and this is the main entrance for guess a cheer and welcome yep so from the main
entrance this is the look that’s couch main TV just room and it looks somewhat
like this from this angle so now I’m back I’ll take the overall
you could kasnia that about love it’s even congested it’s not that huge either
the only reason it’s expensive is because it’s owned by an actor or
specially Joey Muslim TV series keV and I Walking Dead series they would love to
see him as like a cycle that gets there so that’s why they are willing to pay
$400 a night all day so here this is the dining table again the what the VIP
event which they will just shoot GP and if you also want to look at the backyard
the Muslim Yahweh Lana and here we have a basketball court so much love
basketball kills it feel and this lawn is maintained by the owner how many
quids are finding here no need to push here and now moving on
so you hampi will have a guard from last time in the bank but i don’t believe me
after problem there they’re like way too many and I think they will fix it soon
but they were way too many ants and that’s where I get up so much may eat
any fish of every Bihar ona was for bikini IRT that’s the biggest corner of
this house and other thing I want to share is that usually we bring all the
trash una solder – from Mahara whopping trash can at the marble up there or what
Rick repair or every Monday someone comes in a truck to collect that and
that’s the trash chute some of them are perfect there or maybe apartment or like
section Thurber ERP rosewood live commander me all there’s no thuggy you
are usually coming every war if they the wanted that could be outnumbered
okay when they give you odds in there from when they were collecting so that’s
the house thank you so much for watching and we will see you guys in the next

Stephen Childs


  1. Bro Now in Hyderabad u can't even get a well occupied & spacious independent house for this price….

  2. Those comparing Mumbai with Atlanta. Atlanta is one of the more affordable cities in US. In San Francisco or NYC or LA, you cannot get anything for $500k. You can get nice flat in Mumbai for that amount.If you want to compare home prices in Cuffe Parade then compare it with upper east side Manhattan! Not Atlanta!!

  3. The name of the series is walking dead , and there is a graveyard a metre away💀

  4. Mtlb hadd hai. Tumhe gulam samjhe ya inferiority complex se grasit ya dono? Kabar ke sath ghar auspicious ho gya waah beta. Paschim desh ke liye pagalpan. Cosmetics ki duniya 4 pal he achhi lgti hai. Apna desh he sabse achha hai.

  5. Indian property is mafia controlled. Builder politician nexus. It's inflated than usual

  6. Bro tuc apne ghar da saara view de rhe ho, chora nu asaani ho jayegi.
    Baaki USA da pta nhi Punjab vich eh dangerous hai.

  7. Just a clarification. Carl grimes is the name of the character played by Chandler Riggs. The Church House is decorated with "Carl" art given to Chandler Riggs by his fans. The home is owned by Chandler's family and is a renovated church, originally built in 1890. It has been transformed into a modern functioning three-bedroom home with a gourmet kitchen and plenty of space and entertainment for up to nine guests. Greatt Vlog!

  8. My father is building a house in new delhi for us which costs about 1 million

  9. this house reminds me of a haunting tv show on discovery channel, childhood memories

  10. your lil giggles in the video are cute lol n I love tht everyone was so tired nd sleepy but u was so full of energy 🙂

  11. Only 3.5 cr come and buy this much big house in Uttar Pradesh Lucknow or Gorakhpur it will cost nearly 4 to 6 cr.

  12. I don’t know why Indian guys show there personal stuffs . Bro Ur showing ur every corner of the house which is not gud related to ur security. I understand ur motive of making video but it’s not essential show ur every corner of the house . If u have courage show ur Indian house .

  13. hello brother im from india please tell how can i apply for job either internship in usa current im doing internship in cyber security suggest me some idea and give me some guidlines

  14. ₹28000 per day..dammn this insanely..wtf
    Even per month in india recognise ld to be very expensive

  15. This guy reminds me of Nas.Always smiling and always making watchable content 👍😊

  16. Bro come on yar I'm big fan of Carl nd Rick I literally love his character, Rick nd also Daryl amazed to see this man.. Thanks💕

  17. We cannot even find 2bkh Condo for 500k in bay area… Minimum starts 1 million

  18. Jass don't give a fuck & you just gave such a big spoiler for someone who might be watching walking dead and didn't reach season 8

  19. These days you would not even find cheap places in rural India. You probably won’t even get a flat in proper mumbai kolkata or Delhi.

  20. Bro why u r paying 30k ?? I mean u r saving so much then u r here spending 30 k per day

  21. Are bhai jab kisi ke house ya apartment ki video banata hai tab agar un logo ko pasand na ho toh mat banaya kar. Yuhi logo ki privacy invade kar raha hai. Bichari woh ladki and dadi maa and woh another ladka sab ke sab unconfirtable ho gaye. Bina puche ghuse ja raha. Atleast knock the door. 🙄

  22. Yes this is expensive but you should look for prices in SF bay area and LA..those are really crazy! 😀

  23. Accha Kiya Tumne US se shift kiya👍 India stops importing brilliant people to US and starts sending dumb people like you🙏 Hindustan zindabad!!!

  24. That's called standee not life size statue of Carl and there is difference between toilet and bathroom. Bathroom is where you shower and toilet is where you relief yourself 😂. Anyway your videos are best and your determination is of highest level salute you from Pakistan.

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  28. 1:40
    "you can open the bun….
    you can open the bed"

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