Meet Jack. Or, What The Government Could Do With That Location Data

( Computer Screen showing Log Ins and Location Tracking Systems ) Thank you for joining us. We are excited to
give you an exclusive first look into our new system for the acquisition and processing
of American’s location data. Using the target, Mr. Jack Benjamin, as a case study, we will
explore our system’s capabilities in the domestic policing context. As you can see, Mr. Benjamin
was flagged as a potential DUI risk. Before we go too far, let’s check out all of the
background information we can access about our subject. We can track Mr. Benjamin’s movements
by date, look for patterns in his car travel, even use a heat map to see where he’s been.
If we view his top locations, … Oh; looks like lots of nights spent at someone else’s
private home. Must be a lover; but he left at 3:50 AM, and didn’t return until almost
six weeks later. Could be some trouble in paradise? The house is registered to a Mary
Smith. If we look at her other visitors, it seems that Mary has a few close friends. Wonder
if Mr. Benjamin’s aware that a certain Bill Montgomery has spent a few nights with her. But I digress. Let’s go back to the main screen. Jack appears to be quite a union activist.
We’d better notify our partner, George, over at Big Corp, just in case Jack has been involved
with the trouble they’ve been having over there. Going back to Jack’s lifestyle, we
can look at where he tends to be, say, between the hours of 2:00 and 5:00 AM, and who was
in close proximity during those hours. There’s his lover, but who are the others? It looks
like they didn’t share a bedroom, but we have to wonder, what is going on with those other
individuals at such a late hour? Police patrol might need to keep an eye on them, too.
So far, we’ve just been poking around. Let’s go back to that DUI pattern alert for Jack.
If we take a peak at how the system data mined the conclusion that Jack was at risk of a
DUI, you’ll see four factors. First, there was a social gathering in progress. Click
details to see who was there. Second, look at all of their location trails. Two of them
stopped at liquor stores. Third, one of the attendees has a prior. Finally, you can see
that our live monitoring algerithms identified another attendee’s movement pattern, as highly
suggestive of DUI. No officer was able to reach the suspect in time to administer a
test, but his license plate number has been watch-listed for heightened scrutiny.
Of course, a DUI is just one of the many possible alerts that the system can generate. There’s
another alert we’ve received for one, Clayton Porter, for movement patterns suggesting possible
criminal behavior. Upon investigation, the suspect was determined to be a real estate
agent. Folks, that’s just a taste of what this powerful
new system is capable of. We look forward to working with your department for many years
to come, in our mutual efforts to keep America a safe and controlled place, where no one,
no matter where they are, can commit wrongdoing. Thank you. Take action so that this really scary glimpse into the future doesn’t become a reality. aclu.org

Stephen Childs


  1. I see no problem with any of this except for the tip-off to BigCorp… The tipoff to BigCorp would constitute a misuse of the system as having no relevance to enforcing any law and would be subject to punishment on the part of the officer or other public servant having done so. There is nothing wrong with preventing a crime from occurring if there is actual qualifying probable cause to support the notion that a crime is likely to take place.

  2. OMG! And think of how this data can be enhanced when the NSA and local police and FBI all start sharing our private info!

  3. Cute but I think it's way worse (in terms of threat to freedom) than depicted here.

  4. Our monetary structure makes this data tracking a 'customer experience' enhancement and you, AND your data, are for sale. The U.S. government is only one of their customers.

  5. I like the idea of this system if its used for good only so we need those that monitor to have monitors and so on and so forth. See the People are supposed to be the control of the government but we have let things get so out of control that the whole world has gotten weapons and USA has orchastrated so many things because of no Peoples' control over itself that we would have to have every little secret spilled out to the public and cut of communications with the world to find the truth and then find out that the whole world is just as confused as us because the ones running the show are a secret society and have their own agenda. that agenda is not in the Populations of the countries of the world best interests by the way. If these technologies are used for EVIL we are all screwed no matter what country you live in. 

  6. The real government surveillance program is called ECHELON and makes PRSM look like childs play along with the things Edward snowden talks about, these are just tools that investigators and systems administrators with "access" or "clearance" use to find things out about people.

  7. What the government could do? Wasn't it already proven that they already did it?
    And did it irresponsibly too? Do you not remember LOVEINT?

