MOST AWKWARD and CRINGEWORTHY Auditions from The X Factor UK and USA | X Factor Global

Hi, my name is honey gee and I’m a genuine urban artist different, you know, keep it real and down down That’s that’s what I’m down with Kenny G. Are they G? Yeah, I love it. Bring it on. Let’s do this I won’t wait any longer game them? Yeah that way yeah Hi How are you wonderful, how are you good? Thanks survivin Okay. What is your name? My name is honey. Gee honey. Gee sweet like honey. Gee, so what’s your real name? Anna Georgette’s Guildford and howdy I’m 35 and where you’re from North Weezy Northwest London in herre. Okay, North Weezy. Yes. They’re representing de haro At the moment. I’m representing for the X Factor massive at the moment. Okay, honey. Gee, um Good luck. Have fun. Okay H to the O to the end to the each of the whites the G It’s honey, G H to the O to the end to the e to the white the G It’s honey G when I say honey, you say gee honey, Jean honey gay when I say honey, you say gee, honey Gee, honey, check. It’s a wreck it let’s begin party on party people. Let me hear some noise honey G’s in the house Let me hear some noise Let me hear some noise I need a glass of water if you If you got a big let me search it If your flight gal get your nails done get a pedicure get your dude yes. Yes Sharon yes darling. I never knew you were this urban stuff So would you say guys I don’t know What does your mom think about this some of my tracks have got swearing on them My mum doesn’t like that but apart from that she’s down with me make her stop, you know My having a nervous breakdown over there. I was so uncomfortable that Shouldn’t happen You shouldn’t be doing that Come on guys you got filming did you say we have to feel you? Yeah, you don’t want to feel you I felt you and I don’t want to feel you again continue with it, Nicole Did you enjoy Ewan? Yeah, I was really feeling I was feeling it. Thank you. I loved it Please please just end. Oh we go to vote Sean yes or no Honey I’m going to say, yes, thank you so much Simon I’m not included Good make your own mind up honey Jeep Because I love him so much would you say I must say yes Sorry guys that we’ve got problem with the first fantastic she’s feeling a little sick our stage we’ve got a leader I’m gonna start taking my shoes off. I’m gonna bring some I’m gonna either sometimes just be comfortable Are you feeling now? You want some water or something? My name is Cody charm, I’m 48 years old and I’m originally from Hong Kong. I work as a Tai Chi instructor Actually, I’m very tired because last night I wasn’t feeling well well I couldn’t sleep I was throw up because my lost my voice would be I have some medicines be ready for this one I’d worry but I will try my best to do it. I want it very much when I was little girl I always you know, look at the Mueller and pretend I’m singing I think I am born to be a star. I can be as big as Tina Turner People will watch me people will listen me I think I’m unique Gaudi is unique. I Don’t pay any debt. You see some body like me before Hi, what’s your name? My name’s Cody Joe. Yeah Are you from the area I originate from hong kong and I base in the northwest now, sorry I’m not feeling quite well today. I’m trying my best. Okay? Yeah, are you suffering with nerves? Are you not not very well? I have some medicine. Oh now I was throw up a few times so on Ok in that case you can step back from there No, I won’t do that. Yeah. How old are you by the way can I ask half century gone already? Yes Nothing artificial is all genuine Wow You go girl. Sorry. Ok. Should we hear you sing? Yes, I’m gonna sing copper Bell Ok, what good luck. What is you want to go to Surrey? What me wait up about Copper Bell What is that so cuppa Bell No one But these Dante’s another thing down Nothing down letting down Or things done thing. It does a ding ding da ding dong so gonna eat that ding ding de Ja vu shumwald when the Chunkin a child Oh Oh My shoe, so do you know what it’s been a long time since I’ve had a stranger’s lac round by now You have the second song I want to see that ready for you I love this girl Hello, oh yeah, what’s your name? My name is Scott Wilkes 22 years old and I live in Birmingham Do you know that’s one of my favorite accents? I love a Brummie accent I do. Who do you admire whose career? Do you look at and think this is me This is who I want to be in 10 years. It’s quite a few dislike the likes of Elvis Presley He likes it Robbie Williams The may I love the swing stuff Let’s do swing you want to hear some swing Let’s go that is not many puns stand up on his shirt Okay, it’s how you feeling so far feeling good Down here feeling good. I might come down there beautiful. Okay Oh Me and mrs. John You like that we got Going on Now we both know that is her on Mice much too strong To let it go. Nah Great question for all the eighties theme and give me shit to save myself Are you sure? Say louder Wait stop let me shower one of the family. Yeah, sure Thank you, thank you very much it amazing Thank you And you are connected with a K and your family, yeah You’re the mother. I am mom. What are you gonna say Waterfalls by TLC take it away Do you rehearse at home? Do you live near an airport? Ever heard yourself say I Think that if it’s something that you guys really want to do then you should do it without your mom I Can hear you Jonny? What’s your name? Noni, right, I could mend any right? Oh, honey Hi, Oh, Melanie you and pow pow like gloves yes, I Love your gloves. I love you. Mama. You got your fingers to show and I like that blue light you dress. Yes Where you from? I’m from Crofton, Maryland Okay, and how are you done in I’m 48 will be 49 next week. Great. You look good What do you do for the day you were I’ve been a paralegal about 28 years Okay, and why been anine now have you decided to enter show like this? Well, because I’ve been waiting for that opportunity I’ve been preparing for years since I was about three or four years old. So 46 years effectively. Yes for a moment like this Okay, Melanie, what are you gonna sing babe I was gonna sing titanium by David Curie Okay, good luck, all right. Thank you Loud but I can’t hear a word you said I’m talking I’m nothing to lose Sorry Melody why did you choose that song? You know what it was like finding out Cinderella works at the Playboy Mansion Right that you you’re not what you seem you understand what I’m trying to say You

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