“MAYDAY vs PAN PAN” Why do pilots use these CALLS? Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

Stephen Childs


  1. I confess… I'm getting addicted to this channel… ¡And I don't even own a plane!

  2. Who else thinks they have the GTA V loading screen in the backgroung because of the sound 😀

  3. People with lazers should get a life? How about get a kickin and sent to jail. Anyone stupid enough to point a lazer at a plane loaded with crew and passenger's should be put against a wall and shot

  4. Can't I give u a like everytime I watch a video again? U r the best pilot teacher Sir.

  5. i am an air traffic controller, good job with your videos, its set clear many thing even for us, and help to do a better duty

  6. I keep thinking, if I was a passenger, and looked out the window at the flames/sparks, I can only imagine how I would feel!

  7. Im in the USCG and I monitor radio for maritime distress. Hearing the words "Mayday, mayday, mayday" is one of the most terrifying things I've ever experienced. Hearing them being said on this video makes my throat choke up and eyes get watery.

    Words cannot express the feeling. In the heat of the moment however, training kicks in and you immediately rush into "game mode". Funny thing, in the US they dont preach "pan pan" rather only "mayday". We had a Canadian vessel call out "pan pan" on the radio once to report distress. Luckily we had been taught in the USCG that "pan pan" is used in Canada (our northern border country) to signify distress and we were able to identify right away that something was wrong on the waters.

    Yall be safe out there.

  8. now tell your kids do not pointing lasser to airplane because life of manny ppl maybe in danger,not joking

  9. 10:50 i expected something like a fuck you but get a life is probably enaugh lmao

  10. SOS was not properly sent. It is sent as one character, without space between letters. That makes it stand out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SOS

  11. This is like in the NYPD. 1085 administrative is help with paperwork. 1085 is help, but you are not being directly attacked. 1013 is you are being attacked or an officer is in dire danger due to a shootout or direct attack.

  12. You should either just rename your channel to "Commander Joe" or buy a set of shoulder plates off of ebay. I've been seing your channel intermittently, and every now and then I check in to see if you've gotten your fourth stripe.

    You look dumb calling yourself captain when wearing the wrong insignia.

  13. "Why is he calling a mayday?"

    Cuz he has a Plane full of passengers, and one engine went bang right at rotate.

    It's a life-threatening situation, but – and I realize I'm going to catch some crap from ETOPS fans here – a much less life-threatening situation… on a four-engine aircraft.

  14. This is why i love aviation, it's so tightly controlled, and it feels like a living, breathing machine.

  15. I am just shocked ATC and pilot could not do the conversion from kilo to lb quickly

  16. I watch VASAviation quite often and "declaring emergency" is the most common one.

  17. Wow MAY DAY – M'AIDEZ (Makes such good sense) I never put that together before!

  18. Can someone explain to me how getting hit by a laser pointer or laser made the flight turn around?

  19. "m'aidez" is not even correct French. You would never find a French person saying "m'aidez" like that. Either it is in a full sentence (je vois que vous m'aidez, I see that you are helping me) or it is "Aidez moi", the correct way to say "Help me".
    But Mayday works, so that is not a problem.

  20. 'panne', pronounced with two syllables, is also used in german, mostly to describe a car breakdown.
    a 'reifenpanne' describes a flat tire.

  21. Hi there. I seem to have noticed that almost all these emergencies there is always video footage of the planes landing or taking off. Is there someone at the airports that there sole job is to video landings and take off, or is this just done by enthusiasts and they hand in the footage if something goes wrong ?

  22. Wait what happens if u point a laser I don’t know but I would be great full if someone told me 🙂

  23. I've always wondered, if a pilot becomes depressed, is your job and career immediately at risk if the possibility of a mental illness is brought up?

  24. Shooting a plane with a laser is basically a terrorist attack in effect. I doubt the idiot kids who does this realize what they are doing…

  25. Video looks a bit noisy on the darker areas, mainly your face, might need to adjust the ISO on your camera.

  26. Public use lasers should never be so powerful it can travel KILOMETRES. That's asking everyone that owns one to try point at a plane. These should be illegal

  27. Can you do a video on Denver airport's Swastika shaped runways and the length of each of the 3 segments about 2.22 miles or 6.66 miles?? Considering the 30 Million passengers Denver handles with its 50 square miles airport complex whereas LAX is 5 square miles and handles 90 million passengers.

