Michael Cohen Testimony live before the House Oversight Committee

Stephen Childs


  1. Imagine wanting to invoke the 25th on a totally insane destructive POTUS! Oh yeah…let's do it!!

  2. Just another leftist farce, debunked almost before the video finished uploading.

  3. I love how the Republicans bring up Mr. Cohen's ethics while defending one of the most unethical people I've ever seen, I also love how Mr. Jordan brings up the Dems using a play book as he reads from a script

  4. Debbie was helping Hillary cheat in the election and she was forced to step down, funny how she wants to talk about trump cheating when she’s no better.

  5. This is awful. Republicans asking the same damn question 20 times bashing the guy on personal topics. Not asking pertinent questions concerning the fraud that Trump is. Pathethic guys… Did Trump use funds thrue his trust to pay prostitutes ? YES. Did Trump knew about the Russian deal ? YES. Did trump falsify documents in order to pay less tax ? YES. Is Trump a liar ? YES. And on and on…A real crook.

  6. 4:27:45 Interesting… when Mr. Steube asked Cohen about proof of the purpose of the payment, Cohen says "Mr. Trump doesn't text message"… but then at 7:03:09, Cohen says Mr. Trump texted him to find the straw bidder… hmm.

  7. Why in the world would anybody not want to hear the truth about a sitting president?

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA… the bigots on the Left are so desperate…..
    So sick of socialist democrat propaganda….”PROVING POSSIBLE….blah.”..HAHAHAHAH

  9. 6:49:11 a black man was removed by the police?? I'm just wondering why??

  10. As bad as Cohen is he is an innocent compared to Trump. He is going to prison for his crimes but Trump remains the President of the United States.???how is this possible???

  11. Libtard alert! I'm sorry making fun of people with mental handicaps is just wrong and gets Dems butts hurting.redacted

  12. Melania, take your son and head off to Transylvania or wherever it is you and your chain immigration parents came from. Time to move on.

  13. Cohen's closing remarks at around 7 hrs and 19 min sounds like they were written for him by CNN or MSNBC LOL

  14. Americans are so lazy and stupid you love car salesman that smile to your face and tell you emotional BS that makes you excited. Facts don't mean anything because Americans don't know what a fact is you guys love this Cohen guy who lies to your face. Trump continuously works for this country and does things no other president has ever done and now you all want to live in Soviet Russia the place that we came from to get away from socialist you're all idiots

  15. As much as I like Jim Jordan ,I wish he could have went deeper into hammering this pos ,missing the bulldog who jumped out for no reason ,Chavez, and Hillary smoker Trey howdy ,missing these people !!!!

  16. 4:15 wiki leaks hacked. Ummm so they did so is it Russia or then can't be both. BTW want any hacking was Seth rich that obsconded with the stolen info. That's why he was murdered. Kim. Com explained it.

  17. So it's ok that all the treasonous acts that came from the emails happened just don't steal the emails. Lol completely rediculous

  18. Notice his head shaking when Mr. Jordan was trying to make it sound as if all his crimes were committed for himself lol.

  19. testimony isn't delivering any real' damage to Trump. nothing particularly revelatory. testimony is pretty underwhelming.

  20. Mr Rory you mention the Americans are more concerned with the things going on near or at the border.. you failed to mention the two green beret soldiers that were caught smuggling cocaine inside the US… so stop it with the border wall speech.. The American people know the POTUS IS CROOKED! #impeachment #Impeach

  21. How can the Republicans condemn Cohen when Trump paid him to commit all these federal crimes? How can you both justify and condemn an individual for engaging in the very same things ? The truth is they're all liars Michael Cohen, Trump, & committee members included.

  22. The way the republicans are behaving to defend their boss even tho it’s clearly how guilty he is , is the reason why humanity is gonna parish out of ignorance and corruption

  23. Michael Cohen committed crimes FOR TRUMP ! Gym Jordan and Racist Meadows are filth

  24. Just skip the republicans parts, they yell stupidities just showing their mental disabilities. The relevant, important questions come from the democrats.

  25. This is like Kabuki theater this is not going to age well for the republicans. The GOP you don't balance the budget, you don't care about health care, you have demonstrated to us what your position has been. You are all being paid by Putin

  26. Looks like the "witch hunt" is working it's way to the whole coven.

  27. These about us te people of the greatest country in the world. Congress is our reprensentative, but defending a crimal in office is not acceptable

  28. Well if trump didn't know a crook was working for and under him for 10 years, is he qualified to be president. He surrounded himself with these types of people but he had no involvement, no knowledge, and is surprised by all this? I find that hard to believe.

