Microsoft 2018 Holiday Ad: Reindeer Games | Featuring Owen and The Xbox Adaptive Controller

He’s gonna do it! You gotta see this! Owen’s gonna do it! Come on, come on, come on! He’s gonna do it! Alright! I got him. Hey Owen. Yes! Let’s go, let’s go. Alright! Come on! Yeah! So how about another game?

Stephen Childs


  1. To the person in the Microsoft advertising department: This ad is f'ing genius! Well done, sir or ma'am!

  2. This commercial is the best thing on tv. It truly warms my heart. His victory dance cracks me up everytime.

  3. I always liked this commercial but I had to read the comments to really understand it.

  4. When adverts actually reach out to your hearts… I don't mind them. I actually enjoy them interrupting the programme.

    Microsoft please advertise this on TV, this heart-warming ad.

  5. Amazing commercial Microsoft, I’m just curious what game Owen was playing?

  6. I just LOVE❤ your 2018 Holiday's "Reindeer Games" commercial! I do believe it's one of your better ones that you have advertised! What makes it so great is, it shows how children should be towards one another, whether you are a normal kid or you have a disability! The kids all rallied around for this neighborhood kid that has a disability but could beat a difficult video game! At least that's how I saw it! GREAT JOB Y'ALL! I'm from Oklahoma so I had to put in that "y'all"!🤣🤣🤣❤ Thanks for a very good "feel good" commercial!👍❤🤗🛵

  7. OMG😩😍😢🥰🤗this made me tear up! This is beautiful and soooo heartfelt! Our babies are finally getting recognized! MICROSOFT is definitely a forever now in my household! And to the 100+ that disliked this video OBVIOUSLY have some issues😤🙄😒

  8. This gives me hope in humanity that not everything is about politics pollution or drugs this is a genuine “we love you, and we want you to play with us” add.

  9. as a disabled person myself, even though i dont need to use one of these, stuff like incusion for us, makes me far too happy <3

  10. Greatest commercial of 2018. I love it. The kid dancing at the end is everything!!!

  11. Owen killed it god bless you young man and many more victories for you we will all be rooting for you. Merry christnas everyone

  12. This made me cry. As a kid, I couldn't play video games thanks to my disability. I was 12 before I had enough motor skill development to even try, and by then I was so embarrassed that I gave up immediately. To see this kid succeed and be celebrated is beautiful.

  13. Awesome commercial makes people smile, I still like to know what game he was playing…

  14. My little brother went to school with Owen before he transferred
    He’s such a nice kid ✨💕

  15. I love this commercial! This shows that disabled people are not diffrent from other people, and they can do every single thing you can do.

  16. I am a big man. And yes I cried. Awesome ad. Should have been a Super Bowl commercial.

  17. This is So Inspiring I Love This Commercial U Go Owen!! and it Brought a Tear 2 My Eye!! True Greatness and I Love How They get down and Dance with a Celebration Truely Awesome!! Stay Blessed My Brothers and Sisters in JESUS CHRIST Always!! And Stay Blessed 2 all These Loving and Inspiring Kids so Proud Of these Kids 😃😃

  18. What a well-spirited ad, first time in a long time am I glad I clicked on it, left me happy.

  19. I didn’t understand what this commercial was even about till I read these comments. I feel bad for not liking it at first. Thank you for explaining it. That is awesome.

  20. I'm a formally all-american, collegiate, D1 linebacker and this commercial brought me to tears because it illustrates the real meaning of community. Owen is my dude! And the kid that does the floss at the end was awesone. Owen even got his groove on! I love it!

  21. I feel good for this kid . Well done Microsoft. You deserve a path on the back Microsoft.

  22. Homie in the wheelchair and that other kid was going off at the end with their dancing. Love it!!!!!

  23. This is good. Microsoft really is making lovely in-roads with real people who matter, and are often over-looked.

  24. I am not disabled, but I feel an obligation to say I am so happy that Xbox and Microsoft released this. I have grown up with gaming, Xbox especially. This adaptive controller is so inspiring. Yes its for gaming but it also represents inclusiveness and connectedness for people of all abilities and circumstances. I'm crying after watching this and seeing other people use it. It is so heartwarming and tearjerking. This controller represents hope for all people. I can't wait for more people to use this and be able to game in a way that is effective and enjoyable for them. Thank you Xbox, thank you Microsoft. <3

  25. I wonder what game Owen was playing? Anyways, let's hope someone in that room someday makes it possible for Owen and others like him become even more mobile.

  26. Love this commercial so much. Cheers Microsoft. Keep jamming Owen!! I love his little dance at the end so funny!!

  27. Great advertising!!!! I’m a PS4 gamer but def give a big thumbs up to Microsoft👍👍👍👍👍

  28. Is it just me or are there not a lot of people talking about this controller? I was very excited for the controller, thankfully I don't need to use it myself, but it's still a really cool device. But I don't hear anybody talking about it which is a shame

  29. Owen is the best gamer… Everyone here are also best gamer. Video games are for EVERYONE. Merry Christmas!

  30. Watching this video brings tears of joy to my eyes my heart goes out to Owen I pray God blessings on him.

  31. Fantastic commercial ! Great job Owen and friends. The little dog was spot on and cute as a button too! Her name is Tina and she was actually a little sweetheart

  32. Every time I see this on tv I get a warm feeling in my heart
    This is a great and beautiful commercial

  33. Even if you have disabilities you can achieve great things in tech life even if it’s that hard video game uv’e been trying to beat you can still win with the XBOX adaptive controller well done Microsoft

  34. i wanna hug owen for being a champion because i know everyone can do it even him :')

  35. What I love about this product is that it is clear that it is a loss product. The R&D, marketing, and manufacturing costs don't come close to be covered by the price tag. But it matches so close to the mission of Microsoft overall that they don't care. Sometimes is makes sense to lose money.

  36. Cried my eyes out. My son is four months old born with no thumbs and fused elbow. This means so much my son will be able to play games with his brother. Thank you Microsoft thank you

  37. Reminds me of when I was a kid and me and all my neighborhood buddies would run back and forth to each others house. Great memories.

  38. And this is why Microsoft is better than Sony because Microsoft like to help out the people In need

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