  28. I hereby decree that every commercial airplane shall carry 1 laser guided precision paintball cluster bomb.

  29. English isn't my native language but I use it in my everyday job and thought that I know it and can understand (except of Indian english – sorry, but that's true). But listening to those records… F…c, I didn't get any single word without subtitles. How do you understand each other, guys?

  30. Shoulda' mentioned that pan pan and mayday calls aren't exclusive to you wing jockeys…it's also sop for nautical vessels in distress.

    The big difference is that, as a sailor, I can make my calls in a pirate accent. If a pilot tries that, questions as to their sanity and competence will quickly arise.

  31. The military have another call “NODUF”, then state the emergency. It’s used to indicate that the message is real, not a training simulation.

    The worst one I heard was “NODUF, Sunray Tango 4 has been killed. Tank slipped from bridge”. What that meant was D squadron leader has killed.

  32. I thought it was May Day for my day, like is his turn to be in a distress situation.

  33. Everyone: "This video taught me some stuff"
    Me: "That's the same ambient music that The Slow Mo Guys use in their slow mo footage!"

  34. You forgot "Securite, Securite, Securite" which is used for issues involving navigational warnings, meteorological warnings, and any other warning needing to be issued that may concern safety but not be life-threatening. I was a shipborne anti-submarine air controller in the Royal Canadian Navy.

  35. planes : * exist *
    birds : im bout to end this mans career and kill myself in the process

  36. I am from Russia, from ural airlines.. I think that you know our a321, and they have emergency landing, and he (pilot said) said pan pan. But he's engine( 2 engine ) were off. I think that he should have said mayday

  37. This was interesting. I am not anyhow within aviation but still, I'm going to look around on this channel 🙂

  38. Airliners: "Mayday, Mayday Mayday. (Airline and callsign). We have lost one engine, requiring immediate landing. We have 125 souls onboard
    Glider Pilots: Regularly lands with 0 engines

  39. I’m excited. I’m going to try an introductory flight and see about getting a private pilot

  40. "Brace yourself and let's get started!"

    Did he do that joke on purpose?

  41. TL:DR
    "Pan-Pan" – we need to land as soon as possible but we are not in troubke
    "Mayday" – we need to land right now, we are in trouble

  42. We flew Orion when we deployed to Afghanistan. We flew Orion on the way back as well. The return flight home was a bit scary for me. I sat on the left side, window seat, center of the wing. Being that I'm not a frequent flyer, when I heard the left engine make this, to what I thought was an unusual noise, I almost shit my pants. Told the flight attendant about it and I don't know what she did from there but we flew the rest of the flight home. I guess since I'm wasn't a frequent flyer at that time, that it was just a noise I wasn't accustomed to hearing and overreacted a bit.

  43. holy shit. im just in complete awe of how calm and professional all involved in aviation are. Pilots and ATC's are just supreme beings.

  44. 11:05 "PAN-PAN PAN-PAN PAN-PAN"… Captain Joe…
    ➡Why ATC uses the word "heavy" pls explain… Will wait until you reply
    ➡ 12:22 he might be dealing it with daily 😂🤣

  45. Hi from Grozniy.As i undestud in ugency situation sqwok 7700 is not nessery

  46. Thank you for this helpful video. Again, this makes me much more confident in flying in an airplane. A really good example for experienced pilots who can't be disturbed!

  47. Loved this video!! Watch a lot but don't usually comment….this one….was Super COOL!

  48. Who else noticed the fake planes on the right side? Joe, where are your usual planes???

  49. So my buddy was flying out of Phoenix, and the plane ended up having a cabin pressurization fault, and it went unnoticed until they got to around 15000' by which point the pilot noticed his ears popping really bad, and my friend was also in a bit of pain, babies were crying, and so the pilot makes the announcement of them having to turn back and return to the Phoenix Airport. Then they were stuck in Phoenix for 6 hrs while they were fixing the problem.

  50. I really like lasers but who the fuck lasers a pilot? I hope that fuck-face goes to prison.

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