  29. Trumpf and these Republicans are all co-conspirators and Russian moles now… treason!

  30. Mr. Michael Cohen says that "Trump is Racist, Crooked, Dishonest and I agree he's just like Obama, Bush, Clinton" we thought that would make all the dems happy because that is what they have voted for over the p[ast 20 years.

  31. debbie wasserman schultz helped rig the dem convention against bernie. had she not done that, bernie—the legitimate dem nominee and long thought by experienced people to be the ONLY one who could have beat trump—might have gone on to win and our country would be vastly better off. just wanted to remind folks of that bit of history. also, there would have been nothing for the russians to reveal.

  32. haha, the republicans are scared to ask any questions! because of what cohen might reveal. so they just spend time repeating their poster: liar liar pants on fire! 😂😂😂

  33. i love how the R asshats pretend that the people with the good on trump should be angels who would somehow know.

  34. everything the republicans say about cohen is even more true about them

  35. man, two hours in and the republicans haven’t asked a single pertinent or helpful thing.

  36. what, they are trying to charge him with more crimes to make him stop talking! nothing is too low for these R clowns. o.m.g.

  37. Jordan has to be the sorriest excuse for a man I have ever witnessed.

  38. Michael Cohen, it don't matter if he came voluntarily, a liar is a lair and coming voluntarily;this is some old trick that many guilty people play.
    I can believe the short time that he going to be in jail; if it was one of us they will keep us in jail for ever? Also Mr.Cummings , He try to soften our ears with eloquent words, but He don't say nothing good about Our President, in fact he descriminate against The President.
    Wow! Democrats are terrify of President Donald Trump 2020. ( say no! to baby's killers) ( say no to socialism)
    RED on 2020.God bless the USA.

  39. "The days of this committee protecting the President at all costs are over." – Representative Elijah Cummings 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  40. Republican are adding nothing of value… might as well save 3 hours and skip them.

  41. I get the impression that Rep. Jordan is trying to give the impression that he is smarter than he is. He comes across as a loud, arrogant knucklhead. Rep. Meadows appears to be smarter. Not a knucklehead. But definitely pompous and arrogant.

  42. I agree why are the reps not asking questions and just making speeches

  43. @ 56:47 the bank copy of proof of a wire transfer to stormy Daniels according to Cohen is not at all what he says it is..Read the document…only proof there is that he withdrawed $131,000…..doesnt show a thing about what he did with that money…More lies from this idiot. Also @ 57:44 that check means nothing..You cant have a personal lawyer without paying them..Where is the proof of what this money was paid to him for..What a liar. @ 1:00:09 there is nothing at all illegal about that letter..This is what a lawyer is supposed to do.That was a legal document for the purpose of informing the school of the penal code..This man is just mad because he will be doing jail time, HE decided to lie under oath to our over sight committee and he wants to blame it on somebody,so why not Trump…Pathetic waste of air this man is..No wonder he got fired…Innocent until PROVEN guilty,remember that people.Zero proof Trump is guilty of anything..Mueller even knows this..Democrats will never learn.

  44. I don’t care if the presidents attorney general gets caught selling weapons to Mexican drug cartels, I’m still voting to re-elect him! Now what!?

  45. everytime Replublicans time runs out during a question, Cohen shockingly "doesnt uunderstand the question" or "doesnt have an answer" hmmmm corruption

  46. One will not be able to tell truth from lies. One can't tell what his motive for testifying is or for saying what he says. And when they had a chance to question a witness for Trump, Lynne Patton, who is known for her excellent character and accomplishments, they brushed her aside, called her a prop because she is black, and then said it was racist to bring a black witness, who knows Trump very well, to testify for Trump's character and show by her good charachter and opinion that he isn't a racist. See they won't allow anything else in the bubble of they're narrative.
    So they are all liars and this is much worse for the American people than anybody realizes. Because these lawmakers aren't using the law they are using the power their position gives them to destroy the law. And anybody who doesn't fit their ever changing narrative now is their target. They are lawless, operating under lawlessness and parading a lawless one about as their proof that others broke the law.

