May UGALI pala itong si Lolo at Lola-HAPPY GRANDPARENT’S DAY 2019

Grandma can i have five peso please Why do you want money? I just want to buy candy please no!just eat some food here at home my grand ma is really stingy because it’s Grandparent Day we make a video for GrandParent! “A GRANDMOTHER WHO ALWAYS WORRIED” my grandchild where are you going? I would go outside near the house what time will you go home? just later take care of yourself the generous Grandparents what can i bring to my grandchild this is what I’ll buy this is her favorite this is for you my grandchild Thank you grandfather The stingy Grandmother can i have five peso grandmother Why do you want money? I just want to buy candy please no!just eat some food here at home my grand ma is really stingy Understanding Grandmother can you get my jacket please because i feel cold ok,i will get it,wait for a while oh no!it fell she might get angry at me grandma iam sorry, your jacket was fell and its dirty now oh thats okey,dont worry iam not mad at you The Concern Granparents i want to help you grandchild let me do that please No way grandma,i can handle this just get some rest let me do that please i said no grandma please No grandma.just get some rest ok fine.you are really generous my grandchild Grandmother who always attending church Grandma where are you going? iam going to the church its too early grandma,where are you going again? to the church again my dear

Stephen Childs


  1. Three of you are so cute!! Great video!! I enjoyed watching. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  2. You little ones are so cute and awesome upload friends 👍👍😊😊stay in touch thanks 👍

  3. Happy Grandparents Day 💖 bigyan ng jackets yang mga cute guyz na yan… ARTISTA MA YAN 😆 ANG CUTE PO

  4. Hilarious! You guys are good and funny! Cool skits! Thanks so much for including me in your shout outs! Have a great weekend my friends ;-D

  5. 😍 😍. ღ ღ S▒U▒P▒E▒R ღ * ƸӜƷ`👍👍👍👍👍
    Thank you for sharing 🌺
    I wish you a nice day 🌺
    Greetings from me Renate 🌺

  6. Fantastic! That was first class work. My best friend . Greetings from me Glitzy games. Like!!!

  7. wow ang galing naman ng mga batang to.
    sana mapansin din sila at dumami pa ang viewers nila.thumbs up kids
    sure yan dadami din manonood sa inyo.

  8. Fantastic uploading great video awesome thanks so much for sharing 👍 ,🌹👍

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