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  1. Take the top 200 miles of Mexico and give it to the Central American refugees. Just desserts.

  2. If whites lived on the moon, Blacks, Latinos and Muslims would form caravans to the moon.

  3. I understand.
    They are fleeing crime and violence.
    Problem is, they also bring crime and violence with them.
    They are the source.

  4. Why do Latinos want to sooooo desparately live with racist whites?

  5. They need to turn around and protest against their OWN COUNTRY ! Their not our problem and im HAPPY Trump stopped aide to all 3 countries !

  6. The LEGAL way, was to stop at the first country they ENTERED into, illegally. That is Asylum. The American tax payer is the world's sugar daddy. And it will not end well. Telcome to the next third world. Your neighborhood will be Bangladesh or and African village.

  7. CNN sucks they always find a woman & kid to interview. Go find the dam thugs just out of camera sight behind you. We don't want illegals here.

  8. If you cannot see the crisis at the border you are blind or extremely stupid, the Democrats new voting base that's all they see it as assholes…

  9. They will have less pay, why should you be paid more. They are the reason for small wages, high taxes. We can't take all the illegals. Legal migrants who have legally arrived in the United States are welcome .

  10. just wait and i will make my wall more higher that people cant climb in my wall to enter the united states

  11. Shoot at the men, run them off and keep only good looking MILF's and daughters for yourself.

  12. I don't know y they can't stay in Mexico and make it great…πŸ™‰

  13. I don't understand,why they just talk about the border ,they need to stop giving illegals ,aid,i'ds,jobs, until they come the right way ,or don't come at all ,fine company's that hire them

  14. Another woman coming here to have her baby so she can get on welfare! Then she will just keep having more because it gets her more and more food stamps, money and housing!! I’ve seen it over and over again!

  15. My ancestors fought to make this country free. They should do the same. We may have to do the same.

  16. CNN is twisting the womes words, the women never said her children were threatened. SHE SAID HER HUSBAND WAS THREATENED, her husband must be competing in selling drugs.

  17. Maybe if they knew sneaking into a country that they are asked not too meant no free food(fs) No emergency shelter, No pity, and a ticket back to another part of mexico where they are safe they would stop.
    They break into this country and get the treated as equal with African Americans, sometimes better..If I knew Mexico would treat me better than some of its own citizens I would go too! Americans that work 5 days a week and barley affording rent only get a few dollars in foodstamps. Meanwhile they come here and get 1000 for all them kids. and make thousands in illegal money. once they are stable they open car shops etc and America is more eagar to give them opportunities then its own citizens because of there skin color.
    America? You are very confused because you hate your own citizens and treat them based on color, thats why you didnt even see this coming. you only notice now because they are starting to TAKE OVER and your losing control. And of course it has to affect the african americans in some way. now people in poverty cant just be poor. but the mexicans can. because there illegal they cant work. We accept other races and give them stores even though they blew us tf up but Mexicans have been here long enough to america to realize they are more on the black side therefore they are blantly disrespected. Karma is a b****. If the Lord says they can come they will get here!Soon American will be filled with Poor people who are needy. oh well

  18. Where's the fukkn point?… That we're suppose to let them all in bc she's been fukkn and is pregnant?.. she knew the situation before she had kids.. wtf cnn makes me sick.. turn the mfs around.. send them BACK HOME

  19. Why dont CNN reporters and new reader move yo Msxico. Then Trump can accept some of good maxico people in US. Your news agent better move to Maxico if you dont like your own Country and your President Yrump. hak. .hak

  20. The White House’s plan, which is reportedly still under consideration, was to arrest parents and children in 10 U.S. cities with large immigrant communities such as New York City and Los Angeles. The targeted individuals would already be subject to final deportation orders by an immigration judge, the Post and AP reported.

  21. Stay with your people chochas ! Everything South of the Border belongs to SPAIN ! They CREATED you !

  22. And the first thing these taco's will do after sneaking over is put a Mexico flag in their front yard.

  23. CNN you are full of dog crap, still think no crises is here. I HATE THE NEWS, TRUMP WON'T BE IN OFFICE FOREVER. the people of the U.S. will not forget what you have did, WE WILL REMEMBER. I KNOW I WILL.

