Making Blown Glass Holiday Ornaments : Glass Blowing: Feathering Technique

So now I am heating in that color and I will
soon make a really interesting design on it called feathering that Louis Comfort Tiffany
made famous in the 1920’s and 1930’s. So I have to set this up a little bit in order
to do that and we are going to do that by sticking it into the optic mold and then twisting
a little bit. After I twist my assistant will bring over a tool that I called pick and I
will feather the stripes that are made by using the optic mold. So now I am going in
there. Got some little ridges and now I am going to twist and twist my ridges a little
bit more before I heat them up in the glory hold to prepare for the next tooling. The
next thing I will be doing I will be doing it tech style which is on the yolk rather
than sitting down on the glass blowing bench.

Stephen Childs

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