Most DANGEROUS Waterslides EVER Created!

From designs that boggle the mind, to others
that were shut down soon after opening, join me, as I reveal the 8 most dangerous waterslides
in the world. 8. Black Hole
Ah, what a better way to start off this list than with a waterslide that actually sounds
like a death trap! Now, there are many water parks that have
a slide called the Black Hole (I had my own personal embarrassing tragedy happen on one
of them actually), but the one I am speaking of is in Orlando, Florida at the Wet N’
Wild Water Park. Now, this slide, like many others on this
list, have a history of being rather abusive to its riders. But some are just worse than others. One man was actually struck by something in
the slide, and this left him basically paralyzed from the legs down. He sued and got almost two million dollars
due to damages. But that’s just the beginning of it all. Multiple people have filed suit not just because
the ride has a habit of knocking people off of their inner tubes, but there have been
documented cases of people colliding in the slide itself. How does that happen? Well, the slide is long, and takes over 23
seconds to complete. But, the people at the park send people down
every 20 seconds. This leads to a lot of problems, and a lot
of collisions. So if you go to the Wet N’ Wild Water Park…do
as most astronauts do…stay away from black holes. 7. Shoot The Rapids
Before I go into details on this one, you need some context. This slide made it onto this list because
of a mechanical malfunction that almost created a disaster. It was not a design flaw like many other rides
on this list. Now you know. Cedar Point Park is one the most beloved amusement
parks in the United States, especially in the midwest. Tens of thousands flood to the park every
year, and that means the rides get a lot of abuse from the wear and tear, and that’s exactly
what happened with the ride Shoot The Rapids. This ride was one of those massive raft rides
where you and nine other people were fastened into a raft that had you go down a stream
and then down a massive slide at the end. But, to get to that part, you had to get hitched
to a rail and then go up the hill. Unfortunately for ten people, that rail hitch
broke part way up, and the people were basically dropped back down in a free fall. To make matters worse, the raft flipped, pinning
all the people inside of it to the ground and leaving them face down in water with no
air. Thankfully for all, there were people nearby
who rushed to their rescue, and saved them before anyone was killed. There were injuries though, and to this day,
this incident goes down as one of the worst incidents in water ride history. Technically wasn’t the parks fault because
parts break unexpectedly, but many people accused them of not maintaining the ride properly. And now for number 6, but first, be sure to
subscribe if you are new here!! We have lots of new videos coming up. And let us know your water park experience
in the comments below!! 6. The Aqua Sphere
The Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Center is home to a ride known as the Aqua Sphere, and
it’s not hard to see how it got the name with those massive sphere popping out in certain
places. Side note, there are a lot of slides that
have “aqua” in the title. Why? Are they struggling to come up with good names
for the rides? Or are they just trying to be super clear
about what the ride entails? Anyway, let’s move on. This is one ride you might hesitate a second
before getting on. This ride has had issues for years with injuries. Apparently, the long twists and turns have
a tendency to throw people around. To the extent that they get seriously injured. One absolutely terrible case had a young child
thrown so hard against the slide that he fell unconscious, and then drifted to the bottom
of the slide where he was basically lifeless. He miraculously survived, but the incident
was enough to shut the ride down to find out what exactly went on. Maybe even more puzzling, this wasn’t even
the first time someone had gotten injured on the ride, it was just one of the more severe
cases of injuries. Even during the testing of the ride, yes,
the TESTING, of the ride, there were injuries reported by the test group. Which begs the question, how was this ride
open to the public when the tests of the ride showed there would be injuries? I am surprised they were willing to risk a
lawsuit. I guess they figured people still want the
thrill!! 5. The Aqua Loop
Loops are a key attraction at both amusement parks and water parks. But the main problem with designing a ride
with loops is that if you don’t get enough speed, you’re not going around it. This is what happened with one woman in Australia
who rode The Aqua Loop. Now, to be fair, the ride hasn’t had too many
complaints, and it was designed and tested to ensure that you got enough speed to go
up and over so you could go back down. But as you know, “there’s a one in a million
chance…” And that chance ended up being a woman in
2012. Something, it’s not clear what, happened to
her so that she honestly couldn’t get enough speed. So when she got near the top of the loop,
she didn’t have enough momentum to continue. She fell right back down the way she came,
injuring her shoulder in the process. The problem she then faced was that she couldn’t
go back up to continue the ride, and she also couldn’t go back up the way she came. She was stuck. Thankfully, there was an escape hatch that
let her get out, but the fear and pain were still very much on her mind. She ended up suing the park because of the
incident. Wouldn’t you? 4. The Verrückt
Part of the fun of going on a waterslide is seeing the way it’s designed. Since it’s a park, it’s meant to incite feelings