  24. This is awhile ago but I find it funny the Reporter said she stood there and watched while the mother gave food to the kids while she stood hungry? Oh, so u just stood there? Why didn’t u run to your bank empty your account and hand her all your money???? You just stood there. But your asking a county to take in thousands of thousands of people and for tax payer to hand them there hard earned money? Yet she won’t help one person? Ummmm, seems kinda hypocritical to me. And Correct me if I’m wrong, she useing the refugee word wrong. She changed it to fit that situation. Don’t worked like that. Has nothing to do with gangs, more like there Government threatening them killing them based off religion and stuff like that, has nothing to do with running away from gangs. There people running there country are not the ones threatening… it’s crazy how the media changes words to fit there narrative.

  25. What a load of rubbish. Illegal immigration is a crime of the highest level.Her husband is involved in a criminal gang.Next thing he will be wanting to join her if she is successful getting in .Notice the reporter, didn't mention that part of her story. What a scandal. Shame on CNN .

  26. Only reason she's trying to come here to get the free welfare benefits

  27. I hope that bitches fear came true and got sent back. No more asylum seekers. Maybe if they weren't a race of violent, overly religious nutjobs, maybe their own country wouldn't be a pile of garbage.

  28. We have to stop putting up borders at sporting events. The fans should be able to stand on the field

  29. NO MORE ILEGAL IMMIGRATION! send them all back, way too many of them here

  30. Why don’t the sanctuary cities step up and come pick up all these immigrants that they say are the key to our economic growth? Trump even offered to arrange transport!

  31. I am thinking,how many times Gabrielle got fucked by smugglers to come across this way from USA πŸ€”?

  32. It's so bad over there why do they pop kids every time I turn around

  33. This CNN is b*******if they cross our borders there to be a law that been neutered and spayed like the dog pound our region are coming years for free food welfare

  34. We are not criminals but we attacked the Mexican borders to get through

  35. People are so disgusting and have no heart people come to United States to have a better life for there kids to feed there kids and want them the best

  36. You will be kicked out.The USA doesnt need more welfare trash.

  37. Put them in the barrios and dont allow them to work.They'll leave then.

  38. Why are they at the beach? The border crossing point is several miles east of there.

  39. Letting them engage the trip to US is a way to let them kill themselfe .
    If you want to help them, u have to STOP them getting in. Mexico should stop its self the immigrants. Not let them go where they want. It's Mexico fault if they die in the Rio bravo. NOT US'S

    Here in Italy we have the same exactly situation

  40. So let me get this straight…..

    You go in front of a border and you hope they say "hello brother, pleas come in"????! Just because you put yourself in front of that?? Yelling something?!

    So if I come in front of a store and wait for ours, yelling that I want all for free, will I get everything for free not paying nothing? Is that how it works?

  41. When will Hispanics see how low of an existence free loading and pumping out babies you can't afford is?

  42. Flying there flag with pride . . . While begging America to feed them . . . And then while there begging America to feed them there cussing the American people and trying to show the world that America is some kind of monster . . because we are not putting them in the Holiday inn and paying for their children's education . . . All Americans should go to the border and bend over and just let these people fxck us up the ass . . . . Because America owes it to them . . . Because they have done so much for this country . . . America has became the world's biggest joke . !!!!!

  43. 2:32 "For the people to understand, why did you leave Honduras. Said the reporter. For violence and for criminal groups. For fear of something happening to my kids" Said the lady. "That they would kill them for looking for their dad and I am scared of that. And that they would give him (the kid) to the people that they were looking for (the dad)" Said the Lady.
    The last part was difficult to understand. So please correct me if I am wrong.

  44. Has anyone seen that video where a woman reporter goes interviews people from the caravan and one of them tell her he’s on trial for murder? Link me to it

