Morten Aid – Solving the World’s Problems … Next Holiday

Morten came out with the idea… to help every person in the world… He will reach out in every continent… to fight poverty through… handing out ice-cream and … biscuits? Morten will come to every distant place… where there are poor people in need… personally – handing out stuff… to make earth – a better place…. Morten Aid – at the doorstep of poor people Are the world ready? Morten Aid Solving the World’s Problems… Next Holiday…

Stephen Childs

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  1. I think I have to join… the next holiday (where to?). If not to solve all world's problems, at least to get some snacks, candy and ice cream for myself (better solve ones own problem, before everyone elses)! And if no problems solved, at least a good laughter is said to prolong ones life!

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