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Mike Brown here with Inverse we are
in the streets of London trying out the new Mate X electric bike this is
the successor to the previous Mate electric bike so you do a half turn with
the pedals and the only way you have the throttle gear you will get a boost as soon
as you start pedaling so yeah very responsive very easy to use and very
easy to get started This does over 40 kilometers an hour at top speed
but depending on local regulations are probably going to be wanting to limit it
down with the screen here using these controls so I’m on the third setting here that takes us up to about 25 kph depending on the
speed which you start pedaling yeah very quick to get into action
that’s we if you not used to an electric bike you have to be careful with this
sort of thing cause speed can can take you into surprise a little bit as you come
around very good braking very responsive, very fast on the gears. It is very impressive.

Stephen Childs


  1. With these tires you definitely need a boost to ride this on paved roads 😀

  2. There are also tires desighned for paved roads, not only those on the movie 🙂

  3. Not yet practical: needs fenders to avoid splash & support for saddle bags mid section & aft.

  4. Yet another review without any explanation if the battery is removable. Some of us live in apartments. Do they really expect us to take a dirty bike into our homes and charge it there?
    Life is so much easier if you put the bike in storage and take the battery into our homes for charging.

  5. fat tyres+suspension? why? to make it heavier and uglier for no absolute reason?

  6. (from mate website:)
    Q: Can the battery be removed?

    A: Yes. The battery is designed in such a way that you can change it or replace with 2 easy steps that takes less than a minute. Simply fold the middle frame, pull out the battery and you’re done.

  7. Sé que se ve muy bien con los neumáticos anchos, pero no sería mejor unos más finos?? Creo que la batería duraría más, no??

  8. HOLD THE FUCK UP! theres no key requirement to take the battery out? are you fucking retarded?

  9. For everyone asking, the battery can be removed. Thanks @constantinosschinas for the tip!

  10. I ordered MATE X 750S (Order #352) July 19, 2018.

    With all Ups I paid $ 1733.16.

    I'm waiting, waiting, waiting…………………………………………………..


    Richard from matesuppurt.zendesk answered me:

    "Your order will be shipped next week. You will be informed by direct email by next week.

    The delivery process takes 5-9 weeks."



    I just answered…:


    "Hello Richard!

    Thank you for your answer which unfortunately sounds very unsatisfactory.

    Do I understand it correctly that it could take another 2 1/2 months until my bike is delivered?

    You sell the bikes like crazy, you have currently cashed about € 15 million only via INDIEGOGO.

    You charge $ 238 for shipping, which should then take another 5-9 weeks?

    Are you crazy?

    I ordered last year in July!

    Order number 352, the 352nd backer of over 31.000 backers.

    I paid $ 1733.16 and have to wait one year for delivery, twice as long as promised?

    I now fully agree with the displeasure that is spreading more and more on the internet.

    That is not serious.

    Yours sincerely,

    Markus Unger"


    Richard (MATE.bike : The coolest and most affordable e-bike ever!)

    Apr 6, 22:28 CEST

    Hello Markus!

    We extremely apologize for the inconveniences and delays.

    Within the next 2 to 3 weeks we will let you know which production group you belong to.

    We will continue to work on our backend system so you can soon be able to track your bike.

    Best Regards,
    Richard Mate Support.


    [MATE.bike : The coolest and most affordable e-bike ever!] Re: MATE X 750S Order #352, July 19, 2018

    Hello Richard!

    On April 4, 2019, you wrote me that my bike should be shipped next week. And that I should be informed about it next week.

    Today you wrote to me that I should be informed in 2-3 weeks about which production group "I" belong… ???

    I no longer believe all these promises, which are constantly contradictory.

    Again and again, new appointments are called, which are then not respected again.

    Again and again new reasons and excuses are called.

    You really seem to have serious problems.

    We backers made this business possible for you.

    You shouldn’t fool us!

    Very dissatisfied, Markus Unger

  11. Hello I would like to know if we can buy the matte x on indiegogo because I do not understand why are price is less elevate than on the official site of mate x could you inform me thank you

  12. Bro is this bike water proof. because it's charging port hole is open.

  13. Lol Wut, TESLA? This is just a basic bulk e-bike from China.. I´d say quite flimsy advertising here!

  14. i also ordered over 1 year ago. And the customer service has no phone they send out automated emails and really dont answer the questions asked. The bike looks great but im still not sure when mine will arrive.

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