Marketing students at Curtin join the Agency for social media control studies

Primarily The Agency is of course used for
teaching purposes, it’s an amazing space for an instructor to teach in, and an amazing
space for students to learn in. The space if you look around, it simulates a workplace consultancy
environment. It’s styled to feel like a contemporary marketing communications agency. The centre
piece of The Agency is the social media command centre which is powered by Radian 6 which
is an authentic industry software. Students are really privileged to be able to use this
learning software, listening across a social web to millions of conversations in numerous
languages and it aggregates that data to a highly visual format and we are in control
of the queries that we ask for in that data and making decisions around the data once
we have it. A typical way that students would use this space is we would give them a case
study, so already this semester we’ve looked at the Volkswagen Emissions Cheating Scandal,
we’ve also looked at and actually we’re looking at today, the Woolworths Fresh in Our Memories Campaign, so we look at it in terms of crisis management, we also look at it for general understanding
of maintaining brand health and awareness of where we’re at in terms of our brand. The
space has a real wow factor for starters and we are a leader in this field. The moment
you walk into the space you’re obviously excited to learn and it really represents
Curtin’s commitment for transforming learning and not just the physical spaces but looking
at transforming student’s willingness to learn and engage and use new technologies and understand
the benefits of doing so.

Stephen Childs

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