Malaria and Sickle Cell Anemia — HHMI BioInteractive Video

Stephen Childs


  1. Very bad video, plez stop make videos
    Greetings from every country in the world

  2. So is this right the Sickle cell
    gene was preventing you from catching Malaria disease at one time, caused by Mosquitoes. But now that the mosquitoes no longer carry the disease, all it does now is make the people with sickle cell ill.Were the people that carried the Gene at that time ever getting sick from the sickle cell disease.

  3. Shane, it's better to read different materials. Even if you have the disease it seems you have little knowledge about it.
    The way Ayoola explained it's true.

  4. I have aneamia and when I read about sickle cell it says that's why when your period starts you go through very high difficult pain so maybe I should go and check because maybe I have sickle cell aneamia

  5. Amazing! Such example points clearly to a highly controlled universe .. points to the creator; the true God .. the only God … All-knowing, All-merciful

  6. Another example of many showing the nasty and mean side of the process of evolution. That's why we need the science: to fight the process.

  7. Basically people with sickle cell genetically weren't ment to survive past childhood because they would pass on the mutation if they reproduced.

  8. Sickle Cell is one of the few examples that mutation in evolution is imperfect. Sickle Cell can fight off maleria which is a far more immediately deadly disease. It is perhaps the best example of evolution in a controlled environment. In all honesty it's not a bad defense because those with Sickle Cell, live longer than maleria. Evolution is not a perfect science mutations can be quite random. Biology is amazing.

  9. Hello, am a student at Birmingham City University in the UK with sickle cell anaemia and I am searching for people with sickle cell like me to participate in a documentary to help spread awareness and eliminate social stigma. Interested or know who'd love to share their story? Then please contact me on my instagram at Perryopeme. Thanks x

  10. This is a very good video, but I was looking for the explanation of the mechanism of the sickle cell protection against malaria. Because, wouldn't malaria parasite still infect the normal red blood cells?
    Where can I found this explanation?

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  12. So Malaria can not only kill you. It can also cause the DNA to lose genetic code. This LOSS of genetic code causes sickle cell. Sickle cell can kill you also. So by losing genetic code, you don't gain anything. I conclude that the ancestors DNA structure prior to the evolution(variation) was better. Evolution made things worse. No beneficial mutations. Any loss in genetic code is harmful.

  13. Interesting stuff. Nature goes for simple and somewhat effective rather than complex and extremely effective, at least at this point in the development of resistance against malaria.

  14. So are we just gonna skip over the fact that he was offering free checkups in order to steal blood samples. Good for science, bad for the people.

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  16. I have a homework and it ask “how is sickle cell and malaria anaemia important worldwide?”

  17. So is their confirmed relationship between cell anemia and malaria? Or just hypothesis?

  18. Interesting video, but Tony took blood from all these people and realized they had sickle cell traits, and did nothing to warn them not to marry each other.

  19. I have sickle cell trait and it never helped with malaria … i got malaria almost every year

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