of awe and wonder of what going on the different slides will be like. But, since they are competing to be cool and
cause excitement, it can have some bad side effects, including death. Case in point, the The Verrückt located at
Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City. A slide that was actually taller than the
Statue of Liberty. Think about that for a second, I’ll wait. Terrified? Same here. On one hand, I could imagine the thrill of
going up that high and seeing the world look so small beneath me, and then the rush of
getting to the bottom and then having a good nervous laugh once I’m at the bottom. But, if there’s any issue at all with the
ride, it could claim a life. And that’s exactly what happened. In 2016, a young boy got on the ride, and
didn’t make it. Because of the incident, the slide is going
to be demolished. The owners of the park and the designer of
the ride have been charged with second degree murder. 3. Streamer Slide
When it comes to waterslides, there are two ways to go down. One, is bare body, which is standard in most
slides. The other is by inner tube, which can be solo
or in tandem depending on the ride. In regards to the tubes, there’s always a
danger of not holding on and losing them. But the truly dangerous waterslides are the
ones that make those tubes flip with you in it. For example, in The Calypso Water Park, located
in Ottawa Canada, there was a waterslide known simply as the Streamer Slide. It was a simple enough creation, it gave you
an inner tube and sent you on your way. Nothing wrong with that, right? Wrong! This slide had a notorious habit of causing
the tubes to flip, injuring tons of people!! In fact, so many were injured that 20 different
lawsuits were brought against the park. Although some were dropped when the trial
came around, the park was found guilty in 6 of them. One of the worst injuries by far was when
a woman broke two vertebrae in her back! The worst part of it all though was that after
these injuries happened, the park didn’t report them! They just continued with business as usual. And as maybe the biggest slap in the face,
the ride is still there. 2. Aqua Nova Adventure Pool
This one is actually really terrifying, and not even in the way you’d expect but it
needs to be said. You go on waterslides to have fun, to enjoy
the water park and hang out in the pool. It’s great, except when the ending dangerous,
especially for women. The Aqua Nova Adventure Pool is located in
Sweden, a place known for its beauty and peace. Yet, in the pool that had people playing in
it or people arriving at the end of their waterslide adventures, many women and girls
found an unpleasant experience. This park is notorious for groups of men hanging
out there, waiting to abuse women and girls at the bottom of the rides. Not only the water park but Sweden’s public
pools in general have become dangerous places known for assault. While the government has ordered parks not
to report certain things, especially the ethnicity or religion of those who cause problems in
the pool for fear of spreading hatred and fear among society. Men and women in Sweden have been swimming
together in public pools for over 100 years but sadly women are now afraid of going. The media is only able to refer to this problem
as “youth gangs”, groups of 10-20 men who disrupt the water parks and threaten patrons. 1. Cannonball Loop
Ok, this one had to be at the top of the list. Now, yes, it’s not “in” the world anymore,
but it was for a month, and from start to finish this waterslide was not only dangerous,
it was potentially lethal, and yet the people who made it and ran the park didn’t care. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you…the
Cannonball Loop. This abomination of good sense was located
in 1985 at Action Park of Vernon Township. If the look of the slide doesn’t give you
pause, then you need to study some science. But if that’s still not enough, take a look
at the park itself. Action Park of Vernon Township actually had
a very dark history of abusing their customers (via their rides and slides). And there had actually been 6 recorded deaths
at the park, with many other people being seriously injured. Yet, did this stop them from making the most
dangerous water slide ever? NOPE! The problem with the Cannonball Loop is the
loop itself. Now, yes, roller coaster rides and certain
other amusement park rides have loops in them, but that’s because they have enough speed
to get you going fast enough to take the loop smoothly. The Cannonball Loop didn’t have that. Even with the long buildup, it was a guarantee
that people would get hurt. Yet, they didn’t care, and they did whatever
they could to get people on the slide. Reports even came out that they bribed their
own park workers with $100 to ride the ride. The brave few that did wouldn’t go on it again. What’s worse, the actual customers who went
on the ride sometimes got stuck at the top of the loop, and an escape hatch had to be
put in to ensure they could get out safely. Still not enough? Well, the construction of the waterslide made
it so that sand could pool at the bottom of the slide, so anyone who went down it would
get scratched by the sand, and the slide would have to be closed down for cleaning. Thankfully for everyone, the slide was closed
down a month after opening. Although most ironically of all, the park
itself lasted for another 11 years, finally closing down in 1996. Thanks for watching! Have you ever tried any of these waterslides? Did you survive without injury? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to subscribe and see you next time!

Stephen Childs


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