  47. i'd love to hear why it's so important to these republicans to have a guy from their team as POTUS. if he's a criminal why isn't that more important than their loyalties? can anyone recommend a video to me that would help me understand? please?

  48. 7:11 you can defend someone all you want, when you use someone like you did it in the very least makes you a supporter of a racist.

  49. The Republicans not only disgraced themselves in front of the country here but they proved beyond any question that they are complicit in the crimes of this president.
    Once Trump is crushed by the wheels of justice WE MUST NOT FORGET the traitors on this committee who sought to undermine our democracy.
    Jordan & Meadows, you are at the top of that list.

  50. Dying, discredited (totally discredited at this point) MSM's last stand….

  51. I'm just here to get book deals – the end ,oh and I'm a Democrat 👌

  52. If Trump was innocent he would not be calling Cohen a rat. When Trump calls Cohen a rat is he not admitting that he is guilty? An innocent person would not be responding that way

  53. How do you run a government, like this. Why doesn't EVERYONE want to get to the bottom of these issues. It reminds me of the fall of Rome. Govern yourselves according.

  54. It takes a thief to catch a thief. The republicans are wasting a lot of time telling us , the audience , how bad and dishonest Mr. Cohen is. We know that already. The republicans want a more decent and credible witness to question. Such nice people seldom have contacts in- or knowledge about the underworld. The entire Trump-investigation would come to a halt , if merely witnesses were questioned whom the republicans could appreciate , such as Mother Theresa or Mickey Mouse.

  55. Jim Jones was evil too and look what happened to those poor misguided souls. Now, looks like millions.

  56. Trump always been a Lowdown lying dog and will be lying the day satan come back for him and his people

  57. Kim and Putin are making a bigger damn fool out of trump and his brain dead people who love a evil lying devil like trump

  58. Imagine if Obama was busted saying "whites would never vote for me, they're too stupid" after he was president during his first term. White people would be rioting at the white house.

  59. How did they miss that he said not all those hush money payments had were to women? Seems someone was sleeping with men too.

  60. That low life from North Dakota is clearly just angry about someone saying anything negative about Trump, you can actually see his hand shaking. I'm really tired of partisan politics!

  61. 1st Witness will be going to prison for lying to Congress. Swear em in !!! He has been thoroughly vetted by Mr. Schiff, obama FBI and RMueller.

  62. Y’all voted for Trump! All politicians lied. Trump is not a good liar. The World is weak, will entertain anything that tickles their ears

  63. Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    Another one gone
    Another one gone
    Another one bites the dust
    Hey, they're gonna get Trump too😁👍
    Another one bites the dust
    Badda boomp boomp boomp
    Ba doom doom doom doom doomp…..
    Badda boomp boomp boomp
    Ba doom doom doom doom doomp!!!!!!

  64. Thank you Mr. Cohen for lecturing the coward Republicans and showing them what they really are.

  65. NO Russia cuison,DEMS stop wasting tax payers money! And stop beating a dead hose in the ground 🙁

  66. This hearing shows that the USA is still a free nation. US and UK soldiers liberated Denmark from Hitlers hangmen and pushed out Stalin's robot-soldiers from the Danish island Bornholm. Mr. Cohen would have disappeared long ago in Mr. Putin's Russia or Mr. Xi's China.

  67. Look at all these devils they can't even accept that their president is a racist and everything that he's accused of this devil's play ground which is america is what caused the world to be like what is is today, the destroyer of the world.

  68. The Very Idea That
    Cohen Abused The
    Attorney Client
    Priveledges, then
    Viciously Assaulted
    Verbal Allegations
    Then Spew Attempts Possibilities?Without
    Fact, Lies No Merit.
    "If I were Pres.Trump,
    I Would Sue Cohen,
    Muellar, & Pelosi,
    Bidden, Schumer……
    I would Sue Them
    Defamation. Of

  69. Who would know the truth!!🤷‍♀️ my main issue here is he hates Trump and as his attorney what happened to attorney/ client privilege? Cullen is a pig 🐷 Would've had a bit of respect after prison if he had just shut up… but who know what the truth is from this 🐷 I'm sure his lawyer and the dems wrote his opening speech🤦‍♀️ and Trump had an affair, so what !!! Clinton more than had them then openly lied to the American people.
    This 🐷 Cullen shouldn't even been here. The dems are scratching at straws 🙄

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