Montblanc Happy Holiday 2018 #whatsonyourlist | David Paul Kay

Art work is never finished because it
keeps making you wonder it keeps going to Places it doesn’t stop. It moves.
Sometimes I get asked why black and white? Why don’t you use color?
Thanks to this project I am developing Myself and I’m moving myself forward My name is David Paul Kay and I’m a visual
artist living and working In New York City I was given an honour to actually have my
own signature colors now, and that’s a Very rewarding experience there’s two
parts of the process the part where the Idea is born but the execution which is
the second part is a very key part of The whole process and that’s when the
craftsmanship comes in. R3solutions is an Interactive piece that consists of three
wooden panels painted in three colors black white and red but it doesn’t stop
with me it is for the audience to complete. They will write in their wishes
and what a better way to put your wish Out there into the universe than actually
writing it on the surface and making it part of the artwork

Stephen Childs


  1. I wish to get a Mont Blanc writing instrument for my birthday this year!

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