  8. All this spying is such a great idea in order to prevent crime, I say that all of government and their government bureaucracies need to have sunshine on all their devious deeds because it is totally obvious that they are the perpetrators of the majority of all the crime we are exposed to every day.

    American citizens will now have access to all spying devisees so that not even Queen Elizabeth, or the pope, or the Rockefeller's, or even Janet Yellen will have any secrets, …. or perhaps we could destroy all those spy satellites, and completely clean out the total rats nest of all government (so called), security systems.

    Good bye and good riddance BIG BROTHER, and OH YES, remove all government security (spy), camera's.
    I believe that the penalty for spy's is the firing squad !    

  9. I don't get it… Privacy is privacy, regardless of technological advancement. 

  10. Data Mining: What the government can do with your cell phone location data. Mahalo to Lopaka Taylor for posting. 

  11. I like how the guise falls under DUI concerns, which can be understood as unchecked chemical dependency, as opposed to outright criminal activity. DoJ Civil Rights Division found Portland Police use illegal force against the mentally ill. The remedy is not to provide services to the victim population … but to put cops in charge of mental health assessment & coordination of services (which results in detention without trial in 'care' facilities). Folks end up pleading to felonies without legal counsel, so they can get medical care.

  12. turn off location data 😀 you are so naive …. you can do it for you eyes  only 🙂

  13. I love this technology and I think this is referring to that chip implant? Anyway I would not want one but I love the idea of it being mandatory for every violent criminal before he is released from prison. Let's say Jane Doe reported that she was raped last night around 10:30 PM at such and such location. They could go back in their chip lookup computer and see if any felons with chips were in that area around that time. Excellent.

  14. Oh, and this video fails to mention that through the Obamacare law the IRS now has full accesses to ALL of your medical record information AND all of your banking information,  to include your credit cards and every one of your bank accounts. And that new giant Government facility in Utah was built to store every bit of this information on every person in America for future use.

    I do not trust the ACLU, but I do believe they got this one right, accept this system is already in use today.

  15. its gotten to the point where the NSA doesnt even need for your PC to be connected to the internet. They use many different ways to access including USB cables with radio chips built in. They also intercept circuit boards from the manufacturer and install radio chips. These chips have a range of 8 miles or so and use radio frequency. So just get old school and get a shielded box for your laptop, pc ipad or whatever, including smartphones and use when needed. The is a new black box phone coming out this year that will enable you to securely make calls and send data but does nothing when it comes to location data.

  16. Well if you can find the company that owns this type of information I am sure you can buy your way in and find out who is doing what behind your back. Still a 4th Amendment violation and would treat you as a terrorist to the US Constitution back in the day of 1791.

  17. The NDAA Bill is active. All Americans are labeled as Terrorists. You think this surveillance stops here? No. It keeps on going until the tyrants gain enough power to remove those that are deemed as "terrorists" without any resistance.

  18. 🙂
    …maybe the police will arrest individuals for frivolously consuming more than their share of oil.

  19. The best thing to do is to stay in your own home and live like a hermit.

  20. I bet George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and all the other founders would be proud.

  21. You almost have to become a pretend exhibitionist to survive living in this covert spying age without losing your sanity. 

  22. How is this not propagandizing just as much as saying "nothing is happening" or "it is in [insert country name]'s best interest to not confirm or deny current security technology"?
    Honestly, if you're going to attempt to scare the crap out of intelligent individuals you might want to try coming up with some new material because those of us that have read 1984 and Fahrenheit 541 could predict line for line your script not even ten seconds into the video. I know there is little original work to be found today, but you could have at least tried to compose an original piece that does NOT rely on scare tactics a ten year old can recognize as heightened fiction. Tsk tsk.

  23. The words "To keep people Safe" or "might" or "what if" has been used to take away individual civil liberty for hundreds of years. The Fascist/Communist/Control freaks use it to create the illusion of safety while all they want to do is control the individual. It has been used to take away the civil liberty of having firearms, free speech, publications, etc. That is why we have the Bill of Rights, so that the Government can not do these things to the people. We have to stop this behavior by the government or we will move more and more into a dystopia. It is nice to see that the aclu is fighting back against this tyranny.

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