  45. They have already destroyed their own country now they want to destroy ours # cnn fake news

  46. Prove that we should have an open border policy.

  47. officer Sanchez working at JFK immigration department when I booked my flight and I went to JFK Airport and he refused me into the country and told me he does not like Americans are treating us like dogs they only want our resources and they don't want us in their country officer chanchez treated me like a total dog he told me that Chinese are coming in their country and taking the jobs officer Sanchez made it very clear that he does not like our kind of people is this why the Americans give us 10-year visas to treat us like dogs Americans give us 10 year visas to get the oil from our countries they sign a contract without country for 1% that's for the oil they in return they give us 10-year visa to go to America and when we go to the immigration in New York the turn is back do you think it is fear what they are doing to our people we are not lowlifes we are Guyanese we have money my country is called Guyana what the Americans are doing to my people it is very shameful and embarrassing it does not fear they did it to me when I went to JFK Airport they turn me back they refused me into the country it is totally wrong when they are doing the all of my people Americans are giving us 10-year visas when we enter in the country they give us six months to stay why give us six months and when we spent two or three months in your country you sent us back to our country as deportees do you think it is fear what you are doing Americans when we spend two or three months we go back to your country and you are Tangled telling us that we are working in your country what evidence do you have that we are working in your country Americans you have no evidence you turn us back and you take away our visas you revoke our visa do you think it is fear treating us like dogs it is not fear what you are treating us like dogs we have money we are not low life Guyanese we take our money we work very hard for it and we going your country to try to spend it there and have a wonderful time in America and that is the way you treat us to turn us back and Deport us Americans it to shameful and embarrassing. What you are doing to our people of Guyana I ordered my people of Guyana do not go and spend any money in the US do not even try to go back because what they are doing cuz it's totally unfair I am a Guyanese I'm a true Guyanese it does not fear what the Americans are doing to us foreigners are coming in our country and taking our resources our immigration laws need to be strengthened foreigners cannot come and take our resources anymore I Orange did immigration to strengthen their laws and to reinforce their laws I'll let foreigners stop coming in our country and taking our resources it is totally unfair we are going in other countries and we are getting treated like dogs Americans who have no shame in what you are doing to our people

  48. Dammit, US should have gone through with the "All of Mexico" movement. Problem solved.

  49. Hispanics here keep complaining about how terrible the United States is and how wonderful their own country is. If you say then why don't you go back, they get upset. 🀣

  50. that lady had to kids and is now pregnant. you honestly think she is coming for a job? dont let the welfare leach in!!!!!!

  51. It’s absurd anyone could say this isn’t a national security crisis. Some world power, we can’t even secure our own boarder. The US border needs to become a militarized zone. Clearly a corrupt US government is responsible for this disgrace. Military needs to secure our borders at all cost.

  52. China needs to send jobs over to America, Mexico and Central America. We need to build up economies.

  53. πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘πŸŒ‘


  55. If i were trump i would croos fire them for getting to close and trying to breach the border stupid mexicans.

  56. They could’ve just went on the water up to where the fence ends and go to the other side of the fence!

  57. We would like to thank the border patrol and President Trump and the supportive American people as we desperately need to improve security and the wall/technologies…such as cameras, solar, lights, fiber optics sensors detects the tunnel digging in the area of the wall. We spent 113 billion on illegal immigration in just 2018, a 10-20 billion dollar wall is nothing to slow crime. GOP needs to take back obstructiveness corrupt DemoRats, who are β€œThe Do Nothing House” back; so that the House of Representatives will fund more money to complete the Trump wall to a reasonable level for the safety of all Americans and help slow down some of the deep state CIA motivated drug-running every year, Over 500 metric tons’ illegal drugs consumed every year, bye children & adults in the USA and much of these drugs cross our borders illegally. The wall helps reduce child abduction/ abuse/ trafficking, rape and reduce, 500,000 to 1,300,000 new illegal immigrants every year, weapons, and crime in the USA. This will slow down the deep state corruption or NWO from destroying the United States' sovereignty and controlling our future. We also need to reelect Trump 2020-2024, President Trump should win by a landslide again so we can improve the wall and Americans' safety. Thankyou American people for help fund the wall and Thank you to Mexico President for putting more troops on both their borders to protect the "American Mexico border crossings from illegal activities."

  58. The bus caravan paid for by the democrats. Bringing lots of people with no life skills to be taken care of by the US taxpayer. They flee violence, and bring the same culture. here.

  59. 135 million people will be born this year. Perhaps we can take them all. Each family here needs to take in 80 people….100 million families, 80 refugees, all 8 billion here. It will work.

  60. Google "M/exican rape tree panties trophies"
    It's disgusting they rape their own women and throw their underwear on the tree as a macabre trophy

  61. πŸ†˜ Fact CNN Fake News : Over 27 Million illegals entered the USA to date. That is more than 12 million legal immigrants that migrated to US over the 63- years Ellis Island was open. On this day in 1954, Ellis Island, the gateway to America, shuts it doors after processing more than 12 million immigrants since opening in 1892. Today, an estimated 40 percent of all Americans can trace their roots through Ellis Island, located in New York Harbor off the New Jersey coast. And do nothing democrats say we don’t need better border walls. Taxpayers are paying the $Billions$ it cost for all the illegals in the country. Shame on do nothing democrats. Vote the bums all out. As of today we have an estimated 27,770,074 illegals in the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ.

  62. She's so happy please turn around and walk the direction you came from rebuild ur country its infrastructure and all we dnt have room for any more Mexicans taking jobs getting immigrant tax deductions food stamps bringing all them babies ur not welcome

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