Mexico Belize Border Crossing With A Dog OVERLAND TRAVEL SAGA Ep.38

Previously on The Traveling Together
Journal We spent the entirety of our six-month tourist visa exploring the big
beautiful country of Mexico from the Baja Peninsula down the Pacific coast up
through the central mountains and across to the Yucatan Peninsula and the
Caribbean Sea. We got off the beaten track and took a look around the next bend. We found kind people, a unique culture
and delicious food. From subterranean waterways, to snow cap volcanoes, from the
surf for the Pacific Ocean, to the steem caves of Tolantongo. Mexico proved to be
a land a diverse natural beauty ripe for adventure and layered with history. We had a couple of setbacks along the way, but overall we truly enjoyed Mexico and we’re a little sad to be leaving, but with only one day left on our visa as
our time was up so we prepared to cross the border to a much more expensive
Belize. We got Jagger a fresh health certificate, filled our propane and
gasoline tanks stopped up on dry goods and headed for the border AW, here we go Turning of onto the exit for Belize. We are not off to the smoothest start Apparently there is an exit tax or a tourist tax or
something to leave Mexico And we thought we already paid it and we very well
could have but we don’t have receipts saying we did. so we’re gonna have to pay. Well yeah, we got pretty ripped off. We definitely pay as a tourist fee
obviously we wouldn’t had the little tourist cards we didn’t pay the fee but
you have to have a receipt and we weren’t given one because we didn’t pay
the fee through Banjercito. Which is the only ones who give you a receipt. We’ve heard from other travelers of this obnoxious dilemma
so whatever good on you Mexico you got an extra 40 bucks out of us. And so now
our luck is that a bus of tourists just got dropped off as we want to like cancel
our tourist visa. After repaying for and then cancelling our tourist visas and
canceling our temporary vehicle import permit at the immigration office and
National Bank we drove across the Frontera and onto Belician soil
where our first stop was the vehicle fumigation station. Well now we are at this awesome fumigation thing which is mandatory but there’s no one here and
I’m pretty sure you are supposed to get like a little reciept that
you went through it. So Matt’s out there walking around trying to find somebody Alright so a guy, there is a building up ahead a
guy came out and was like okay come through it like some way over there and
then we go and pay. Not the most intuitive experience. So what did that run? That was five US dollars or ten Belize. From the fumigation station we made our way over
to the Belize immigration office where we hope to obtain tourist visas for us
and a pet import permit for Jagger. we would have liked to share more of this
exhilarating process of us standing in line and filling out forms but the
Belizean officials were very adamant about the no filming rules. Matt and I
are taking a break because we both have a delicious Apple and we’re gonna eat it
because you can’t bring any produce or meat into Belize and we didn’t want to
toss our apples. Sigh, so we got dinged in Mexico and then we got dinged here too. Even though we looked up like how to bring the dog in there was a specific permit
and we didn’t have that permit even though we had a letter from the vet saying
everything that you’re supposed to have on the permit I guess it was just a
misinterpretation about what we needed and so they because we did have the
paperwork though we didn’t have to do any quarantine with the dog or turn
around so it was good we did do that but we still got penalty so we had to pay
for the permit and a pretty hefty penalty for not pre applying for the
permit so and we got stuck behind that huge bus of
people so you know the belize border is like empty right now
we waited like 45 minutes because we got stuck behind the bus of people. yeah
whatever you know it’s gonna take a long day when you go to the border. From the
immigration office we drove through a kiosk to get our temporary vehicle
import permit then through another kiosk to have the vehicle inspected. The
inspection consisted of a casual glance in the back of the truck and waving us
along to our next stop the Belize vehicle insurance office. Where we could
get our mandatory insurance coverage. So we got our insurance stuff sorted out
for Belize. One month cost us sixty Belician dollars. That’s thirty US and I
got this little sticker we got to put up here on the windshield and we’re all set
easy peasy. Woo-hoo we are done! With the last of our international borders scavenger hunt
items completed we hit the road into Belize just in time to beat an afternoon
squall Well feeling really grateful that we are not standing outside of immigration for 45 minutes in
this weather. Because that is totally what we we’re doing 45 minutes ago So this is the hand-cranked ferry. It’s
gonna take us over to the Copper Bank area. Pretty cool! Fortunately the tropical rain left just as suddenly as it had arrived and once
again we avoided waiting in line in the rain. But the slippery mud at left behind
made the loading ramp a little more interesting. We were cruising along pretty good on
the ferry but I figured I might as well offer a hand, and when Amie wanted to see
how hard it was too. Our captain figured We could do his job and he would do ours.
So he took over the filming and started asking us questions. So how long you will
be here in Belize? Maybe a month. Okay, okay. And you will camp at Sartaneja? yeah Okay I think we are going to go to the Islands. San Pedro and Caye Calker These guys were an absolute hoot and they were giving us a great first impression of the laid-back
friendly attitude we would continue to get from the people here in Belize. We just arrived at Copper Bank Inn. They
are closed but we met a guy at the ferry that said they’d hook us up with some
camping anyways and sure enough they did looks like it’s not high season. They don’t
have their pool going. It’s pretty nice. We got power. They said
they’ll open up a room for us to be able to shower.
They got toilets around the corner. They got Internet
it’s really awesome they have power because it’s a drive day as well as a
border crossing day which meant that our truck was off and the fridge was on for
a really long time and we actually didn’t do that much driving it wasn’t
very far to the Belize border and then it wasn’t very far to here and it is
cloudy right now we would not pull in even enough juice to just like run the
fridge right now. So Matt is just gonna hook up the fridge to the land power. Definitely one of our favorite features about our fridges being able to switch
from our 12 volt to regular power. We’re going to camp for a night or two it’s
kind of a long day today but everything went pretty well and now we’re at a
pretty awesome camp spot. Jags is liking the grass
aren’t you Jags. what do you think buddy what do you
think huh yeah time for some belly rubs you want a coconut? I hope there are not any crocodiles in this laguna. Next Time on The Traveling Together
Journal We continue to explore Belize for excellent camp spots and adventure Evind Johanson and we picked up this trash in honor of your pledges on Patreon.
thank you so much for your support

Stephen Childs


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